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Hornbill INSIGHTS 2018

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8 hours ago, Keith said:

Good news! Aside from the official learning tracks it will provide an even greater (longer) opportunity for the community to share ideas, solutions and a few frustrations :) 

+1 !

Meeting community members was my highlight of INSIGHTS. Having more of an opportunity to meet and exchange with other members, within the remit of a designed &  time limited topic, in small groups, would be really good :)  (just an idea)

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@Gerry Really useful day and I think having it as second day workshop/academy sessions would help us all develop our knowledge and understanding, as well as provide some further feedback on future features.

Can you let us know the URL/login details for the Sandbox system, that has the HR Joiners/Recruitment process in so I can try see if I can get our HR interested in it.



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@Martyn Houghton

Thanks for the feedback.  You can access the sandbox here: https://www.hornbill.com/try-now/service-manager/ I am not sure the sandbox is that intuitive if you are looking at it from cold. If HR have you to guide them through a preview then it will be fine.  @Steven Boardman can give you information on login details for the various roles so you can see the application in the context of those users.


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@Martyn Houghton the sandbox instance is:


if you login as sues you will see a more HR focused view.

In the admin tool (admin.hornbill.com/demo), sues has a business process called New Head Count

if you login as stever he is subscribed to the Management Service, and you can raise a request for recruiting a new starter from My Services 

Sues will pick this up and work through the example shown by Abdi at Insights

There are HR services, workspaces, documents etc so hopefully it will be relevant to your colleagues

Current password for both is: H0rnbill (changes fairly often)

The sandbox has all the features we showcased last week, with the exception of the new Boards App, which will be there by the end of the week.

From an IT perspective the best persona is: Grahamc

As always just let us know if we can help in anyway

FYI @Gerry

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