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  1. We are attempting to get customer to use the portal Green and Red buttons for 'Fixed' /'Broken' when the status of the request is set to Resolved. We pause the resolve timer in the BPM, before setting the status to Resolved and then have the workflow set to Suspect to await Status Change from Resolved. This works if the the customer click on the Red 'Broken' outcome so we can then resume the resolve timer and carry on working on the request. However when choosing the Green 'Fixed' outcome, it appears that the process is hard coded to close the request but does not undertake any operations in relation to the timers. Within the BPM we have added a process to unpause the time and and then mark the resolve timer, but the timer is not being marked. Hornbill - Can you confirm what operations are triggered when a customer clicks on the Green 'Fixed' outcome? Cheers Martyn
  2. So in the Employee Portal we have noticed that some titles have changed colour and we are not sure how to change them back....they were all white (like bottom right) But in the appearance of the style we have set them and have not changed it so we are not sure what has happened:
  3. So when I have opened BPMs this morning, on the first stage we can open the decisions and edit but on the later stages any decisions will not open. This means we cannot edit these decisions, please can this been looked into. We have tried opening in multiple browsers all with the same issue.
  4. When trying to upload an image we get this image: Any help is gratefully received
  5. Service Manager has kicked us out again and we cannot log back in please can this be investigated
  6. In the new admin panel if you try to change any email templates it does not allow you to save the changes, I have had to use the old admin.hornbill.com route to update these templates. Please can this be looked into promptly as we need to make adjustments fairly regularly
  7. Our instance appears to be down, please can someone take a look for us please This is from checking the support instance:
  8. We have only just noticed that when a request is 'Closed' either manually or via the BPM when you reopen the request and then edit the resolution and re-resolve the Resolution Email is not being sent to the customer. This is when the BPM has ended and the system is supposed to send the email as set here: Also unassigned tickets are assigning to you when you open them You cannot Assign to the team, e.g. remove yourself as the analyst and assign back to a team Please can this be looked into, this has only started happening this morning as far as we can see but guessing that all these things are linked
  9. This morning when searching within requests to link them or using the global search for Problems for example the search returns nothing e.g. Please can this be looked into as this is causing our service desk issues this morning.
  10. We are not able to log into Service Manager this morning please can someone look into this for us as a matter of urgency this is via the analyst portal. If we log into self service then we can get in to the system is there something we need to update since the move to the UI last night?
  11. So we are having issues in searching for requests and also linking requests together.....has there been any issues with Hornbill? or is it just us......
  12. Ours instance is non responsive please can this be investigated asap. thanks
  13. When printing requests the new tab loads but there are no details that are displayed, is there an issue with mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com?
  14. We are currently experiencing an outage of Service Manager, please can someone look into it TIA
  15. Morning Hornbill team, I replied to the outage post on friday to say this, but thought I should add at the top level as well. Our mail (imap) service seems to have stopped friday at the same time as the general outage, and hasn't restarted. We've had no mail arrive in our inbox since 12:40 ish on Friday afternoon. Post is here including screen cap of logs.
  16. We are currently seeing an outage with Service Manager for our instance please can this be investigated, our analysts are not able to access the system.
  17. So, we use the LDAP sync tool to sync all our students into the system. This has been running nightly without issues until we think the 2nd Sept. Now every time it runs it fails with "2020/09/28 21:01:02 [ERROR] Error Loading Configuration: The specified primary entity [Imports] was not found" We don't believe anything has changed at our end, does this error lead anyone to guess what might be the cause?
  18. The search in the Employee Portal does not work this morning, yesterday we completed the Hornbill update but not sure if that is the cause, however when you enter text nothing returns!
  19. When we try to send emails with attachments that are held within a request (via associated files) we are getting this error:
  20. This morning Service Manager is failing to load for us and the health report is attached...which doesn't look good for us! Could someone please take a look and let us know what the issue is please?
  21. We have a role to allow people to view and send emails only, however, today after the update when you click the 3 dots and go to view email you cannot see the email as it seems to default to the actual mailbox rather than a view of the email itself. Can this be changed to allow our analysts to be view these emails, as we do not want to give them access to the mailbox. Thanks in advance.
  22. When clicking on Services in the Service Portfolio we are getting this error on all Services and cannot access any of the information. Is anyone else getting this issue???
  23. Currently, we cannot add any Assets manually into the database we have tried with two users who could enter these details, but when you click Create at the bottom nothing happens and the asset is not created. Please help.
  24. We have updated hornbill (build 1364) and found that our bpm's that have decisions are not working as the default and customer display have swapped around as they are now looking and the wrong value meaning that our bpm's are not functioning correctly and are breaking. Please, can this be looked at asap? e.g. customer display is Windows 10 (temporary) and the default value is Windows 10 the bpm decisions are taking the customer display rather than the previous default values.
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