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Found 22 results

  1. Relation to out other posts about the Update Requests > Service and Data Provider/Query facilities, can we request the node is updated to have the option to 'Continue On Error' option, as at the moment if the values provided are invalid the workflow breaks. We have built in error handling to the workflow to deal with the 'outcome' of the node failing as without the Data Provider/Query capability to restrict the selection to valid combinations we know it will occurr sometimes, but this is not triggered as the node fails and breaks the workflow. Having the option to continue on error and handle it in the workflow will make the Update Requests > Service safe to use. Cheers Martyn
  2. Can we request an enhancement to the Update Request > Service to be able to pass the Catalog ID as an additional option as well as the Catalog Item name. This is because the Catalog Item name will often change but the ID will not. Cheers Martyn
  3. So when you open a request in self service the Update text box to type in is not that clear, is there a way to change it? Can it be more like the Attach section where the box is white?
  4. I am slightly confused by the Update Request > Closure Category parameter documentation. You seem to be able to use a variable both under the 'Category' field and the 'Category (From Variable)' fields. The documentation seems to state you use the Key/hid column of the hsysprofile table for both options. Can you confirm the documentation is correct or whether the intention of one of the variable options was to allow the setting of the Closure Category by passing the textual code for the profile? Cheers Martyn
  5. Hi All I have a process where we potentially need to update some of the original data entered in a custom field when the customer raised it, but because of audit implications our Analysts should not update any data issues in the request, it would need to be the customer who makes the change. I note there is a feature where Google forms could update an existing custom data field, but I wanted to see if there is any method within Hornbill itself where we could get the customer to update a custom field - has anyone else got a similar setup / could you confirm how you handled it? Is it possible to do this without using something like Google forms? Many thanks as always
  6. Can we raise a enhancement request to have the ability to set the Status and Sub-Status of a Routing Rule - Update Request action. We are trying to build Enterprise Service Management (ESM) interactions for both logging and updating existing requests based on incoming emails. Having the ability to communicate intelligently with the request using status/sub status changes would wold make the ESM integration much more flexible and deeper. Cheers Martyn
  7. Linked to the query and enhancement request below, we would like to request the Update Request > Service, to allow the option to set ServiceID as ignore and pass only the CatalogID value of the one to be changed to. This will make the use of the node easier to configure in the BPM and the CatalogID has a one to one relationship with the ServiceID. Cheers Martyn
  8. Related to our enhancement request (link below) on Data Query for Services/Catalogs, can I ask for clarification on the logic applied to the Update Request > Service node. The default 'Service' option is left as the default option of 'Auto' and the Catalog Item is supplied, given the one to one relationship between Catalog and Service will it 'Auto' populate the Service? Will the node have a failure outcome if the co-worker/contact of the request is not subscribed either directly or through there groups/organisation to the service/catalog provided? Cheers Martyn
  9. Linked to @Giuseppe Iannacone post below, can we raise an enhancement to add the additional options to be able to set the Service and Catalog values by passing the Id's for these as well as the existing option to pass the name. We often change the name of services or catalog items, but the Id's do not change. Cheers Martyn
  10. Related to @Jeremy post below and the work on having the ability to pause the SLA timers in the BPM to allow a request timer to be on hold when set to Resolved. Can we raise an enhancement request to have the option to allow the updating of request at the Resolved status to another configurable status, i.e.Open, when updated by email (manually or via routing rules) or via the portals. This way updates to Resolved requests can be captured after the Suspend - Wait for Status Change in the BPM, and the record processed appropriately, rather then the updates being missed. Cheers Martyn
  11. Can we raise an enhancement for the Change Request > Update Request > Add to Change Calendar, to allow the insertion of a variable Date/Time field, as at the moment it can only be hard coded. We are capturing a proposed start and end time in a progressive capture and want to schedule the change request to the supplied period. I not sure how you would even use a the current node in the BPM with a hard coded date/time. Cheers Martyn
  12. I'm having a moment, does anyone know where the setting is that allows a request to be automatically taken off hold if a customer updates the request from the Portal? I'm also hoping that I can reference this in the BPM to check to see if a customer has updated the request by email or portal and then progress based on this?
  13. Can the Update Request > Timeline node have an additional option added to enable the timeline post to be set as locked when it is inserted. This is so important updates are left in the timeline as is and stops comments being made on them. Cheers Martyn
  14. Can the 'Update Request' option under 'Request>Update Request' please be enabled to allow the priority to be injected as a variable, as it is hard coded at the moment. Cheers Martyn
  15. At the moment the Update Request Service Level option (screen shot below) only allow you to re-trigger the setting of the Service Level base on the rules. Can we new option be provided to allow the same functionality that is in the User App where the Service Level Agreement and Level can be changed. If this option can include the injection of variables as well as hard coded values. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow Cheers Martyn Martyn
  16. I am attempting to use the Update Request > Closure Category with the Variable option, but even though I am inject the variable exactly as the code is shown in the Data>Profile the category is not updated. I have set the node to do a system and manual timeline update to help debug the issue, but nothing appears, so it look like the node is just not doing anything. Code shown in mandatory field from the Human Task outcome (Yellow) and timeline entry should be between Outcome and Email entries. Closure category present Can you please advise why the node is not working or even failing. Cheers Martyn
  17. Related to be earlier post about being able to pre-fill resolution information on a request (link below), I am attempting to workaround this whilst it is considered. However I have hit the issue that the current 'Update Request > Closure Category' is hard coded. To avoid having to create a sting of decision nodes, can the the Closure Category' node be update to allow the injection of a variable for the closure category, either/or both the Raw Value (Code) or Textual value. Cheers Martyn
  18. Hi, We have 2 routine rules set up (raiseNewRequest and updateRequest) and both are working, however I want to be able to configure an email notification on updateRequest being triggered when a ticket is assigned to a team but without an analyst (would therefore require an email address to be configured against a team which doesn't appear to be possible in System --> Organisation Data --> Organisation, unless I've missed a setting!) We have various team email groups and we want to be able to leave tickets assigned only to a team until an analyst is ready to work on them, but currently any customer emails that are applied to a ticket in this state don't trigger an email. I've searched the wiki and forums with no luck yet, does anybody have a solution using the current tool set? Thanks, Luke
  19. At the moment when you use the 'Update Request > Status' node to set the status to 'Resolved' the system automatically also marks the 'Response' timer. Can we request that this is configurable as an option, as we would like to be able to set the request to Resolved but not mark the Timer until the request is Closed. The aim of this change is to allow us to use the portal 'Resolved' action which ask the customer to confirm the resolution or advise it is still not working. This stage sets the status back to open so can be used in conjunction with the Suspend Node 'Await Status Change', to await expiry (i.e. no response from the customer) or confirmation either way. Then using the BPM we can return to trying to resolve the issue without having marked the Resolution Timer. Example workflow below. This will of course need related change to the SLA calculation process to take the time whilst at a 'Resolved' status same way as being on hold. This relates to our earlier post regarding the ability to save the Resolution Text and Closure category through the User Interface without having to set the request as resolved. Cheers Martyn
  20. Can the Request > Update Request > Details node be extended to allow the setting of the language when using the node to update the Summary and Details, as at the moment it will just use the default. This is so we can we can reset the language setting for the for the main summary and details fields in the BPM taking into account the contact/customers default language when it is logged via a routing rule, as the latter does not honour it (see link below). Cheers Martyn
  21. We have a number of services where we have prescriptive progressive capture forms which capture the required information and then we use the Update Request > Details node to insert these with a template into the standard Summary and Description field in a standard format. When this the node is called in the BPM to do this, a refresh to the values displayed on the Portal is not triggered, so the Summary and Description fields are empty until the customer manually refreshes or an other event triggers the refresh of the request. Can the node trigger a refresh of any sessions with the request open? Cheers Martyn
  22. At the moment with the Update Request Status node you can update the status of a service manage request to Resolved or Closed, but the node does not support the ability to pass in as a literal or variable the Resolution Text or Category values. It would be useful to be able to do this from within the BPM and not rely on a manual activity. Similarly it would be could to be able to do this for Cancel as well, passing the cancellation description. Cheers Martyn
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