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  1. I have set up a report to pull data out of Hornbill specifically for use in PowerBI and I want to configure the reports to always pull calls logged in the last 365 days so that its always a year of data based on when the report is run. Has anyone come up with a way of doing this? I can do greater than end of last year but thats not what I am looking to acheive.
  2. @David Hall yup still experiencing the same issues.
  3. So with some help from Steve in the Customer Support Team I have managed to get this working. For anyone else having issues I had to do the following. Install RStudio and Microsoft R Open 4.0.2. Launch RStudio as administrator (even when already logged in as admin) and check Tools -> Install Packages lists the library as below. Open the PowerBIDataSource_Report.R inside RStudio and it will advise it needs to download additional packages to the library namely HTTR and readxl. Allow it to do this and it should download 1.4.1 of HTTR (not the latest 1.4.2 which I had issue with). Once installed go back in to Tools -> Install Packages and enter readr (also required). Once done launch Power BI and go to Transform Data -> New Source -> Other -> R script and enter "df <- as.data.frame(.libPaths())" This should return the .libPaths that Power BI will use. Once done remove any entries that aren't "C:/Program Files/Microsoft/R Open/R-4.0.2/library". Close and Apply the transform. PowerBIDataSource_Report.R should now run successfully. Hopefully this helps someone else with this issue.
  4. The ability to search the mailboxes is Hornbill is extremely hit and miss and this is causing us a lot of issues when we are audited. In our main mailbox - helpdesk - I will search for the word Princes in the Deleted Items folder. As you can see in the below screenshot an email was just deleted with the word Princes so you would expect this to be the first result. However, this email ends up being roughly the 20th result found. The top results are instead emails from almost a month ago. There also is no way to order these and due to the randomness of the results you have to sit and sift through all the emails. In our secondary mailbox if I search for something in the Inbox I don't even get any results. Searching for GBBRA
  5. We appear to be unable to open attachments that have been added to acivities. We have had a similar issue preivously. When trying to open an attachment on an activity we are getting
  6. Still looking for answers on this one. Someone must have come across the same issue using PowerBIDataSource_Report.R. All the requirement from the wiki have been set up including a dependancy for HTTR that wasn't listed on the wiki.
  7. I have configured R with PowerBI and successfully utilised the PowerBIDataSource_HistoricReport.R provided by Hornbill but when running the PowerBIDataSource_Report.R I am getting the below error message. Details: "ADO.NET: R script error. Warning message: package 'httr' was built under R version 4.0.5 Error: Execution halted " I have confirmed that HTTR is the most recent version avaialble 1.4.2. Has anyone else come across this issue?
  8. I am empowering our Service Desk with the ability to convert a user from a basic account to a full account and provide the authoriser role. What I would like to do in the task that they use to do this is provide them with the the number of available licences as seen in Home > System > User & Guest Access > Users Is their a variable that I can use to do this?
  9. @Steve Giller Thanks I ran a quick dryrun with the forcerun flag and that does appear to have "told" the system its now finished and I can once again run without the forcerun.
  10. In turns out our AD Import script has been failing to import users for a few weeks now because of the above error message. Is there a way for me to terminate the import, there is nothing I can see on the wiki for how to terminate an import it still believes is running. I know I can use the -force switch to force a new import to run but I want to stop the old import and not have to resort to always using -force
  11. Looks like they have fixed my instance now.
  12. Morning all, the old customer portals appear to have turned back on in our instance. Even with the Disable old portals set we are still able to reach the old portal. This is going to cause a lot of problems and confusion. Please look at ASAP.
  13. Just reviewing one of our progressive captures and we are getting display variations on drop down select boxes. The top 4 questions are all variations of drop down select boxes. The two that are displaying as 'squished' are Data Query drop down select boxes. The top one is a static and the bottom one is a SimpleList and they display nicely.
  14. @Daniel Dekel I have checked the permissions and the analysts definitely don't have Home Page Manager. I have also checked all the custom roles and none include either of those application rights.
  15. Just bumping this as has been quiet for a while. Can you advise why people who don't show as owner of a Service Domain are able to edit the new Portal Pages. I can't have people being able to edit them.
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