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  1. Thanks Keith, I have been able to locate the date in question. Many thanks for your help. Regards Keith
  2. Hi, Can anyone advise how I can see the systems availability on a given date or range of dates? We have an issue that the auditors are investigating and need to demonstrate availability (or not). Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. @Deen see below example of whats happening.
  4. Hi @Deen yes, I'm seeing exactly that.
  5. I have recently (as of the last couple of weeks) noticed an issue with managing my activities using the right sidebar. Activities are grouped by type and have an orange badge next to them showing the number. Previously, clicking this badge removed the related activities. However, I now find that clicking a badge removes ALL activities from the sidebar irrespective of type or status. Anyone else see the same behaviour? Regards Keith
  6. Thanks for the update @James Ainsworth good to hear a solution is not too far away.
  7. Where are we with this? I am still getting complaints on an almost daily basis. This may seem like a small issue but is having a serious impact on people's ability to do their job. There has to be a quick, easy fix for this, even if simply reverting the code that changed it in the first place.
  8. Thanks for confirming @Deen
  9. Wow!! Many thanks for investing so much time into this @Steven Boardman. Good to have the masters input . A little complex but I'll give it a go. Cheers Keith
  10. Hi, Just wanted to ask a quick question regarding how the mail routing to a team is designed to work. I set a specific team to allocate to in my mail routing config (se below). However this is overridden by any team allocation in the BPM. Does this make it pointless to set any team within the Routing template?
  11. OK @Steven Boardman I'll continue to test and report back if I don't see any improvement.
  12. Thansk @Steven Boardman much appreciated. Lets see what the team have to save regarding performance.
  13. Hi @Steven Boardman Actually, having just tested again it IS working! BUT!!! it is taking an age to update the request with the document section and document link. Any idea whats impacting the performance? Cheers Keith
  14. Thanks @Steven Boardman it's odd that I'm not seeing any errors despite setting "no" in the continue on error field.
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