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Feature Request - BPM/PG - Snap To Grid


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Hello All,

I've been thinking for a while that the BPM and Progressive Capture could really make use of an optional "Grid Guideline" feature to make it easier to view/format/display BPM and PC.

I've attached a couple of images from a digital signage system we use, it feels like a simpleish feature but is so so useful. 

What do you think?





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@TSheward_SGW The graphing toolset doesn't support grids as standard so i have had to add in something. At the moment it just uses a bg image for the grid so is fixed at 10x10 however this does allow you to line up the nodes neatly. In future will look at adding 3 grid sizes small (10x10), medium (30x30), large (50x50). Because it has to use image it will not be possible for custom grid sizes (or styles) and the sizing also has to align with the canvas nodes height and width css. That all said you should be able to at least align your nodes up now.

Click the grid button to switch grid/snap feature on and off.  Will be available in next release.



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