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  1. Afternoon James Hope you are well. Apologies for the delay. We are trying to use the Hornbill CSV Asset Import Utility. Thank you. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/CSV_Asset_Import Kind Regards Ann
  2. Afternoon Please would it be possible for someone to look at the above query as this is now quite urgent? Thank you in advance. Kind Regards Ann
  3. Ann

    Asset Import

    On closer inspection the Product ID has not imported. It just doesn't show on the results page, the product ID field looks blank, but when you open the asset it has data in there. Please would it be possible to advise?
  4. Ann

    Asset Import

    Hi Armando Thank you for such a quick response. We have tried that and it is now all working. Thank you. Kind Regards Ann
  5. Morning I have an urgent query please. Asset import is not working in the Asset Management Tile. Select Upload Assets and then choose an asset class. I select General, but this appears to have been renamed to basic and therefore the import fails as it does not recognise my type ("47") as a valid type for the class (general). General appears to have been renames to basic but the upload asset page has been updated and I have an urgent import to run. Thank you. Kind Regards Ann
  6. Morning. Please would it be possible for someone to look at the above? We are in need of this information in order to move forward. Thank you. Kind Regards Ann
  7. Morning Steven Thank you so much for such a quick response. That is fantastic. Thank you.
  8. Morning Please would it be possible to advise if there is a way of creating new States for Assets. We can create Substate, but can't see anywhere obvious where we can create State. Also, can we add Operational State too? Thank you. Kind Regards Ann
  9. Ann

    Queues and Filters

    Morning Hope you are well. I have been contacted by an engineer, please would it be possible to advise if the below can be done within the mobile app or if there are any future plans for the below? Thank you. It would be good if we could view our custom filters like we can on the Hornbill desktop website as it is beneficial for the team to see the Field Ops Main Queue so that we can see if there are any jobs for us and can move them over to our queue. It would also be helpful if two or more request types could be selected to filter the queue too 1 e.g. have b
  10. Ann

    Customised View

    Morning James. Thank you.
  11. Morning. Hope you are well. Please would it be possible to advise if there is a recommended way of specifying a target/required by date on an SR? I realise that a customer/ITSD person could put some text within the 'Details' or 'Questions' however is there a better way of communicating this? Thank you. Kind Regards Ann
  12. Ann

    Customised View

    Morning I have an engineer that is currently using the Mobile App for Service Manager, however they can view their own requests but are not able to view them in a customised way like on the website. Please would it be possible to advise if this is possible and if so how to do this? Thank you. Kind Regards Ann Green
  13. Hi. Hope you are well. I currently have a project manager that is trying to change the status of a project from Active to Completed, however they are getting the attached error message. Both the project manager and myself have looked at the project and ALL milestones are showing as 100% complete and ALL tasks are also showing as 100% complete. We can not see anything that is still outstanding within the project. We have made sure that we have checked all pages for the milestones and tasks. The Project manager has since been able to mark another project as Completed so appears to be a
  14. Thank you so much Alex. If I can provide screen shots or anything please do let me know. Have a lovely rest of day.
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