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  1. Boards - Sorting

    Hi Guys Is it possible to sort a board by Priority?
  2. ProgCapt & Wiki Markup

    @James AinsworthPerfect I thought I had tried that yesterday but all working today. Thank you
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=1dkfPvoKiZY After viewing your video for displaying conditional fields, I have been trying to create a form with a similar first field. A list of instruction only. However I am unable to work out what options I need to tick to display a read only field. Have I explained this correctly?
  4. issue with summary screen after logging a call?

    We seem to be ok this morning
  5. issue with summary screen after logging a call?

    We had the same issue all day yesterday, will check this morning and post back on here if still an issue.
  6. Last Updated By

    @James Ainsworth I always wondered what the different colours meant.
  7. Add attachments as a field rather than a node

    I wonder if this could be taken a step further and allow us to design our own nodes using the standard fields. (Name, site, asset details) This wouldn't certainly help our workflow as sometime depending who the customer is you might not ask all the questions in the same order.
  8. Last Updated By

    Please could we have an additional field in the request list view Last Updated By This would help me as a ticket owner see quickly if any calls have been updated by anyone other than me.
  9. Decision

    @DeadMeatGF @NeilWJ Thanks for the feedback. I have changed the decision to no match as there are only the 2 different choices. All now working.
  10. Decision

    @James Ainsworth The field is either blank or "Rejected". The decision Node only has 2 outputs == Rejected (which works) and != Rejected (which fails)
  11. Decision

    I have a problem in a BPM where a decision wont behave as expected (it did when first built but not correctly over the past couple of days) I have a decision with the following Expression The alternative one which == Rejected works but when the Custom Field A is left blank the above Goto will not fire. Am I missing something?
  12. @Victor Thanks for the update
  13. We are still experiencing lots of slowness and connection issues today. Please could this be looked at.