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  1. Kelvin

    Custom Field for Mapping

    @James AinsworthThats great news, thanks for the update
  2. Kelvin

    Custom Field for Mapping

    Just seen this has already been asked under
  3. @James Ainsworth Was there any further updates on this. I am also using Progressive Capture Custom Form -> Dynamic drop down select box -> Data Query -> Get All Sites Ideally I would like to store this against Site in the details section. Im also only getting the site id and not the name.
  4. Kelvin

    Custom Field for Mapping

    Hopefully a quick question Using Get All Sites in a custom progressive capture form, is it possible to map the response back the sites database field (h_site?)
  5. @Steven BoardmanAny news on this yet?
  6. Just looking and maybe I dont need to use iBridge to create the new request as I have just seen Log New Request in Entity>Requests>Log Request
  7. @VictorNext questions 1. how do I raise a linked request through iBridge? My thought was to update a custom field on the master call and then wait for the field to equal something. 2. Can I wait for a custom field to equal "text"?
  8. @VictorYeah that was my only thought. I will give it a go.
  9. This may have been answered previously I am trying to design a new onboarding process and have a parrelel process set up. (which works) I would like to have a seconday call raised (through Integration Call, this works) The bit im stuck on... I would like to now wait until the secondary call is closed before the process continues and then exit the parrel process. I hope this makes sense. Also when you create a call through the intregration can you assign any sort of business process
  10. Kelvin

    Custom PC - "Get All Sites"

    @Daniel Dekel @Victor I took the decision to reinstall Google Chrome as it was working in Edge and now it all works, sorry and thank you for the time you guys have spent looking into this.
  11. Kelvin

    Custom PC - "Get All Sites"

    @Victor - I have just tried again 07:52 and as soon as the form displays I get the same error.
  12. Kelvin

    Custom PC - "Get All Sites"

    @Daniel Dekel We are using Hornbill Service Manager 2.63.4 (1273) 2. I have removed, saved, refreshed, added, saved, refreshed and tested - still showing the same message - Time 13:50
  13. Kelvin

    Custom PC - "Get All Sites"

    @Daniel Dekel I have just tested and recieved the following error. I was logged in as myself.
  14. Kelvin

    Custom PC - "Get All Sites"

    @Daniel DekelThanks for the update, the first option is fine. I was interested as this would allow us to reduce clicks so is not a major issue.