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  1. I guess your view depends on your customer base. For me, my customers are all internal to my organisation. At the same time our auditors demand that we are not able to close a request on behalf of a user, they must do it themselves. So, without "badgering" the user the closure rate is very low. Whereas, it increases significantly if we "remind" users that they have not closed their requests. The term "Horses for courses" springs to mind.
  2. Actually @Victor my process is related to after the request has been resolved whereby we want to "encourage" users to close the request (assuming the resolution is working of course). I have configured a 3 stage mailing which essentially waits for the status to change from resolved. After a period of time I send a mail, then set another wait status change and repeat. We do this 3 times, using three slightly different mail templates with increasingly stronger statements. After the third attempt, I close the request automatically. This really helped in getting our request moved from Resolved.
  3. @James Ainsworth I think it would be useful to have a webinar or similar on the use of activities. I am sure we are underutilizing their capabilities.
  4. Hi David, Thanks for the explanation. I can see why its difficult to explain However, surprisingly, I get it. This seems like a great change, though in all honesty, I don't think it's been an issue of us. Really appreciate the explanation. Regards Keith
  5. Can someone provide more detail as to exactly how guest.app.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.slm.amend.includeHoldTimeOnSLChange works and what affect it has on calculations.
  6. Can someone explain the difference between h_fixtime and h_fixsecs? Are they both measured in seconds? I am doing some reporting in PowerBI and want to be sure I am reporting correctly as the numbers are impossible to reverse engineer from request data. I'm looking to create a measure in PowerBI that represents resolution time in hours or/and minutes. Thanks Keith
  7. We are having many issues this morning after being updated overnight to build 2975. This seems to be affecting users in IE and Edge in particular. Please investigate urgently as this is our month end which ty[pically generates highest volume of incidents.
  8. Keith - We are experiencing issues this morning which seems to be impacting users using Internet Explorer or Ege. Is this related?
  9. I just updated Service Manager (I was behind on my updates due to absence) and was excited to try the ability to change column views. However, I notice that my view list is now persisting until I click the views button again. Is that expected behavior?
  10. Do you wanna share what those settings are?
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