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Found 9 results

  1. Afternoon All, I have created an Intelligent Capture workflow that utilises a Dynamic checkbox list. Is there a way of adding a 'Select All' or 'All' option? Thanks Osman
  2. We have setup catalog items for a number of new services. One catalog item is to suggest improvements to the related service. Rather than logging an incident, we would like the progressive capture response to be emailed out to our projects team. Our projects team do not use Service Manager/Hornbill. I can't seem to see a way to do this in the progressive capture, but can once an incident has been logged. Is this possible to do?
  3. Hello Currently, when trying to reorder the list of questions in a custom form we can do this by clicking the up and down arrow. Is there any way we can use a drag and drop to reorder the list? The reason I ask is that often clicking the up and down arrows repeatedly can lead to the wrong item being raised/lowered in the list. Many thanks
  4. We have just gone live with the Employee Portal today and have noticed that any content entered in the progressive capture 'Description' to provide guidance on completing the progressive capture is be duplicated to the righthand breadcrumb panel. This appears to be a defect as it does not do this in the original service and customer portal, not the live user app. Can this be looked at as a matter of urgency as is causing confusion with users. Cheers Martyn
  5. Can we raise an enhancement request to add a second 'Next' button on the Service once selected or a scroll bar within the Service list sized for the current screen size, so that it is easier to get to the 'Next' button after selecting the service. We have a very large service catalog, so forever scrolling down to the bottom of the page to get to the 'Next' button after selecting the Server/Catalog combination. Cheers Martyn
  6. Is there any update on the fixing of KE00163927 which affect the use of the Service Id parameter in Progressive Captures for decision nodes and conditional fields? This is having quite an impact for us, as we prompt for different questions in our progressive capture based on the service the request is being logged against. Cheers Martyn
  7. Hi if anyone could offer advice on my question that would be greatly appreciated. So I am currently trying to automate a selection process in the Business Process. The flow all works well and doesn't display any errors but on the progressive capture side I am using a static checkbox group. If the user selects one of the boxes it directs them smoothly on the backend but if they select multiple options then there's no match and just ends. I was hoping someone would have experience using static checkbox as logically it should make sense. I created an path for if each of the individual options were selected as well as a path for if two options were selected but it never goes down that flow. I used an AND statement in the Decision so if both criteria was selected it would go down this path but even that doesn't seem to fix it. Any help would be great. Thanks
  8. Hi I would like a quick guide to come up when a user is logging a ticket. I'm pretty sure I have seen this on demos. The example I have is from customers point of view: 1 - Visit Portal 2 - Click Application Support 3 - Click I can't login 4 - Choose Application 5 - To the right there would be a guide 6 - Did the guide work? 7 - YES - End (or log a completed ticket so we have a record of use) NO - Log ticket requesting support Thanks
  9. Hello, We would like to request the introduction of a relationship between start and end dates added in ProCap. For example, our Change process requests the "Planned Start Date" and "Planned End Date" however there is no relationship between the two so it's easy for the Requester to set the End Date to a date which appears in the calendar before the Start Date (see attached). This is not limited to our Change process - the functionality would be applied to other Captures. Regards, Jamie
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