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Enhancement: Allow variables input (Human Task) in AutoTasks


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I am getting used to the AutoTask idea but I get limited by the fact it cannot accept inputs from the Agent on which to act. I request you please enable a Human Task node type to be used in Autotasks. The node would 'pop-up' just like any other Human Task but would send it's variables, outcomes and results to the AutoTask not the core BPM.

Example use cases:

  1. My Service Desk periodically need to make updates to Assets (e.g. phones, laptops) including altering the Used By and changing the status to show, say, if they are deployed or in storage. This happens in a number of workflows such as leavers, starters, movers and sometimes standard service requests. Users are unpredictable beasts and they don't always turn-up and want or give stuff at the exact moment the Hornbill workflow expects it. To keep our assets under control (and without asking our SDesk to browse into Asset Manager and do the updates there), I want a Custom Button that starts an AutoTask that allows the Agent to update Asset fields at almost any time (I will set criteria such as status.open and assigned to Service Desk, etc). To do that, I need a Human Task in the AutoTask with the usual configurable form to specify what can be updated.
  2. I want to start sending communications to my users through workflow but workflow is overly prescriptive because it pre-defines when I may or may not need to send comms (i.e. the stage or node at the time). I need to send "at any time" when I am in a major incident or a change. If a Custom Button could launch an AutoTask that had a Human Task to capture text like, say, "The Incident impact on users", "what we are doing about it", the "service" (from RequestID), the subscriber list or email address/es to send to and "when we will next update you", then I would be able to use that button when necessary. Meanwhile, the core workflow is uninterrupted but the AutoTask can update a custom field to state comms have been sent
  3. More to come. I will append to this post when I come-up with the next reason why a Human Task in AutoTasks would be extremely useful.


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3. Use case. At some point I need to have my CR re-authorised for some reason so I need an AutoTask to update the RequestID to be unauthorised and then for me to INPUT the name of the person to whom I am pushing the Approval out to; with a choice to use the internal Authorisation or External Authorisation nodes. The result of that is received and updates the RequestID again. I can have 'gates' in certain other nodes that only allow the workflow to proceed if the authorisation is still present.

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