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  1. Timer - auto start?

    Hi @yelyah.nodrog, @m.vandun at the moment the timers can only be started and stopped manually. I will check with the relevant people if there is any change scheduled to modify or enhance this functionality. Regards Armando
  2. Duplicate Asset Report Filter

    Hi @DC-BEN, no problem. Yes, the queries are run from Database Direct; hope your colleague can help. Regards Armando
  3. Duplicate Asset Report Filter

    Hi @DC-BEN, one way of identifying duplicates would be running a query as described in this thread This way you will have the IDS of the duplicated Assets Hope this helps Armando
  4. Hi @dwalby yes, this is by design. If 'Model' and 'Serial Number' are additional properties, for example only for 'Computer Peripheral' assets, then they do not appear in the list for "All Assets"; you need to select the class "Computer Peripheral". Every asset class may have a different set of additional properties, so in the view "All Assets" would be impractical to display all the additional properties for all the asset classes, most of them would be empty if the property does not relate to the class of the particular asset. As @NadeemMazhar suggest, you can use either the global search, or the quick filter in the asset list page as long as you select the relevant asset class. Regards, Armando
  5. Request linked to a problem tickets Report

    Hi @Joyce the 'Linked Requests' info are stored in the table h_sm_relationship_entities Regards Armando
  6. CSV Asset Upload - Images

    Hi @dwalby currently the CSV import does not cater for image uploading. I will check with the relevant people if this feature can be added to the CSV import Thank you Armando
  7. Release "Type"

    Hi @alecwa we have a change in the backlog to introduce a Release Type for Release Requests. The change will be available in one of the next versions of Service Manager. Regards Armando
  8. Release "Type"

    Hi @alecwa the Change Type form was originally added only for Change Requests, not other type of requests. I will check if there is any change scheduled for adding this form for other request types and get back to you Regards Armando
  9. permissions required for "No team Assigned"

    Hi @lee mcdermott, yes it makes sense. There is a right that your analyst should have. I'll check and get back to you Armando
  10. permissions required for "No team Assigned"

    @lee mcdermott No Team Assigned refers to the team the request is assigned to, which is one of the teams supported by the service. The services by default are supported by all teams, unless different specified in the service details page, but a request created against that service may have not been assigned to any of the teams supporting the service.
  11. permissions required for "No team Assigned"

    Hi @lee mcdermott you analyst should be part of a team supporting the service the request is raised against, or you need to add the analyst as a request member. Regards Armando
  12. Hi @ljbrown, I run a test, trying to update a pre-existing BPM with a similar decision node, and its still working. As far as I can see from your screenshot, if the condition is met then the workflow updates summary and description. Couldn't be that the condition is met but for some reason the node is unable to apply the updates? Can you provide more info on how you changed that block and what you're trying to set in summary and description? Ideally I would create a node similar to yours and try to replicate the issue. Thanks Armando
  13. Hi @ljbrown if I understand well, you only updated the node "Set Summary and Description based on I cant access" and it doesn't work anymore ? Regards Armando
  14. Home View not saving

    @Paul Alexander happy to know that's sorted out now. Thanks to @Victor for helping.