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Found 6 results

  1. Good morning, I had an enquiry around the guest.app.requests.notificationType.assignmentTeam setting which we've asked to be turned on from day one to ensure the whole team is notified when a ticket is assigned to a Team. Recently, we have been asked to make these teams available to other team members in order to enable ticket visibility across the whole system. Doing this however has caused these users to received a large number of emails. With this being the case, we have reverted the change and taken these users out of these teams until we understand how to correctly configure th
  2. I am trying to identify the permissions required to give a team leader who does not have full administration privileges, access to the Service Manager > Configuration options, in particular the Service Desk option, so that they can update a team as to whom is to be excluded from the request assignment. Is there an existing application right for this? Cheers Martyn
  3. When configuring SLA response and resolution targets and expiry times on certain BP nodes you might find the target being set differently than possibly expected. This is because a common oversight as these timers needs to be expressed in SLC (Service Level Calendar) times or working hours or business hours (which are usually X hours/day) rather than calendar time (which is 24 hrs/day). When configuring a target time of N days, the value needed to be set would be N working days rather than N calendar days. The value that needs to be set will be obtained by multiplying N with the number of
  4. Related to my earlier post about the configuration of whether the customers can update their profile picture via the customer portal, we would also like the ability to specify which fields are displayed and also which fields are update-able by the customer.i.e. which ones are display only. Additional Fields to be configurable Job Title Alternate E-Mail Alternate Telephone Custom Fields ( the ones view-able on the Contact list screen) Cheers Martyn
  5. Hi, Another day, another challenge One of the long outstanding items on my to-do list is to set up the portal for our users. I've got it to the stage where it's displaying a panel of services. Selecting the service then gives a panel of all of the Catalog Items. Clicking on any of them jumps straight to the Progressive Capture defined for that CI which the console also uses. In the portal the customer search is negated by the fact that the customer is logged on and the service Details is supplied by selecting the service and Config Item from the portal menus. So the only bi
  6. Goodmorning all, We have configured a reverse proxy for our customers so that they will be able to access our instance through a subdomain of ours. The wiki states that the service.network.allowedOriginDomains setting will have to be changed in order to for anyone be able to access the instance from that subdomain. If anyone reading this is interested in also configuring a reverse proxy I would be happy to share our setup details! Would someone be so kind as to add our subdomain to the service.network.allowedOriginDomains setting of our instance? Best regards, Alex
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