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  1. Hi @Paul Alexander the issue discussed above has been fixed. It will be available in one of the upcoming builds. Regards Armando
  2. Hi @Gareth Watkins you may rename the substates 1 and 2 to what they were before. Only thing, if you have created an assets with Active/1 then in the asset page you will still see Active/1 so you need to re-set the substate if you want to see the correct label. Hope this answer your question Regards Armando
  3. @Paul Alexander I think there is some caching logic that prevents you from loading more assets with the same name after loading the first 10. I will report the issue you mentioned for review. Apologies for the inconvenience. Have you tried searching for 'Token' ? It should return 10 more results Regards Armando
  4. Hi @Paul Alexander the search result should not return the assets already linked. I had a try and I cannot replicate this issue. May you try clearing the cache and reload the page please? Armando
  5. Hi @Paul Alexander if you open the master asset page, in the tab to link assets, the search result does NOT return the assets currently linked. Can you see the linked assets returned instead ? Thanks Armando
  6. Hi @Paul Alexander there is no limit to the number of entities to link to an asset. The links between assets are stored into h_cmdb_links; may you please double check that there is no record in this table for the 2 entities you cannot link ? Regards Armando
  7. Hi @Ann thank you for reporting the issue on the Product ID. We were able to replicate it, the asset list not displaying the general property Product ID . This issue will be fixed asap and it will be available in one of the upcoming updates. Apologies for the inconvenience. Kind Regards Armando
  8. Hi @Ann are you importing assets of type software ? In this case you need to populate: swVendorId swVendorName swProductId swProductName swVersion (this is the ID of the version) swVersionName with ID and name of vendor/product/version. If you can double check that the values are set correctly, you should be able to see them in the asset list and the asset details page. We cannot replicate the issue. Regards Armando
  9. Hi @Ann I think 'type' is the name of the type, not the ID. May you please replace 47 with the name and try again ? Regards Armando
  10. Hi @Frank Reay I think there is an app-setting for making the comment mandatory ? Regards Armando
  11. @NickH@Martyn Houghton the relevant change is under test at the moment. It will be available in the next build or the one after. A new property 'License Count' has been added to the assets with class Software. Regards Armando
  12. Hi @AlexOnTheHill I will mention to the relevant people about this proposed enhancement. At the moment, its not possible to search for the entire phrase, but the results are returned by relevance. So, if you search for ''New Self Service Portal'' then the top results are the ones having the more number of occurrences of each word, which should make more likely the FAQs you're searching for is among the top ones. Regards Armando
  13. Hi @Adrian Simpkins we are not able to replicate this issue in Firefox. May the user check that he's on the latest version of Firefox, clear the cache and try again please? Regards Armando
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