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  1. Hi @James Ainsworth great news!! Thanks for updating me. I'll look forward to the next update and will feedback any issues. Thanks Keith
  2. Thanks for keep us all posted @Victor. Very happy to hear this is now resolved.
  3. Hi @James Ainsworth, thanks for following up on this. Good to hear that the drill should be fixed before too long. As for the grouping of sub-status labels, that sounds like more of an issue. I totally understand why you might use the sub status ID. However, that's problem for us ( and I would think others) where you have a sub-status that is NOT global but may cover say 50% of services. That means all sub status reporting will have what look like duplicate entries. I would really appreciate if we can find some solution to group these sub statuses. Thanks Keith
  4. Hi @James Ainsworth Any news of a solution for this issue? Keith
  5. Extracting attachments from Hornbill

    Hi Gerry, Glad I was able to make a little more sense second time around I accept that this is something of a niche request and certainly wouldn't want to divert resource away from development of more important features in Hornbill. The suggestion of a command line tool would be acceptable and I believe we have some outstanding credits for expert services so will do as you suggest and direct this request to them. Regards Keith
  6. Extracting attachments from Hornbill

    Hi Gerry, Apologies for the lack of clarity. Our auditors will typically want to sample a batch of requests to assess whether we are compliant and following the processes we defined. The samples volume is typically percentage based so will fluctuate but are probably in the region on 25 to 50 requests at a time. However, if we fail a particular sample they may want to review a much greater number. We need to provide all supporting evidence on these requests and in the main I have been using the print feature in the request which is good for text based summary but we really need the attachment also. As not all attachments are images its not just a question of outputting the image with the print out. What I think we need is a way to mass export attachments across requests. I'm not sure how we would tell the system which requests we need attachments for, I'll have to leave that to you guys In fact come to think of it, a way of mass printing multiple requests would also be good Hopefully that gives you a little more insight. Regards Keith
  7. We must comply with both Sarbanes Oxley and FDA regulations and are experiencing greater and greater scrutiny of our processes in Hornbill from auditors in relation to this. We are often asked to provide information in a variety of ways including reports, outputs, or just raw data. One aspect of data that may be required is that of attachments, yet to my knowledge there is no way to extract these. As this relates to compliance I am concerned at the possible consequences this may bring. It would be great to have the possibility to extract attachments in some way, even if it were an admin activity via the use of another supporting tool or app. Is this is a requirement that others have too? Regards Keith
  8. FAQ change request

    Hi @James Ainsworth, Good to hear. Thanks!! Keith
  9. Project Templates

    @alextumber The Project Template is a good step forward but I am not a fan of how the Project details are being dealt with. If I have a project description maintained in my template I would expect that to be proposed as a description in the progressive capture and any changes or overwriting of the description would override the content of the template. To simply leave the description blank in the progressive capture seems counterintuitive.
  10. Documents management

    @Lyonel I tend to disagree on the need for both. We would likely add attachments, not link documents (as we don't currently use the document manager). Whereas it sounds like others would have a preference to use document manager. I see no harm in having both options. Regards Keith
  11. FAQ change request

    Hi @James Ainsworth, yes that would be a great addition. Regards Keith
  12. FAQ change request

    Hi Daniel, I'm not sure what you mean by Wiki in this instance. I was referring to the dialogue box when creating/maintaining an FAQ. Colour options would be useful purely to make the FAQ more appealing or easier to read. This is a not a critical requirement, so don't waste too much development effort on it. Regards Keith
  13. FAQ change request

    @Chaz, I was referring to the Services > FAQ tab, where the FAQ's are actually maintained. If you look at the screenshot below you will hopefully appreciate that the limited Question test makes it very difficult to understand what the FAQ is about. This results in you having to unnecessarily click in and out of each FAQ to find the correct one. Another issue that I didn't mention previously is that there is nothing obvious in the screen to indicate there are more FAQ's than I am seeing in the screenshot. The scroll bars only appear if you attempt to scroll , but you would have to know there are more records to scroll to. I would think that you should either be able to see the scroll bars or have tabbed page with a limited number of records in each tab. With regards colour, this was purely for asthetics when formatting the FAQ. I can understand how in the portal this may conflict with the theme. Regards Keith
  14. Relationships - Service Request

    Fantastic!! Thanks @Steven Boardman
  15. Future costs?

    Hi Gerry, Thanks for the response. I'm just evaluating the app but will be sure to feedback. Our interests primarily lie in the interaction between this and the Project Manager app which currently doesn't exist. The aim of the question was really in assessing the potential total cost of implementing Project Manager. Keith