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  1. @Deen Thanks for the info. I will pass this onto the team.
  2. I think this may have been asked before, so feel free to link to another post. When applying emails to requests the html formatting is lost. Is there anyway to keep the formatting?
  3. @Dan Munns @samwoo Thanks for the info. I will work with Sophie on Monday to get this done. I knew we could count on the forum
  4. @Steven BoardmanGreat thankyou
  5. Morning All Can anyone confirm the credentials for the demo sandbox. In the past I have used the username sonail but the password I have is not working.
  6. @Victor Speaking to a colleague I think we only use them in scheduled reports. I do not believe we use them in any of our views.
  7. I need to have a clean up with regards to Request and Closure Profiles and wonder what the implications would be if I deleted some profiles. Would the affect reporting etc
  8. @Bob Dickinson Thats fine I will let our IG team know. Thanks for getting back to me.
  9. @Keith Stevenson @Gerry Thanks, I wasn't aware you could subscription to a part of the forum. I have now
  10. Just to add my thoughts. I am happy for changes to be made without prior notification, is there any way that when changes to interface occur that we can get some sort of notification. Not sure how this would be best achieved. I know there is Harry but as I don't routinely log calls so this does not always work. Example. Recently there was an update to how the add assets within a request have changed. (I really like the change) however I had a new starter learning the system working through some training guides but our documented processes did not match the actual screen. If I had seen a notification I could have corrected these guides.
  11. @Bob Dickinson Thanks for your reply, yes still a requirement. I am being asked that on a particular date or date range, for all hornbill changes. example 1 A member of staff have said they updated a request on a certain date, it is not on the expected request so I need to check that the information has not been recorded against another request by mistake. example 2 An IT analyst takes 50 calls in a day but no new calls are logged (only existing requests were updated.) my suspicion is that they have just not logged the calls. I need to be able to see all the request the analyst updated.
  12. I have been asked from our Information governance team if I can produce a report for all changes to any calls on a particular day. Is this possible.
  13. @Keith Stevenson Great thank you
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