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  1. @Victor Thanks for the offer. I'll need to have an infrastructure colleague reach out to you who can decide where the utility will live. I have no access to these locations and/or AD setup. Thats were the resource constraint comes in.
  2. Thanks @Chaz and @Victor - Resources, priorities etc etc. largely out of my hands unfortunately
  3. The release notes for Service Manager build 1616 refers to refactoring for API hardening. Specifically it mentions that LDAP is not affected. Does this include the older LDAP method?
  4. Thanks a lot @Victor thats a good start point - OK @Dan Munns, spill the beans. Appreciate anything you can share on the topic.
  5. Thanks @Victor This feature will be really useful. Now if only you could find a way to parse/extract/validate certain information in the body please
  6. Can someone expand on what this automation provides? I assume this in only for the initial email which generates the request and that this works whether a request was raised directly via the email from the mailbox or auto generated via mail routing? What details can be retrieved? And is there any way to retrieve specific information from the mail subject or body for use as part of the process.
  7. Thanks @Victor - I'd add reporting to those areas where this is visible also.
  8. This is good to know @Victor, I hadn't appreciated that. Do you have any tips in marking the team as no longer used as it will still appear in the organisations area in admin (for anyone looking)?
  9. I would like to remove a team which is no longer in use. All open and on-hold requests have been reassigned to an alternative team. In speaking to support they advise that even all closed requests should be reassigned to an alternative team. However, I see that this would have a couple of issues: 1. This would have an impact on past reporting 2. How would this impact the request owner, since the alternative team assigned may not have the same team members? I can't leave the team in place as I fear it will be incorrectly assigned to (we have some services which are open to all teams). One major concern, is what would happen if a user reopened a resolved request (which I have not reassigned). Would it be possible in future to mark teams as archived so that they are inactive and provide an alternative team for assignment purposes. Regards Keith
  10. I notice that there has been a change to the display of the activity whereby it now shows an icon for the due date. This seems to make the activity appear larger which wastes a lot of space if you have a lot of activities. Would it be possible to suppress the display of the icon if no due date is set?
  11. @James Ainsworth please add me as a +1
  12. @James Ainsworth Thanks for responding. I don't use the notes feature (had either forgotten about it or missed its announcement), but I will in future . However, I was thinking more of a high level documentation/process flow showing services available, SLA's for those services, Routings etc. Originally I had designed this as a table, but I have been asked to produce a process flow and have started to draft something but it gets messy very quickly (see below). Note: I haven't even added in Catalog Items yet.
  13. All, Does anyone have any good examples of how you have documented the process flow for your high level basic workflow. There are so many variables (services, catalog items, teams, routings, BPM's, progressive captures) that I'm finding it to be an almost impossible task. Would really love to see some examples. Regards Keith
  14. I would support this. I sometimes get analysts who don't realise there are activities further down the screen.
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