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  1. @Bob Dickinson Thats fine I will let our IG team know. Thanks for getting back to me.
  2. @Keith Stevenson @Gerry Thanks, I wasn't aware you could subscription to a part of the forum. I have now
  3. Just to add my thoughts. I am happy for changes to be made without prior notification, is there any way that when changes to interface occur that we can get some sort of notification. Not sure how this would be best achieved. I know there is Harry but as I don't routinely log calls so this does not always work. Example. Recently there was an update to how the add assets within a request have changed. (I really like the change) however I had a new starter learning the system working through some training guides but our documented processes did not match the actual screen. If I had seen a notification I could have corrected these guides.
  4. @Bob Dickinson Thanks for your reply, yes still a requirement. I am being asked that on a particular date or date range, for all hornbill changes. example 1 A member of staff have said they updated a request on a certain date, it is not on the expected request so I need to check that the information has not been recorded against another request by mistake. example 2 An IT analyst takes 50 calls in a day but no new calls are logged (only existing requests were updated.) my suspicion is that they have just not logged the calls. I need to be able to see all the request the analyst updated.
  5. I have been asked from our Information governance team if I can produce a report for all changes to any calls on a particular day. Is this possible.
  6. @Keith Stevenson Great thank you
  7. We are unable to log or open any requests. Error msg on logging ticket - The was a problem registering the business process for this request. Please contact your system administrator. Error msg on opening a request - see attachement Also logged with support Reference: IN00154551 - Summary: Unable to log or open any tickets - Raised on: 2019-01-23 08:00:03 (BST)
  8. @victor Thank you for your response. I understand the unique ID and that is fine we will have to find an alternative way for Hornbill users however we change the User ID on every one of our systems when a user has a name change, the old usernames are never reused. We are about to set up Single Sign On with AD Connect and it would interesting to see what happens when the AD account changes.
  9. Is there anyone from Hornbill that can comment on this please.
  10. @James Ainsworth +1, is there any idea of timescale
  11. @Jeremy I have also asked the same question However I am still awaiting an answer from Hornbill.
  12. @samwoo thank you for your experience. Unfortunately when a user has a name change here we systematically change their username on each of our systems. This would then cause us issues as Hornbill would be the only account that would still have the old username. Hopefully someone at Hornbill will be able to offer a workaround.
  13. Just wondered if anyone had a response?
  14. I am looking for some advice One of our members of staff has recent got married and so I need to change her Surname. Is there anyway to change the username as I am keen to keep the users stats and existing calls.
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