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Found 20 results

  1. Good morning, Another day, another question . I am updating an incident via email (which works) however not all of the content of the email is being displayed. The total email length is 95 lines long, but you can only see the first 38 lines in the incident. I have copied and pasted the entire email in manually as an update and that saves/displays all of the content of the email. I have expanded out the email as much as possible. If I click the Open Post option, it opens a new tab and shows the same amount of data. The only way I can see the entire content of the email is by clicking the o
  2. Is there any way to force the Hornbill system to pull mail from the mailbox? We had an issue preventing the configured mailbox IMAP connection which has been resolved and the test shows success, but no mail is being pulled from mailbox to hornbill mailbox? Is there anywhere to see logs for mailbox activity?
  3. Hello, We have had some linked requests raised without a Service or Catalog (I will be investigating how this has occurred). We have noticed that not all the teams are populating in the "Owner Assignment" drop-down against the request. Can someone advise on how this is controlled, and how I can make all the teams appear in that drop-down? Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hello, One our of Project Managers has discovered an issue where if he puts the URL into a Word or Excel document which is a link straight to a Service on the Self Service Portal (ie. https://service.hornbill.com/<instances>/servicemanager/service/38/), and the Portal is set up to use Single Sign-On, it takes us back to the list of Services after Single Sign-On. Quite a few of us tested this (some on Office 2016, others on Office 365) and the same thing occurs. I did some reading up on this, and it is already a known limitation with the Office Products: > https://supp
  5. So we are experiencing this issue, when we log jobs we have the option to Log & Resolve there the analyst types the resolution the business process then sends this to the customer and resolves the job. However, the process is picking up the below resolution text (The request has been resolved by the Business Process Engine) that has not been set by us and is being picked up from somewhere, does anyone know where this text is held? On 99% of requests logged like this, the text that is entered when logging is sent to the customer. In my example below this is what the analyst h
  6. Hi @Victor I seem to have the same thing as in this post I had a few issues after a node pinged off into infinity, past the point the scroll bar could get to (I think this was when expanding a group). I copied as much as I could and started a new BPM. For a while this did not save at all and so to retain my progress on it I saved the stage as a template. Since then I've managed somehow to get the BPM to save again but this last node is unreachable Can you work your magic or tell me what to delete out of the text file? - attached sits-project.bpm.txt
  7. Hello, A customer was able to raise a request via the Portal for a New Starter request to start on Monday 19th November, despite the Start Date field in the PCF using the Service Request Calendar and a minimum of 5 working days can be selected: About 5 of us in IT went into to check this New Starter Process since and we are unable to choose Monday at all... with the minimum date we can select being Wednesday 21st November. How has she been able to bypass this restriction? This is the exact same process she (and others) uses for other New Starter Requests. Is it possible th
  8. Good Afternoon All, Does anyone else have issues with the raise new function. As a rule of thumb we tend to use the "raise new" button to open a new ticket, However if you use the drop down next to the raise new button you obviously get the ticket type to raise. If you use this option it seems to follow a different Progressive capture route. ITS REALLY WEIRD AND CONFUSING ME As you can see i am not using any out of the box BPM or P.C for this yet is still gives me two diffrent route depending on how i raise a new ticket ...????
  9. Searching is proving to be an issue in Service Manager, is there a free search (or another method) to be able to search every request open, closed, cancelled etc where it will search the Summary, Description, Timeline, Questions etc?
  10. When you have routing rules configured to process emails in your instance you might find the rules do not process (all or some) emails. This can be caused by an incorrect syntax configuration of the expression criteria for routing rules. As a general rule, expressions used in routing rules follow the syntax used in SQL expressions and are using SQL Logical Operators. Here is a list of the most common misconfigurations: The string/character values used in expressions are not enclosed within quotes. For example, a criterion like fromAddress = example@domain.com is incorrect. It needs to be
  11. When making changes to a business process you might find these changes not being applied on newly raised requests. This is a common oversight and it happens because the version of the process which contains the changes has not been published. If making changes in a process and save an activate the process, the new version created also needs to be published if you need the changes to take effect in the newly raised requests. Publishing a version of the process is done from the "Publishing Manager" interface within the business process designer.
  12. When there are routing rules configured to process an email to raise a request or update a request, there are occasions when these actions are not performed. There are a number of possible reasons why this occurs. Firstly there has to be a routing rule configured in admin tool that will match the email properties (as configured in the rule expression) and the routing rules must be enabled (turned ON) The email sender does not exist in the system either as a co-worker/internal user or a contact/external user. In this scenario, one reason why the email fails to be processed by the routing
  13. Hello, See attached: See the setup: Is there a reason why the Summary is not being pulled across via the BPM Automated Task to add the request card to a lane? Pressing (i) on the other fields in the automated task states that the fields will be ignored if the Application is set. I assumed the Title field is where the Request summary would be. The other ones you see above were manually moved to the Boards from within the request and correctly populates with the Summary of the ticket. Thanks, Samuel
  14. hello, I have made a report which combines a few tables in order to pull information related to Leavers requests, including the assets linked to those requests. Whilst it initially worked, I wanted to get the "Asset Type" name attached to it, so as soon as I joined this table and included the field, the Asset Name column is now sharing the same details as the Asset Type Name column. If i remove the Asset Type Name column, the Asset Name column reverts back to the actual asset name. That was probably confusing I have attached the report definition file... tech-support-equip
  15. Project dates: Creating a task: Apparently, I can assign tasks before the project starts... Is this normal? Should we not validate the dates to make sure you cannot assign tasks before a project actually starts (and if not set then scheduled to start)?
  16. Hi, I changed the default progressive capture (to test this bit) and I cannot seem to get it to work... Active PC: Settings: But when creating a new project: Am I doing something wrong?
  17. When I open an existing cost, I get this: But when i got to change the amount from 25,000.00 to 32,000.00: and then hit update: Now my problem is from a User Experience point of view: you display the amount nicely formatted (and that's great! Don't remove it), but then the validation does not take it into consideration Maybe a simple parsing before validating would do the trick? (note: this is a typical user scenario, your dev guys will probably kill me for this one - I know I would!)
  18. Project ID appears instead of project name in the Activity list pane: Same in activity list
  19. Hi, I am trying to display on a graph the number of requests logged per service and keep only the top 5 over the last 3 month (to show the evolution). But I cannot get to sort the data... Is it just me being a noob? Or is it not possible at this stage? Here is what I get: Here is what I would like (x3 as I need 3 month): Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks
  20. Hi, In the list of progressive captures and BPMs, when I try to sort by dates, the sorting does not seem to work properly. Also, when I use the search textbox, it looks like it is returning duplicates. Could you please have a look? Thanks
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