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  1. @James AinsworthJust came across this in my travels... User Account - Hornbill A user can also be assigned a primary/home organisation. When in the Organisation tab you can select an organisation of type "Company" and on doing so the button to "Set Home organisation" will enable. Click on this button will set the selected organisation as the user primary/home organisation. . This can be useful when you need to report on users that belong to a certain "Home Organisation". In the future some apps may use the users assigned home organisation to provide "application" functionality (In this case please refer to the application wiki you are interested in).
  2. This seems to be a relatively new switch as I can't find it referred to anywhere in the wiki etc. It appears when creating/editing an org unit. What is its purpose? Does anyone know please?
  3. @VictorMarvellous and all works well for us. Just a thought - is this functionality available in our own portal? We don't have an Org Structure currently set up but maybe something for the future. If it is available then is it possible to determine the level of My Organisation or is just at the top level (which would be meaningless as it would show all Requests)? I suspect that My Staff's Requests is the only version available in our portal but just wanted to check.
  4. @Victorwill this apply to everyone in Landmark? The other person who raises requests is David *****.
  5. @Victoryou are correct. I don't have that drop down and it's exactly what I am after!
  6. @VictorThanks for the reply. What do you mean by 'this Option'? If you are referring to 'Connections' then I don't see that. What I see is this and I have only ever seen Requests raise by me.
  7. Mmm I see what you mean (so via the Actions button the Category is not enforced). That feels like a bug or enhancement for HB. Thinking about it, I have actually used this loophole to my benefit(!) when I wanted to close a number of tickets avoiding this enforcement.
  8. Was same for us but now OK
  9. I think ours was down but now back
  10. We are using the csv update file via a daily automated route using the API. That is working OK. We receive the log file and have this summary at the bottom: I am happy with the Created Skipped count - this is deliberate as we don't want the process to create. However the Updated Skipped count is 1 and I can't find which asset this relates to. The input file was 1083 entries (which equals the logged 1048+1+34). How do I find the skipped asset update?
  11. See a previous topic of mine. I previously linked 110 assets to a Supplier but I could only see 100 when viewing them through a Supplier . HB increased this to 500 so although the limit on linked assets maybe greater for practical use I believe it is currently 500 (unless it has been extended further as there have been further changes to Supplier Manager since my topic).
  12. There are 2 of us who support Hornbill and raise Customer Success Requests. This may increase to 3 later in the year. I can't see any way that I can view Requests raised by my colleagues to see any updates (a particular problem with something urgent or periods of sickness/holiday). Something like using the Connections functionality would be ideal rather than 'My Staff Requests'. Is this possible and if not can it be considered as an enhancement? I would like this as a default rather than asking on the basis of individual Requests.
  13. Same issue in Assets/Suppliers/Contracts. I have ended up loading in a 0 (Zero) to fields that I want emptied but it does look a bit rubbish!
  14. @AlexTumberThanks Alex.
  15. @AlexTumberThanks Alex. Let me know if you want me to raise an incident with screenshots. Data for this field cannot be input on individual assets if 'switched on' (as highlighted by @Ann) and equally it cannot be removed (in the main detail the data doesn't appear and in the right hand side panel it vanishes when you go in to Edit!). And as I say it is not possible to clear down data 'on mass' via the CSV upload route.
  16. @AlexTumber I have also been very confused by this field. I previously loaded some data into it via the Upload Assets screen (which was clearly a mistake!) but I can't now remove that data either on the individual assets (it's just not possible to edit) or via the CSV upload (that doesn't allow updates to blank or Null). As you suggest I have switched it off in Supplier Manager. Its very existence has always been a complete mystery to me! I think what you are saying that as we are using Supplier Manager and Service Manager we should just ignore it. But will that cause issues if I have some data in there?
  17. Found it: So that is 2 single quotes together.
  18. I want to run a report on certain Assets which do not have a Used By Name. I know that when the field is empty it is not Null but just has no value. However this does not work: So I tried Prompted Value, and entered nothing when prompted, and that does work. But I want to run this as a scheduled job without any prompt - how do I achieve that?
  19. @James Ainsworth That would be really helpful - thanks.
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