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  1. +1 really could do with a template limiter.
  2. @Philippa Hamilton Think this might need to be in the Service Manager forum.
  3. Also interested in this. Would like to provide different team the option to use a different template without having to trawl through the immense list of available templates. Snippets don't cut it at the moment as don't have formatting. Open to other ideas for changing the default template depending on the owner of the call if anyone knows any.
  4. @Conor Yup was out of date. All working now. Thanks all.
  5. @Conor I don't see those for some reason. Instance is an update or two out so will bring it up to date and check again.
  6. Does anyone know where these settings have gone? app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.IN app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.SR I need attachments to go in to the attachments as they do if you manually apply a request to a call.
  7. @James Ainsworth Yes all emails including the one listed are getting updated and there are no other rules configured at all at the moment. @Victor Tried you alternative configs and sadly they haven't worked. I stand corrected. I missed the = and with that NOT fromAddress = ‘value’ is working great. Might need to update the Wiki.
  8. Figured i would jump on this post as its email routing related. Anyone know why the below is not working. I want all emails with the reference to update unless they come from the mailbox address itself. Also was there any development on showing the customer rather than the System Auto Responder. Even just the inclusion of the email address would be good. As currently you have to view the email to see who it was from when the System Auto Responder attaches it.
  9. I have recently started making use of the boards feature in Service Manager to allow other members of the team to see my workload and what priorities I have assigned to the work. At the moment i manually assign the calls to the boards after they have been assigned over to me. What I am looking for is the ability to see if a call has been assigned to a board in the standard Request List view. Currently there is no column that I can see that would give me this visibility so I have to go into calls to check they have been assigned to a board.
  10. @Victor Thanks. I figured I was being dense
  11. Possibly a very stupid question but when I am using the variable picker i know longer see Flowcodes as an option. Was this changed to Hornbill Automations at some point and I have missed it? As per above we have set up decisions using the flowcodes previously but when I have gone it to make a change there are no flowcodes option.
  12. @samwoo Problem is when using it for updating users via the new its actually the update you are typing at the time you want. Hopefully they can implement the new variable that you have requested.
  13. @Deen Cheers for this. Haven't seen any more since.
  14. If you have multiple mailboxes then it sends from calls using whatever the default is. You can change by selecting a mailbox and hitting the pin. If no pin shows then that is the default.
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