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  1. We have a lot of services and it is currently the single most time-consuming aspect of logging a request . Would it be possible to enable a search, similar to the Asset search, for the service choosing page? Somewhere where they could type in a full or partial word and anything in the title or description would come up. Thanks in advance
  2. Perfect answer, Thanks @ArmandoDM
  3. Fonts and font sizes seem to act as if the choice is a toggle. This leads to frustrations and inconsistencies when we are creating templates and when we draft an email within a request (in preview mode, which we use for the necessary advanced features). You cannot seem to highlight all and set the font and size to the same thing unless they all started as the same font/size to begin with. Video of issue attached. As always, appreciate your help. Email fonts.mp4
  4. May you please explain why my linked requests are not updating through the node I have set up in the attached images? The rest of the process completes as expected with no errors. No updates whatsoever appear on the the main or the linked request. Thanks in advance
  5. I'd like to inform our team of a problem's workaround via email but the h_workaround is not available as a variable. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance.
  6. It is an open text box for the item which isn't really relevant but then quantity and price fields. So need the total value. Really appreciate the help with this, so far you've gone above and beyond what I expected to be a simple, sorry you can't do that.
  7. Hi @NeilWJ In this instance, it was simply numeric. We are using the form to make orders of different items, so this would calculate a total price and if it was over a certain value it would show an additional question. Thanks for the reply
  8. Sorry I'll keep that in mind. Thank you
  9. Hello all, Had a customer who asked if he could download all 47 attachments from a request in one go and I couldn't suggest anything. After you check the box next to each attachment, could you have a download option as well as the existing delete icon. I've highlighted this space with a little rainbow. Many thanks
  10. Hi @Miro So it would be something akin to if ( [form1-field1]+[form2-field1]+ [form3-field1] ) >100 So the addition would need to be done before the condition. Again, I'm not sure it's doable. Thanks for looking anyway.
  11. Hello everyone, We don't think this possible but.. So I want a question to become mandatory if a value is reached - however, this value is the sum of many question fields over a few custom forms within a PCF. Is there a way to base an override flag of another question upon this total number? I know we can act upon all this when it reaches the BPM and we have a plan B but I thought I'd ask. Many thanks in advance
  12. @Victor **Celebratory Noises** I've managed to get the Hornbill draft to save with no errors! Thank you very much for sorting out the bad stages, and for passing it on to be fixed fundamentally. I need to make some other changes to the process but I'm staying far away from any groups going forward. Regards
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