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Found 37 results

  1. Can I request an enhancement to the Email options held at a Service level, to enable the automatic inclusion of connections when opening the request 'Email Action'. Connections is a very useful facility, but is let down by the need to manually have to add the connection on to the email action each and every time you use it. This whole relies on the analyst remembering to add the connections, which with human error results in an inconsistent application. We would propose there is an options as below:- Impacted connections - option None, To, CC or BCC. Interested connections - option None, To, CC or BCC By having a setting a the Service level this can be controlled and set due to the particular needs of the the service, rather than a system wide setting. Having the options above give complete flexibility to fit different service desk needs. Cheers Martyn
  2. hello everyone, as the former administrator of our site has now left the company, it has been left to me to pick up the pieces with regards to Hornbill... therefore for my first post.... can anyone please point me in the right direction of some documentation outlining how I go about creating a new service within Service manager and updating the service categories to reflect this? I fear that we are going to need more services over time and therefore getting used to the way Hornbill works would be needed quite soon. thanks
  3. Is there any plans to provide the facility of copy a service in order to duplicate it? With more details and configuration going into services, it would be really useful to have the ability to duplicate a current service and the modify it, either to make a new service or as a revision to the current service. Cheers Martyn
  4. In addition to the 'Default Mailbox' option now present on each 'Service' details setting, it would be useful to be able to specify the default email address to be used from the Service, where the specified Mailbox has more than one email address associated with it. At the moment you inherit the Default Address from the mailbox specified in the service. The idea here would be that you can override the default email address on a service by service basis, so if you have a service which uses a leagcy address or a noreply one, you can specify it. Cheers Martyn
  5. Could the reporting 'Request' entity be extended to include details from the linked service. For example at the moment we report on requests grouped/selected by 'Service Category' , so we have to use the SQL Designer process to join in the Service table rather than being able to use the entity method. Having the Service as part of the 'Request' entity will allow access to other fields in the Service Table such as Status, Serive Owner etc as well as the Service Category. Cheers Martyn
  6. Can I ask for a feature request, we would like the abilities to search the Services list when logging a request. This search should search the services and the CI's like the portal search so that if you have a lot of services or CI's they are easier to find. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi I have a service that is linked to two SLA's because one SLA follows a working day calendar so an 8 hour day for P3 priority calls and the second SLA follows a 24/7 calendar for P1 and P2 issues. When I now log calls for the service on a P3 is doesn't choose the right SLA. I have two questions, can you link a service to two SLA's? and why would it not follow the P3 SLA when selected? Thanks Chris
  8. We have updated our instance and found that in the portal there is no longer a search function? Can this be bought back?
  9. Can the Service and Priority options in the 'Log New Incident' node under 'Requests>Log Request' be setup to support variables, the same way as the 'Catalog Item' option is. Thanks Martyn
  10. We would like to implement a Change Management workflow to manage our service subscriptions in Hornbill Service Manage itself. The idea being is that our internal project management team would raise requests for new services for a site to be taken in to 'Support' would raise a Change Request, which as part go the workflow process after authorisation would then automatically add the subscription to the selected organisation. To do this without manual intervention, would require a number of additional features. Data Provider in Progressive capture to allow selection the below and capture into custom field. External Organisation (ability to set filter by Industry {variable and manual}) Service (ability to set filter by Service Category {variable and manual}) Catalog (ability to set filter by Service {variable and manual}) BPM/iBridge Integration options Add Service Subscription Remove Service Subscription Include/Exclude Catalog item I sure there will so others automatons required, but the above are the primary ones, if we want to achieve an automated change management process with Service Manager to manage it's own service subscriptions. Cheers Martyn
  11. When we set up FAQ's against a service can you: Have it so when you select a service it displays all associated FAQ's against that service Can you accept an FAQ at the time of logging to resolve the request to the user with those details
  12. Hi All, We are currently looking to implement our own company branding to each service we provide via the customer and service portal, as it stands we are only able to display predefined logo's from a drop down list as per my screenshot. Can you please let me know if there is some other way for us to upload a logo or if this has been requested previously? (I cannot find anything immediately on a quick search of the forums).
  13. is there a way to customize the search bar or at least change the position? from this to something like this:
  14. When linking multiple Service Level Agreements to a Service at the same time, the order they are selected is not honoured when they are inserted into the linked services list, but inserted in alphabetical order. This means you then have to then manually re-order them or add them individually in order. if they where added to the Linked Services list in the order they where selected, that would save these extra steps. Cheers Martyn
  15. Good Morning All, Does anyone know if there is or will be an option on the service portal to search for documents using tags? The My services search bar works really well so i was looking to see if the My Documents had any plans to also have this feature
  16. Me again, Another request: would it be possible to have a "Copy" feature for services? (a bit like the "Save As..." for reports, measures, widgets, etc) Creating a new service from scratch can be particularly time consuming when you have to setup all catalogue items, SLAs, FAQs, feedback, etc. In most cases, when I need to create a new service I could really do with a simple copy of an existing service, and then modify only a couple of things. Would anybody else be interested in such feature too? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  17. Hi again, Another request which would help us considerably from a support / maintenance of BPMs point of view: a "default" assignment team per catalog item (OR service if not possible) Let me explain why first: 1. we do not use "Supporting teams" as any support team must be able to view and interact with any requests logged on the portal 2. calls are automatically assigned to a team via the BPM as we do not have a traditional 1st line support The consequence of this at the moment is a very very long BPM: Should we have a "default assignment team" field available at catalog item level (ideal scenario) we would not need this at all and the service owners would be able to maintain that themselves (meaning less work for the admin!) - and yes it changes quite regularly! The idea is simple: this field would be optional. If a value is set, then the assignment would be done "automatically" unless explicitly specified in the BPM. IMPORTANT NOTE: this logic should be applied AFTER the existing logic around "Supporting Teams" as we do not want to break existing setups. Another important point: this field would ONLY be used for call assignment and nothing else! No "security" related context or anything like that. It would just be a basic optional x-ref for call assignment task. A less ideal scenario (but still workable) would be to have this at the service level (and then I would only need to override is some rare cases directly in the BPM using the catalog item id). Would this be of any use to anybody else? Or are we just bonkers in my company?
  18. @James Ainsworth Is there an precedence applied where you have both Global and Service based Sub Statuses? The reason for asking is that as we are implementing a number of different Service Desks with the same platform, where we will have a large majority of our services (100+) where we will wan to set common Global Sub-Statuses, but also have a number of other Services where we would want different Sub-Statuses. At the moment I believe you will get Global Sub-Statuses plus any local Service based ones as well. It would be good to have the option to turn off either as a whole or individually the inheritance of the Global Sub-Statuses at the Service Level. Also as Sub-Statuses will not doubt be closely aligned with 'Service Levels' it would be good to be able to potentially link Sub-Statuses at this level, so you do not have to apply it at 'Service' level. Cheers Martyn
  19. Hi all, I am looking at service catalog subscriptions at am wondering if there is a way to add users to a team/dept based on a custom AD field as well as add them into their normal day to day team/dept We currently have around 200 users who can raise requests. This changes constantly and I don't fancy having to keep lists of users up to date per service. What I was hoping for was something along the lines of: User account in AD has HR as Dept and Payroll as Team so they are added to the correct dept and team on the LDAP update. User account has 'Authoriser' in custom field 1 in AD so they are also added to the 'Authorisers' team which is a subscriber team for service requests and staff changes. I feel there must be a way of doing it automatically as having to maintain multiple lists of subscribers to all services is a lot of work and would end up being a constantly running maintenance task for at least one of the service desk staff. Any pointers / assistance appreciated Thanks
  20. Does anyone know if its possible to link priorities with a service, at the moment we have a long list of priorities for all our products and sometimes people select the wrong priority. Thanks Chris
  21. We currently have a significant number of (approx. 20) different SLA's/Priority's, which have come about from us acquiring different organisations and us absorbing support service for different products and types of services. At the moment there does not appear to be any relationship between the SLA/Priority and the Service, in that all priorities specified in the Progressive Capture 'Request Priority' and similar BPM node. Ideally we would want to allocate priorities which are applicable to a service at the request type level, i.e. you may have a service which has both Incident and Service Request types enabled, but you may want to have four priorities for incidents (Critical, High, Medium, Low) but only three for Service Requests (High, Medium, Low). As work around if the Request Priority progressive capture and BPM nodes could be changed to allow the priority list be filtered, this would mean you could achieve a specific list of priorities for the service. Can both these options be raised as potential Request for Change? Cheers Martyn
  22. Since the application of Service Manager 2.34/2.35 we have noticed that in progressive capture when logging a new request through the user app the Customer Search form is repeated after you have selected the service and the service specific PC is applied. PC used to skip the Customer Search form automatically after the Service specific PC was applied, but now appears with the already populated customer details requiring you to click on Next. Can this be looked into to re-instate the automatic completion. Cheers Martyn
  23. Can you let me know if it will be possible to change the timeline to show red crosses and not just green ticks? For example, when a change is raised by my company and it does not succeed, i have added a section into the timeline to show change failed, but it makrs this with a green tick, whereas id like it to show a red cross so it shows the difference between acceptance and failure. I have attached an example
  24. Is there any plans to provide a links to the Service FAQ's when logging a new request via email or phone through the Live app, rather than them just being presented on the Service/Customer Portals? Was thinking that when you select the Service in the progressive capture, that a link could be presented in the trail on the righthand side listing the service selected indicating that there are FAQ's for the service, to allow the analyst to open up the list of FAQ's in a separate tab to check if the issue being reported is already present? Cheers Martyn
  25. Hi, I am in the process of implementing our service catalogue and setup my BPMs. However I am facing a massive of work and maintenance. Let me give you a bit of context: As of today we have: 114 services 461 catalogue items 20 teams We managed to rationalise our BPMs to only 8 Requirements: Any support team member must be able to see all the requests logged in the system (100% transparency) Auto assign request to a team based on catalogue item Setup: no services have a “Supporting team(s)” setup (see requirements above) Each service can be supported by multiple teams Each catalogue item is supported by a single team Problem: In the BPMs, it would require at least 20 “conditions” with very long list for each criteria (461 to be precise) Everytime a catalogue item is changed or added, all BPMs will need to be updated accordingly. Proposed solution (see attached document Hornbill - Default team assignment.pptx): Add a new field “Default assignment team” to the catalogue item This new field would be optional It would be populated by the list a teams (as declared under the Organisation) If "Supporting teams" are setup, available values would be restricted to the "Supporting teams" setup By default, the system would assign the request to that team (if value specified) BPM can still override the team assignment This would not impact the current functionality of the field "Supporting teams" Benefits: Straight forward assignment with no impact on securities or "support teams" Can accommodate special cases (by overriding in the BPM) Less maintenance of the BPMs (every time a new catalogue item is changed or created) Is this something possible to do? I am more than happy to discuss it in more details if necessary. Thanks for your consideration.
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