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  1. We have added some text to our Service Descriptions with some formatting to make it stand out. It looks fine when in the Service Catalog item but then in the overview page you can actually see the markup code which doesn't look good. See examples below.
  2. @Steve Giller I would hate to have to update all by BPM's with that but i imagine that would work. UPDATE: It appears this request is now showing correctly under the analyst. It may be because the call has now gone from Resolved to Closed. I will do some further testing. We have also had the latest batch of updates since this problem was spotted.
  3. @Victor makes sense but is there any way to correct that for reporting purposes? The system doesn't recognise SYS_SIS_Service as a user for any views either. The Service Desk supervisor needs to be able to view his teams resolves regardless of whether the system made the final resolution or the service desk analyst did. At the very least he needs to see the SYS_SIS_Service closures when reviewing the closures performed by the team.
  4. I have configured one of our BPM's to automate the closure of a request when an ITOM operation completes. The whole process works fine but when you run a report on the team to show resolves/closures the request does not display. If I run a report on the the person i know was the owner of the call it displays the resolve under the account SYS_SIS_SERVICE as below. Is there away to get this to correctly display as the owner.
  5. Our HR system is very dated and whilst they are working on it to provide this information in to Azure and therefore in to SM it's not quite there yet so we have to allow the users to identify it for us. EDIT: Even when we have managers in place we would still have the need for a secondary authorisation from a director in some instances at which point need a way of allowing users to select from an approved list of directors and then also having the auto assign authorisation node use that selection.
  6. We have a number of BPM's that make use of the Auto Assign Authorisation nodes, for these BPM's we ask the user to identify their line manager in the progressive capture. Is there any way to therefore automate the addition of this name from the PC for that Auto Assign Authorisation node rather than having to have the analyst add the name manually? I have tried used the regular authorisation node which allows you to set a variable for who its assigned to but that just report backs that it doesn't recognise the user. For the progressive captures mentioned above we restrict the selec
  7. We are no longer able to login with Single Sign On since the restart.
  8. All we appear to be having issues with raising new calls at the moment. If our progressive capture contains two data queries for colleagues then we get the below error (this worked fine yesterday) We are also seeing other progressive captures not loading at all and just the hornbill spinning logo as below.
  9. It would be really good if there was an ability to create a specific part of a BPM that is used in more than one location and then call it from within an existing BPM. Not only would this save on time but also on clutter within a BPM. This would also be really nice for the ITOM/Automation Tasks stuff as that can be quite a large BPM in of itself so to be able to have that created elsewhere and then just called would be great. As an example we are going to be automating more AD group membership calls and when the AD automation succeeds we will have the call close itself off. This wo
  10. @HHH Thanks for the response and sorry for the late reply. Hadn't noticed it
  11. Ok i will have to raise a support request as I have been through the troubleshooting and nothing has change on the .json file or our Site information in Hornbill in a long time it just simply stopped working.
  12. Nice spot but sadly that is not the reason for the fault. Just a bad copy/paste job on my part Even with the 'y' I am still getting the same error in the logs.
  13. Not sure when this started but it appears to have been ongoing for a few weeks now. When new users are imported the site information is longer imported with them. I have tried using the most up to date Azure Import tool as well as previous versions and regardless of what tool I use the site information is no longer populating to the user. 2020/10/31 01:28:50 [DEBUG] 2020/10/31 01:28:50 [DEBUG] Looking Up Site: <nil> 2020/10/31 01:28:50 [ERROR] Unable to Search for Site: The specified primary entity [Site] was not found 2020/10/31 01:28:50 [DEBUG] Site Lookup found ID:
  14. Is there anyone from Hornbill that can answer this question? Even if only a rough idea of what the future holds.
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