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  1. Hi All, The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1483) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: Fix Visibility configuration for a Catalog Item can cause it to be hidden in the Portals {PM00155639} Cannot see requests awaiting feedback in the Portals under a specific service {PM00155648}
  2. Hi @Dan Munns the fix has been deployed to your instance now. Can you please check and let us know if its sorted? Thanks Armando
  3. Hi @Nick Brailsford the property 'Model' will be added only to the network devices. Unfortunately I have no visibility on when we'll start working on this change (hopefully soon), so I'm afraid I cannot answer to your question. Regards, Armando
  4. Hi @Nick Brailsford yes it can be added. Actually we have a change in the pipeline for adding a new set of properties (one of them is 'Model') on this classes of assets. You have been added as a connection to this change. Regards Armando
  5. Hi @Nick Brailsford are you importing assets of class 'network device' via CSV file? Because this class of assets have not the property 'model', then the upload will fail because he tries to populate a property that's not defined for this class of assets. Regards Armando
  6. Hi @Paul Alexander thank you for your answers. We are working on it trying to work out what might cause the issue. One last question: is the WRONG catalog belonging the the same service or a different one ? Thanks Armando
  7. Hi @Paul Alexander we are trying to replicate this issue with no success. Is that a newly created service/catalog or an existing one ? Is the language in the user app the same as in the portal ? Have the services/catalogs been created with default en-GB language or other languages? Have the requests been logged from the user app or the portal, or both ? If you could answer to any of these questions, or give us any extra info to help us replicating the issue, it would be great. Thank you Armando
  8. @Paul Alexander is this happening only for a couple of requests ? Are there requests raised against the same catalog which don't have the same issue ?
  9. Hi @Paul Alexander has the catalog item name been updated ? Regards Armando
  10. Hi @Dan Munns great to hear that. Cheers Armando
  11. Improved the enforcement of supporting teams when filtering the Requests List
  12. Hi @Gary@ADL, @Logan Graham, @Dan Munns a new build is now available with the fix for the issue reported. Apologies for any inconvenience. Armando
  13. Hi @Logan Graham we will provide a fix for this issue which will be released in the next build due early next week. Regards Armando
  14. Hi @Logan Graham are you part of both "First Responder" team and "IT Support" team ? If you are not part of First Responder team, then you will not get the requests back
  15. Hi @Dan Munns, @Logan Graham as per recent update, if your filter contains an equality condition on a team then the request returned will be only the ones assigned to the specified team, as long as the user belongs to the team. If the filter contains an equality condition on a service, then the requests returned will be only the ones raised against that service, as long as the user supports the service. If the filter contains both conditions (service = S , team = T) then both conditions applies with an AND. Can you confirm that your filter has conditions on teams and/or services relevant for the current user, and the requests are still not loading? Regards Armando
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