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  1. @Martyn Houghton Thanks for that. What version of the Import tool are you using?
  2. Hi All, I have seen a number of posts around the automation of archiving users but not clear answers. Is there a way to archive users using the Azure Import tool? Our users when they leave the business are processed and added to a specific OU and all group memberships stripped out. As far as I can see from the .json file the leavers would need to be a member of a group as it can only search by a group ID. Is this correct or am I missing something for a way to do this via OU? Also does anyone have a better way of managing the archiving of users based off of them being in a particular OU? Cheers
  3. @Victor oooops. Let me test that and come back to you
  4. @Victor the emails go to multiple addresses which is why i went with the LIKE option as opposed to a direct =
  5. @Victor yes sorry I actually used that article to set it up. The example in screenshot is for emails that start mumar and murit in the subject but it's not doing anything.
  6. Can anyone see anything obvious on the below as to why it wouldn't work? All i want is emails with a subject (or even better body) containing mumar or murit to move a specific folder within the mailbox. Cheers
  7. @Keith Stevenson or anyone else that might know. If i remove a team from the organisation to prevent any new requests from being assigned to it. What happens to the open requests in that team? What happens if I review closed requests that where performed whilst that team existed? Is there a way to hide the team from the list of available locations to assign requests?
  8. @Keith Stevenson thanks Keith at least that makes it a little quicker
  9. We have recently undergone a restructure within our IT department that has led to the generation of new teams. I need to create the new Teams within Service Manager and am wondering is there an easy way for members of the old teams to move all their requests open and/or closed to the new team? I know if there are none on hold you could select the tick box next to each one and use the Request Actions button but this involves manually ticking each one and ensuring none are on hold. Is there a more efficient way?
  10. Have just seen the post from Luke earlier in the week and re-indexing fix so will try that.
  11. Has anyone noticed that the searches in Service Manager appear to be returning 0 results a lot of the time when there is results it should be returning? If i enter something as basic as a users surname I am getting 0 results when i know of at least 3 results it should be returning. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?
  12. @Victor Haha if its shorter than war and peace I am happy. Excellent that we know the cause and its already due a fix. I will advise my team.
  13. @Victor I wouldn't say particularly long. In total 10,188 characters.
  14. Has anyone seen any issues with using the "Apply to Request" feature in emails. We have seen a few emails now where when using this feature the email says it has been applied and moves to the deleted items as expected but on review of the call there is nothing in the timeline. If the email in question had attachments these have applied to the attachments section but the email itself does nothing. Any ideas. Cheers
  15. +1 Old topic I know but we have just switched over to Chrome as our default browser and now more people are picking up on this. No requirement to hold Ctrl when working in IE.
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