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Employee Portal - Page Analytics


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I think it would be useful +1

Might be an idea to raise a new thread with the enhancement tag or if Steve or someone from Hornbill can update this one. 

At the moment we don't know which pages the customers visits the most or least as well as who so having analytics would be very helpful. 

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We are hoping to be able to compare usage of the Hornbill Portal with historical data from other tools previously used by our teams (IT and NON IT) to understand if usage is up or down after the transition.

Similarly, in the future we want to encourage other teams to onboard into Hornbill and such information would be a useful to aid those conversations.

+ other reasons listed by other above.

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We have added a new system table h_sys_pagevisit_log which will record page visits, this is effectively an extension to the history/bookmarks implementation.  In addition, there will be a new system setting system.pageVisitLog.purgeAfterDays which will control how much history is kept, this will default to 90 and is settable anywhere from 7 to 365.  This log will tell you who is visiting which pages, but will not log any page/application specific data. There is no user interface to view/display this data, it is envisaged you can use reporting to query what you need. 

This is a trivial addition so no real planning required, a simple addition, so will be in the release pipeline over the next 2-3 weeks.  You will not have to enable anything once released, it will start recording page visits automatically. 


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