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  1. Hi @Paul Alexander, Have changed this to add new items at the top. Should see it live this week. Cheers
  2. @Martyn Houghton not sure if it was communicated or if you are aware but the the sql query for getting measure sample counts is now stored in h_sql_used column in the h_data_samples table. This is currently live.
  3. Hi @Martyn Houghton, I have just asked them for an update. Will let you know. Cheers
  4. @Martyn Houghton, So took a look at the reporting and believe i have addressed reporting side. Going to have a run through it with dean on monday...i will send you the sql it generates so you can try it in db tool just to see difference. With insights next week i wont be able to push this to live until after that and that said hope to see you there on wednesday. Cheers
  5. Have allocated time tomorrow to look at the reporting. So will let you know. Cheers
  6. Hi Martyn, I will take a look at the reporting and will get support to replicate your measure setup so we can see what its doing when collecting data. Cheers
  7. Hi Martyn, So it should be a join between "h_data_samples" and "h_data_sampledata" ... in your db query tool try query like below (obv change out values for your ones) and see if it gives you duplicates...if it does then the measures service is doing something wrong when storing the data.. select h_data_sampledata.* FROM h_data_measures INNER JOIN h_data_samples ON h_data_measures.h_id = h_data_samples.h_fk_measure_id INNER JOIN h_data_sampledata ON h_data_samples.h_id = h_data_sampledata.h_fk_sample_id WHERE h_data_measures.h_title = 'Total Incidents Logged by Source - Monthly' AND h_data_samples.h_sample_date between '2010-01-01 00:00:00' and '2019-12-31 23:59:59' Cheers
  8. Hi Martyn, It records rows per measure sample instance. Each time measure runs it record additional data per row used to calc that sample. If your measure runs once a day you will have 7 sets of additional row data per sampled record. It none of the additional column values you are recording have changed over that 7 days then they will look like duplicates records but they are not. They are just a snapshot of that data at the time the sample was taken. So lets say call F000001 is active on monday.... measure runs and records a sample row. On Tuesday the measure runs again and F000001 is still active and so is included in sample and another sample row is created. Over the period of 7 days F000001 is always active and so is included in each sample execution. This means you can expect to see 7 rows in the h_data_sampledata table for F000001 for that 7 day period....the additional data fields capture may or may not be the same depending on if that actual data changed in the record during the sample periods. Cheers
  9. Hi @SJEaton, The button to DL process is disabled when the flow has been modified and is not saved. So if you check the save btn and ensure it is saved. Then the DL btn should active. Cheers
  10. @LawesD, So basically you end up with a dataset that looks a bit like this then, assuming you create a customForm per item:- formItem1.code ("HP Laptop") formItem1.qty (1) formItem1.price (780.00) formItem2.code ("Samsung Note") formItem2.qty (1) formItem2.price (400.00) Or if you use a single custom form and just define all the items by setting fieldname to code1, code2 etc:- orderform.code1 ("HP Laptop") orderform.qty1 (1) orderform.price1 (780.00) orderform.code2 ("Samsung Note") orderform.qty2 (1) orderform.price2 (400.00) The point being the fields you are capturing per item are the same i.e. code, qty and price.... (or whatever dataset you want to capture) I have started a discussion with some colleagues and decision makers to see what we can do to accommodate this. I will keep you updated. Cheers
  11. Hi @LawesD So they select an item and against the item it has a value. Can i ask how do they select item, is it from a listbox you have created from a static list of items? Basically trying to ascertain if APP team needs to provide a UI for you to select # number of items and then provide a total in a variable for you to use in a decision making. OR is the set of value just input from textbox questions i.e. you have a question like "How much is the monthly cost?" , "how much is the yearly cost?" etc Cheers
  12. Hi @LawesD, Can i ask what "value" it is that you want to calculate to test. Is it some sort of custom matrix value based on user selecting priority / urgency / effort / location etc? Simply we do not allow any form of coding that involves users having to understand javascript and how the back end engine works etc If the requirement is generic then we can look at it and see if something can be done to accommodate it. Cheers
  13. Note : I have removed the variable button when used in BPM as there is no way to actually reference serverside vars in clientside UI.
  14. Hi @Paul Alexander, If you can DL the process and send it to me via messaging on here i will have a look at it for you and try see whats going on. It is obviously losing its x,y info which sorted out (at least i thought) ages ago. It could be a JS error is occuring before it has re-positioned everything and so aborts. Cheers
  15. Hi @Paul Alexander , Nothing popping up is a defect. Will fix that. The label variable picker is for injecting "task custom field" variable pointers not general bpm wide variables. This is why manually putting in &[global['flowcode']['somevar']] does nothing. There is no way to do this because the task form is client side and the bpm is serverside i.e a task form is not aware of some flowcode variable ref. So basically the task custom fields work pretty much like the PCF custom forms works, the var picker, once fixed, will allow you to reference other custom fields defined in the task. Not that i know if that is useful at all but it is just something brought over from custom PCF forms. Cheers
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