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  1. @Daniel Dekel I have looked at the wiki and it just says the below "The Header Background can be configured to set the height and the color, or add a background image. The size depends on many factors like if the background is a pattern or if it has details, but to give general an idea; 1024 x 300 pixels. It can be of any web format such as JPEG or PNG" I have tried the general idea dimensions and again it just gives a zoomed in view of the image even after i modify the image to be the exact dimensions listed 1024x300. It makes it very difficult to design a banner.
  2. Does anyone know the dimensions of the banner at the top of the employee portal. I know I can adjust the pixels to 170 but all that does is show me a section of the image. I would like to know the official dimensions so that I can design the image to fit rather than having it zoomed in on. The wiki gives an example dimension and when testing that it still wasn't right.
  3. @SamS Hi Sam, yeah telephoneNumber is now no longer working. I switched it out for businessPhones which does work but because businessPhones is an array it puts the number inside [] which just looks a little untidy as where users haven't supplied a number they now just have [] showing.
  4. @Mary Yup checked and definitely have that in the file.
  5. I noticed in the latest version of the Azure Import Tool we have switched from the following values. "Phone": "{{.telephoneNumber}}", "Mobile": "{{.mobile}}", to the newer values of "Phone": "{{.businessPhones}}", "Mobile": "{{.mobilePhone}}", These both import the values i would expect but because businessPhones is an array it imports with the [] around the entry. Is there anyway to remove these brackets as it looks untidy?
  6. @Graham I was able to re-run the ITOM automation job from ITOM Job Queue but by BPM's that where waiting on it are still stuck at the obviously before re-running from the Job Queue i did try restarting the BPM but it was not to be. If this where to happen again in the future what is the best way to get that automation to kick in/move on without having to cancel the BPM?
  7. @Graham We have definitely paid for the unlimited allowance of ITOM jobs.
  8. Realised the fault here is that we have apparently exceeded our monthly allowance which makes no sense as we have only done 11 automatons this month.
  9. This morning our Automations appear to have hit some sort of issues as all BPM's that have automation are hitting the automation node and not progressing. They aren't reporting back an errors and I am unable to resume or restart the process. The SIS is showing up and running. Log doesn't have much to go on either. 2.222846s INFO Execution Step: currentStage='stage-5c5af4ca-0f95-4184-4342-6415ee52b3dd', currentNode='flowcode-5fdc74d1', suspended='false' 2.222864s INFO Unsuspending process at node 'Automated T
  10. @Steven Boardman Thanks for the response I will check it out.
  11. Does anyone know if (when configured) the reason give during the completion of an authorisation is held as a variable? I know the timeline is automatically updated with the reason given but it is always at the bottom of a lot of information and almost always requires clicking Show More in order to see the reason. It would a great help if the reason could either be underneath the Outcome: in the timeline update we get now or extracted as a variable to update the timeline separately with.
  12. Bumping. Someone must have come up with a clever way to do this
  13. I notice the update listed the following system -> customise: release new layout customise customer and service portal view and when i now view the service portal details I can see information like logo and home page image are no longer populated. This doesn't appear to have impacted the actual live page thankfully.
  14. Afternoon all, is there any way to suspend a BPM until a specific email is received. We have a 3rd party who sets up our customers mobile devices and I want to hold the calls until they confirm the device is configured and then I want the BPM to resume and auto close. The 3rd party don't have access to hornbill and won't be provided with access so that solution can't be dependant on that. I have tried this with the external authorisation but the limitations on the way the mail presents and from whom it comes limits its usefulness. All ideas welcome.
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