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  1. @Gerry spot on. Thanks. Some of our analysts disappear very quickly
  2. @Gerry is there a way to do this without logging in as the user as logging in as a departed user requires a lot of explanation when we are audited?
  3. Am receiving the error message - Unable to archive users: Cannot archive user with documents owned - on two analysts that have left the company. They have no documents in their names that i can find and no open calls. Is there a way I can find out what this referring too as I would like to be able to archive them off and free up their licences.
  4. I have been tasked with planning out a roadmap around our use of the Hornbill product over the coming years. In order for me to do this effectively I was wondering do you as a business have a roadmap or 5 year plan with regards to Hornbill's offerings. Particularly around the Service Manager application as that currently is our main product of yours.
  5. The ability to turn this off is much appreciated. When you have the settings disabled is it possible we could remove the available from the drop assignment lists as well please?
  6. Is there anyway to overcome the below decision failure or any sort of decision failure within the Manage Executed Processes screen? Status : Failed Last Updated On : 14:49 21-09-2020 decision ("stage-d944dbd8-cf8a-4bcc-8765-079e1096a8c6"/"decision-90dd41d3-2fde-4431-3826-789e3faad6bc") execute: at 1/51: "Uncaught Global::GetApprovalResult: unable to find node: "approval-125fc98e"" (function(){ var outcome=false;var res = functions.getApprovalResult(global["currentStage"],"approval-125fc98e"); global["outputParams"]["tmp"]=res["result"];if(res["result"]==1) {outcome = "approved";}
  7. @Gerry when i attempt to disable the user availability states the systems confirms it but then enables it as soon as I leave the menu.
  8. @James Ainsworth working on my instance now too. Thanks.
  9. @Alberto M Great. Thanks for update.
  10. Any tasks we assign or have previously assigned attachments on to are no longer opening. They are completely unresponsive when clicking on them. Has anyone else seen this or know of a fix?
  11. Also having the on lunch issue and would like the ability to turn off this feature. Not a fan of a feature like this being forced upon us.
  12. @Miro I have raised a support request for this as per @Deen suggestion but for your viewing pleasure below is the Template I am using. Below is the schedule it is on. And if I where to create it again, as I have done the details below are what show when picking the template. # However, every time the scheduled task goes off it is assigned to the User: Service Desk
  13. One of our IT teams has requested some additional sub categories under their main closure category. I have now created these but they have been tasked with updating all the calls resolved under this category for better analysis of call volumes. Unfortunately for them there is 750+ calls to do this on. Is there a quicker way then going into every call and manually editing the resolution category. Is there anything scripts or queries that could be run instead from a .csv file or something? All ideas welcome.
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