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  1. I am really struggling with the new dark mode UI. I have attempted to use it on 3 different occasions and within an hour of using it I get a migraine. I believe this is due to the new colours. Normal dark mode products stick with greys, black and white. The blue background, bright Blue and white text is really difficult to focus on. For me this may mean I need to look at the high contrast mode however this currently is unreadable
  2. Following a forum discussion Please can I raise the idea to have a TOKEN() equivalent function within the string utilities list in a business flow, this would allow further manipulation of an email into custom field for future use. Use case We have an old system that send out an email on completion of a task, this email contain 5 lines with outputs of a process, I would like to auto log a ticket and capture each line into a separate custom field which I can them base decision from.
  3. Ok thanks. I will have a look from the routing rule as well
  4. @Gerry The ExpressLogic looks really good and could be very useful for us. One question. In the workflows I am guessing I still use Application->String Utilities but which Task would I select in order to use the functions.
  5. Im sure this has been answered before but cant find the post. We have an old system that on a daily bases send an email into Hornbill. The body of the text is a simple template and we want to split the 5 lines into 5 custom fields. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.
  6. @samwoo Thank you it was the Raw Value, although we did previously test, maybe I forgot to publish. The Customer_Name was our chosen field name so was correct. Really appreciate you looking at this
  7. @Nanette Thanks for confirming. In that case I may be doing something wrong. Can someone cast their eye over the following please. Intelligent Capture In the Workflow I have a followed by I have also tried using the The Customer field is not updated in both tests. What am I missing (im sure it will be obvious)
  8. @Nanette Is there any news on when this might be fixed as it is starting to have a big impact on our service.
  9. @Martyn Houghton Thank you, I knew there was a way to do it but we couldn't find it yesterday.
  10. @billsterI believe this is controlled for the service portfolio and support teams, if left blank then all teams can see tickets or that service type. Wiki - Service Support Teams - Hornbill
  11. @Steve GillerThanks for the quick response. Thats a shame, back to the drawing board for us.
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