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  1. Hi @Nikolaj the post is automatically dismissed if the user has the request open already, which is the case I can see in the screenshot. As far the notifications, if you assign a request to an analyst, then only the analyst will receive the notification, unless he's assigning it to himself. In this case the team is not supposed to receive any notification. The team will receive a notification only when the request is assigned to a team (with no analyst). If you assign a request to an analyst, or change the analyst, then only the analyst is supposed to be notified, not the Team Hope this makes sense ? Regards Armando
  2. Hi @Nikolaj We could not replicate this issue. A new build has just been released. could you please update and try again and see if the issue still persists ? Regards Armando
  3. Hi @Nikolaj thank you for mentioning this. I reported this problem for investigation. Will keep you updated Thanks Armando
  4. Hi @Nikolaj Can you please give an example where the email notification is not sent? Thank you Armando
  5. Hi @Nikolaj I will report this issue for investigation. Will get back to you ASAP. Can you please give an example where the email notification is not sent? Ideally we would like to replicate the issue. Regards Armando
  6. Hi @Nikolaj we are not aware of any issue with the notifications. Can you please double check a few things? 1. which notification type in set in the admin ? 2. if the per-user notification is enabled (see app-etting guest.app.requests.notification.allowUserDefinedNotificationType) , then you should also look at your profile page and check your personal settings 3. check if the email template set in the admin is set and it exists. Regards Armando
  7. Thank you for the update @HHH, @Frank Reay @Paul Alexander can you please clear the browser cache and try again , and tell if the issue still persists ? Regards Armando
  8. Hi @Paul Alexander, @Frank Reay, @HHH can you confirm that the issue is not because of the default visibility applied to the attachments please? Thanks Armando
  9. Hi @Paul Alexander, @Frank Reay I will report this issue for investigation. Regards Armando
  10. Hi @HHH, @Paul Alexander may I ask if you are running the latest update of Service Manager and which browser you're using? Regards Armando
  11. Hi @Alisha the value 'h_impact' is actually populated following an impact assessment on the request, if configured in the relevant BPM operation. Regards Armando
  12. Hi @David Longley also, the services and the catalogs displayed depend on a number of conditions for service details form in PCF. You can see more details here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Workflow Hope that helps regards Armando
  13. Hi @samwoo apologies for the late response. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We are working to fix it; the fix will be delivered with the next Service Manager build. Regards Armando
  14. Hi @samwoo , yes I read it and I will mention it. Regards Armando
  15. No worries @samwoo, happy to help. I will mention your suggestion as a possible enhancement. Thank you Armando
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