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Option to 'Continue On Error' on workflow nodes

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Relation to out other posts about the Update Requests > Service and Data Provider/Query facilities, can we request the node is updated to have the option to 'Continue On Error' option, as at the moment if the values provided are invalid the workflow breaks.

We have built in error handling to the workflow to deal with the 'outcome' of the node failing as without the Data Provider/Query capability to restrict the selection to valid combinations we know it will occurr sometimes, but this is not triggered as the node fails and breaks the workflow. Having the option to continue on error and handle it in the workflow will make the Update Requests > Service safe to use.




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@Martyn HoughtonWe made a workaround by creating a simpleList that contained the Service Names and Id's and then using that as a picker in the intelligent capture and finally using the input from that field to populate the BPM.
Clumsy, yes, but at least it works.
Now we'd need the same setup for languages and timezones but preferrably those would be accessed directly from the BPM rather than through this kind of workaround

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