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  1. @James Ainsworth After more testing its not working. Example SR00205486 - logged by a basic user through self service. The resulting email returns as If logged by a User through self service or Service Manager the fields are emailed fully populated.
  2. Morning @James Ainsworth we are mapping directly to the fields in Progressive capture. it seems to be working this morning. I will continue to test and report back any issues. Thanks
  3. I have created a new Self Service form which collects some data and puts it into custom fields, and then sends an email containing these fields. If I complete this through Service Manager as a normal Service Request, the email is sent with the variables populated. If I log a self service call the variables are populated however if someone else logs a self service request the email comes through with the field names and not the content. I am thinking this may be permissions but am struggling to prove this as my colleague who is also an admin gets the same issue. I hav
  4. We have received a number of calls this morning from customers who believe our self service portal has been hacked as they are not being prompted to sign into Hornbill with something called single sign on. We really need to change the translations and logo to include our hospital ones.
  5. Do we have / or can we a footer/signature that can be added to all emails/templates and snippets. There are times when we need to change the signature for our service and currently have to update each snippet/template/email.
  6. @VictorYou are right, I didn't see them. Thanks
  7. h_custom_31 - h_custom_40 are not available in the variable picker in the email templates.
  8. @VictorIm also guessing that I cant use the custom Text fields I will have to use a VARCHAR field.
  9. As part of a Human task we capture some details using "Capture Task Fields" and would like to use them in the following Auto node to send an email. Will I be able to do this straight from task field into an email template or would I need to map to a custom field and then use the custom field in the email template.
  10. @JeremyThanks for the suggestion. The HUD is displaying but the request from customers is to have it automatically pinned to show all checkpoints as default, currently they have to hover over them and click the pin
  11. Is there any way to set the default display to show the full HUD on a request within the employee portal?
  12. @Steven Boardman Yes so if you log a request through the new employee portal the requests gets logged with the site ID. If you log it through the normal agent website it logs it with the Site Name.
  13. @Steven Boardmanfollow up from an old post. We are using a custom form which uses a dynamic drop down - data query - get all sites and map this back to h_site. When the request is logged it populates the site field with the site ID rather than name. Was this not resolved back on 2018.
  14. @Martyn Houghton In one of our form we use ^.{1,30}$ I am not sure what the $ does but it then seems to work
  15. @ArmandoDM Can I ask why the option in the field chooser allows you to list the assets if you can't map them back.
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