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  1. Thanks for confirming @Deen
  2. Wow!! Many thanks for investing so much time into this @Steven Boardman. Good to have the masters input . A little complex but I'll give it a go. Cheers Keith
  3. Hi, Just wanted to ask a quick question regarding how the mail routing to a team is designed to work. I set a specific team to allocate to in my mail routing config (se below). However this is overridden by any team allocation in the BPM. Does this make it pointless to set any team within the Routing template?
  4. OK @Steven Boardman I'll continue to test and report back if I don't see any improvement.
  5. Thansk @Steven Boardman much appreciated. Lets see what the team have to save regarding performance.
  6. Hi @Steven Boardman Actually, having just tested again it IS working! BUT!!! it is taking an age to update the request with the document section and document link. Any idea whats impacting the performance? Cheers Keith
  7. Thanks @Steven Boardman it's odd that I'm not seeing any errors despite setting "no" in the continue on error field.
  8. Hi @Steven Boardman I am trying to achieve exactly what you demonstrate above but am unable to get this working for some reason. Any idea where I'm going wrong? I do not receive any error or indication that something has gone wrong in the process.
  9. I need help in figuring out how I can implement the following. I am trying to implement a process to gather UAT testing. A user must provide UAT testing within 5 days. However, I want us to be reminded to chase the user at 3 days. My intention was to have a task that has a start date, a due date and an expiry. Start is immediate Due would be 5 days Expiry would also be 5 days. Ideally I want to send an email to the request owner at 3 days. BUT I don't see a way to have a custom expression to that can do this. What other options do I have? Can I set an expiry that is earlier than the due date and use the expiry to trigger the email? but still leave the task available to choose an outcome after the expiry? I could consider breaking out into more actions/steps but I will need to be able to report on whether we completed within the due date, therefore think it will be much easier to do this if everything is contained in one task. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  10. Hi, Would it be possible to add some indication as to whether a request is present on a board or not (Boards app). This would be veery helpful in the context of managing our development queue. Thanks for considering. Keith
  11. +1 This has been raised with me too. Analysts are finding these very difficult to read in the request list.
  12. Hi @James Ainsworth, thanks for confirming. Would have been nice if there was some form of sequencing option but I can't have everything Cheers Keith
  13. Quick question... If I setup parallel processing in my BPM where each parallel process has human tasks, is there a way to control what order the tasks appear in related requests? Thanks Keith
  14. +1 for this and the suggestion to filter templates.
  15. @Victor Thanks for the offer. I'll need to have an infrastructure colleague reach out to you who can decide where the utility will live. I have no access to these locations and/or AD setup. Thats were the resource constraint comes in.
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