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  1. When opening/download a service linked document on the employer portal, the original document name is not being used and internal non human understandable file name is created. When doing the same on the Customer Portal this works as expected with the file downloading/opening with the correct filename. Can the employee portal use the original filename. Also it appears to also affect check out of files in Document Manager as well. Cheers Martyn
  2. Hi All, Can someone please look into the FAQ search returning the following error message please rather than the search results, this started to occur immediately after the update was applied. - /apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Faqs/fc_modules/faqs_helper.js(227): error X1001: Uncaught ReferenceError: faqHelper is not defined
  3. Linked to @Jeremy post below, can we raise an enhancement request for additional custom fields types using the same common selection of data type and lengths as available at the request entity. Subsequently the Get Request Information > Service Details node would need to be updated to support these, plus the propose enhancement to allow updating of Service Custom Fields from the request as well. Cheers Martyn
  4. At the moment within a workflow you can only update the Service Status of the service the request is linked to. Can we request this to be extended to allow the updating of the Service Custom fields as we want to automatically update information held within these fields dynamically from requests. Cheers Martyn
  5. Relation to out other posts about the Update Requests > Service and Data Provider/Query facilities, can we request the node is updated to have the option to 'Continue On Error' option, as at the moment if the values provided are invalid the workflow breaks. We have built in error handling to the workflow to deal with the 'outcome' of the node failing as without the Data Provider/Query capability to restrict the selection to valid combinations we know it will occurr sometimes, but this is not triggered as the node fails and breaks the workflow. Having the option to continue on error and handle it in the workflow will make the Update Requests > Service safe to use. Cheers Martyn
  6. Following the addition of being able to publish documents linked to services on the portals, which is a big step forward in us being able to regain the ability to publish a knowledge base on the portals, can we request some enhancements to make it more manageable and easier to use for the consumer, especially when a large volume of documents are linked. Documents to be grouped under the source Library, and initial display is Library headings, with the option to expand to list documents in said Library. Ability to control the order of the Libraries and the documents in the Service setup screen. Just to give you an example of the volume and structure we are trying to make usable in the Service Manager, please see below. At the moment the only way to change the order is to unlink the documents and then link them again in the order you want, but there is no grouping, so will just be one long list. Cheers Martyn
  7. Linked to the query and enhancement request below, we would like to request the Update Request > Service, to allow the option to set ServiceID as ignore and pass only the CatalogID value of the one to be changed to. This will make the use of the node easier to configure in the BPM and the CatalogID has a one to one relationship with the ServiceID. Cheers Martyn
  8. Related to our enhancement request (link below) on Data Query for Services/Catalogs, can I ask for clarification on the logic applied to the Update Request > Service node. The default 'Service' option is left as the default option of 'Auto' and the Catalog Item is supplied, given the one to one relationship between Catalog and Service will it 'Auto' populate the Service? Will the node have a failure outcome if the co-worker/contact of the request is not subscribed either directly or through there groups/organisation to the service/catalog provided? Cheers Martyn
  9. Can we request a new additional Portfolio Status value for Service. At the moment when you set a Service to a portfolio status to 'Retired' the service is no longer visible on the portals or live user app, but also the customer can no longer search for or view their previous requests under the service by the historic URL link. Can we ask that a new 'Archived' status is added, which has the same impact on visibility of the service the portals/live user app, but the requests logged under the service are still included in the portal request search and historic request URL links. In the real world operation of the Service Catalog, there will be many service changes which will necessitate the 'archiving' of services, but it is important that co-workers/customers can still access their historic requests. Cheers Martn
  10. Is there any plans to provide the facility of copy a service in order to duplicate it? With more details and configuration going into services, it would be really useful to have the ability to duplicate a current service and the modify it, either to make a new service or as a revision to the current service. Cheers Martyn
  11. The sort order on the Service drop down in the Global Search is no longer displaying in alphabetical order of service name, so is a real pain when you are trying to restrict your search to a service as we have several hundred services. Can this list be ordered again by service name please. Cheers Martyn
  12. Related to our earlier post about the ability to copy a whole service (link below), we would also like to request the ability to Copy Subscribers. Like other parts of the system when dealing with Roles or Organisation objects you have the ability to copy the members to the current object, which is especially useful when migrating or replacing existing roles/organisations. The same is true for Services. We are going through a review of our Services at the moment, consolidating some of them down, so having the ability to copy subscriptions from the previous services would save so much time, rather then having to do this one by one, entering the subscriber. Cheers Martyn
  13. Can I request an enhancement to the Email options held at a Service level, to enable the automatic inclusion of connections when opening the request 'Email Action'. Connections is a very useful facility, but is let down by the need to manually have to add the connection on to the email action each and every time you use it. This whole relies on the analyst remembering to add the connections, which with human error results in an inconsistent application. We would propose there is an options as below:- Impacted connections - option None, To, CC or BCC. Interested connections - option None, To, CC or BCC By having a setting a the Service level this can be controlled and set due to the particular needs of the the service, rather than a system wide setting. Having the options above give complete flexibility to fit different service desk needs. Cheers Martyn
  14. Linked to @Giuseppe Iannacone post below, can we raise an enhancement to add the additional options to be able to set the Service and Catalog values by passing the Id's for these as well as the existing option to pass the name. We often change the name of services or catalog items, but the Id's do not change. Cheers Martyn
  15. Morning, This is going to be a morning of questions I'm afraid, but I've split them into topics. To test my BP I have created a new catalogue item, and new BP and PC to go with it. To check the BP works, I have to create a ticket. This goes into our normal queue. Is there a way to set up a test area, so the tickets do not enter our queue? I am cancelling the tickets but because I am new to Hornbill I am having the test the BP as I go to, so quite a few extra tickets. Thanks
  16. When adding custom fields we have run into issues where we enter data and it 'saves' but when the page is refreshed the data in the custom fields disappear. Could someone have a look for us to see if there are limits to the text input for these fields? We enter test: when we save, text is added: refresh page: text gone
  17. We have been updating some of our teams in the internal organisation structure which has included delete some teams which are no longer required. However where the deleted team was a subscriber of a service the service subscription is not removed and is orphaned. This results in blank team subscriptions showing against the service in the portfolio. Can the delete team process be updated to cascade it removal or require the team to be unsubscribed before being able to delete it. Cheers Martyn
  18. We are looking to implement Change Control requests in Hornbill to manage and record service subscription changes to Hornbill services for out external customers. As such we would like to automate the process of adding and removing service subscriptions both at the primary service and secondary catalog level. Therefore can we request a new BPM Node Object to allow interaction with Service Subscriptions. * Query Subscriptions - Pass in Subscriber Type and Subscriber ID, result list of Service ID object is subscribed too. * Query Service Subscription - Pass in Service ID, Subscriber Type and Subscriber ID, result True/False * Query Service Catalog Subscription - Pass in Catalog ID, Subscriber Type and Subscriber ID, result True/False * Add Service Subscriber - Pass in Service ID, Subscriber Type and ID, result True/False * Amend Catalog Subscriber - Pass in Catalog ID, Subscriber Type, Subscriber ID and enable/disable, result True/False Cheers Martyn
  19. hello everyone, as the former administrator of our site has now left the company, it has been left to me to pick up the pieces with regards to Hornbill... therefore for my first post.... can anyone please point me in the right direction of some documentation outlining how I go about creating a new service within Service manager and updating the service categories to reflect this? I fear that we are going to need more services over time and therefore getting used to the way Hornbill works would be needed quite soon. thanks
  20. In addition to the 'Default Mailbox' option now present on each 'Service' details setting, it would be useful to be able to specify the default email address to be used from the Service, where the specified Mailbox has more than one email address associated with it. At the moment you inherit the Default Address from the mailbox specified in the service. The idea here would be that you can override the default email address on a service by service basis, so if you have a service which uses a leagcy address or a noreply one, you can specify it. Cheers Martyn
  21. Could the reporting 'Request' entity be extended to include details from the linked service. For example at the moment we report on requests grouped/selected by 'Service Category' , so we have to use the SQL Designer process to join in the Service table rather than being able to use the entity method. Having the Service as part of the 'Request' entity will allow access to other fields in the Service Table such as Status, Serive Owner etc as well as the Service Category. Cheers Martyn
  22. Can I ask for a feature request, we would like the abilities to search the Services list when logging a request. This search should search the services and the CI's like the portal search so that if you have a lot of services or CI's they are easier to find. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi I have a service that is linked to two SLA's because one SLA follows a working day calendar so an 8 hour day for P3 priority calls and the second SLA follows a 24/7 calendar for P1 and P2 issues. When I now log calls for the service on a P3 is doesn't choose the right SLA. I have two questions, can you link a service to two SLA's? and why would it not follow the P3 SLA when selected? Thanks Chris
  24. We have updated our instance and found that in the portal there is no longer a search function? Can this be bought back?
  25. Can the Service and Priority options in the 'Log New Incident' node under 'Requests>Log Request' be setup to support variables, the same way as the 'Catalog Item' option is. Thanks Martyn
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