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  1. Hi @Jeremy, The system setting is called "communications.basicSessionIdleTimeout" and the default is set to 900 seconds. Regards, Daniel.
  2. Hi @Michael Sharp, The build 142 is now on Live so you should see the fix. Regards, Daniel.
  3. @Steven Boardman, @Michael Sharp, we are still on Build 141 on Live. We'll push 142 today so you will see the fix. regards, Daniel.
  4. No problem. Thanks! I'll update you in this post when we have an update. Regards, Daniel.
  5. Hi @Michael Sharp, I understand the requirement and it definitely makes sense to have different contact details per domain. I'll add it to our list but is not a simple implementation and we have quite a big backlog, so it won't be soon. As a workaround, what you could do is hide the footer (in the admin tool) and add at the end of each domain page (or on top) a free text widget with the contact details you want to show. I know is not the best, but for now it will achieve a similar look and feel. Regards, Daniel.
  6. Hi @Hannah Stella, Sorry I didn't realise that I didn't specify the build of what. I was referring to the Hornbill ESP build (That's our Platform) and is automatically updated so you don't have to do anything. You should have it already updated. Expanding a bit more, the Employee Portal is part of our core features so you also don't have to update anything. Other applications like Service Manager can attach part of their functionality like for example; be able to raise a request and see its details. I hope is more clear now. Regards, Daniel.
  7. Hi @Michael Sharp, The footer, same as the heder and body are configured in the Employee Portal Details in the Admin Tool are can't be customised per page or Service Domain. The only way you can have a variation is per Home Company at the same Employee Portal management. Regards, Daniel.
  8. The latest build of Hornbill Core UI (1279) has been released to live.Change Log for this release are as follows: New Added ability to attachment multiple files in conversations (Requires server build 3343 or greater) Change Enable Activity Stream file sharing on users personal buzz Fix Email Composer - MS Outlook was not respecting the image resize ( https://community.hornbill.com/topic/18702-email-signiture-not-displaying-properly-in-outlook/ ) Scheduled job - Activities - Wasn't possible to edit scheduled activity details The logo on the Hornbill Today pages will no longer appear squashed Employee Portal - Text group buttons showed a background colour when these shouldn't Cannot remove youtube When after pasting a youtube link into a conversation in the sidebar Email Composer - Template Dropdown did not show all the items if the list was too big Activities - Calendar View - Drag&drop operations was setting wrong dates
  9. Hi @Hannah Stella, There was a problem that we've fixed a few weeks ago and it should be now in the latest platform build 3345 available as from today. Please let me know if you see still the issue. Regards, Daniel.
  10. @PeterL, Looking at your screenshot, independently of this issue, I suggest you to reduce the size of the image outside of Hornbill to reduce the overall size of the email. Having such a big image in the signature can impact drastically the size of all the emails you send. remember that even if you change the dimensions of the image, it won't change the size in bytes of the image and it can be quite heavy. Is a good practice to use an image with the exact size you need, especially in an email. Regards, Daniel.
  11. Hi @Andytaylor93, We've found a problem specifically with Outlook where it doesn't understand the common style passed in an image. We are looking for a fix and as soon as we have this we'll make a build. Regards, Daniel.
  12. Hi @Michael Sharp, OK, I see the problem. Once you load the service, the data is being cached and it will not call the data again up until you refresh the page. We'll fix this. Regards, Daniel.
  13. Thanks @Dave Longley, I can see there were two fixes for this issue, one fix is live but the second one is not there yet. We are going to be pushing the fix in about 30 minutes. Regards, Daniel.
  14. @Dave Longley, We are making several changes to the service view and this will be one of the options. Regards, Daniel.
  15. Hi @Michael Sharp, The colours seem to match correctly. Yo have three different colours: Green - for Active or Available Yellow - For Unavailable Red - For Impacted This is the same in the Desktop and the Mobile apps. Do you see this differently? Regards, Daniel.
  16. Hi @Michael Sharp, I can see the difference in colour of the service status in the mobile. We'll update this. Regarding the need to clear the cache, what is that related? To the new UI update or when the status of a service is changed you don't see it until you clear the cache? Regards, Daniel.
  17. Hi @Dave Longley, @Tina.Lapere, Do you still get the error message? I suspect the reason is different now. Can you please run again the diagnostics and send me the log via private message? Thanks Daniel. The instructions:
  18. Hi @Dave Longley, Sorry for the delay. Yes is live and you can already change this. Just press "Start translation mode" in the right hand side menu (where you r profile image is) and the right click on the text you want to change. That will open the translation dialogue and allow you to change it. Regards, Daniel.
  19. Hi @Martyn Houghton, These are two separate notifications. In fact the sent message is not really a notification but just an indicator that the message was send (or moved to the server). Incoming emails are notifications and you see these in the top part of Hornbill . Regards, Daniel.
  20. Hi @NickH, What you are asking makes perfect sense. We are discussing options of implementation and will get back to you. Regards, Daniel.
  21. @Andrew Tasker, The issue was fixed and will be available next week as part of the platform build. I still don't know what day. Regards, Daniel.
  22. Hi @Andrew Tasker, I'm sorry but we found an issue that prevents form using this setting. I will let you know when is fixed and when you can have the fix. Regards, Daniel.
  23. Hi @Andrew Tasker, Did you refresh the Hornbill App after making changes in the Admin Tool? It is required for the data to be updated. Regards, Daniel.
  24. Hi @Martyn Houghton, You will get a green message when you send the email saying "Email was sent". The notification is for incoming email. What sort of message they receive for Sent email? Regarding the routing rules, the notifications and processed after the routing rules are applied, so you won't get two notifications if an email is moved from one folder to another. Regards, Daniel.
  25. Hi @Michael Sharp, What do you mean with "doesn't show the further details"? Are you referring to the Status details? We do display it. Regarding the fact that it doesn't show the status details in the services list is because there isn't enough space to be displayed. That's why we display a distinctive icon so that the customer will see and go to the service view to see what is wrong. Cheers, Daniel.
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