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  1. @Paul Alexander, It sure is same under lying issue. Fixed in the build that will be going out today. Cheers
  2. @Jeremy, Fixed in next release which should go out on Monday. Cheers
  3. Ah ok from the canvas context menu. Will have a look. Cheers
  4. Hi @Jeremy, So this seems to work ok, i get the usual confirmation dialog and on saying yes to deletion it is deleted. Do you even get the confirmation? Can you let me know what browser and browser version you are using please. Cheers
  5. @Bob Dickinson @Martyn Houghton, Well could create a bpm operation, "Get Team Mentions", that given a team would return the markup for mentioning the team i.e. would return in a variable ref " {'user a','urn:sys:user:usera'} , {'user b,'urn:sys:user:userab'} , {'user c','urn:sys:user:userc'} ". This could then be injected into the content property of Timeline update operation... so the markup would be like this:- Please can you check this request and action as blah blah blah &[global['flowcodes']['getMetionsRes'].userMentions] This said we do have ability to send notification only to a user but i am working on trying to get it so can easily inject link to associated object (in this case a request). If it cannot be generic might have to add it as a SM specific bpm operation.
  6. hi @Martyn Houghton Can you just clarify. Do you mean a notification as in one that pops up in the list of notifications when you click the BELL icon in top right of hornbill app or do you mean send an email notification automatically from the BPM instead of manually? Cheers
  7. @Paul Alexander @Jeremy, you should find that is working now. Cheers
  8. Hi All, Have found issue. Will push out a patch asap. Thanks
  9. @Paul Alexander, Can you DL the process and message it over to me on here OR raise it with support and supply them with the DL and i will have a look. Cheers
  10. @Jeremy, That appears to be a defect. The "contains" now lets you test several values in one statement instead of having to create multiple ORs ... for some reason it is splitting existing ones where its just a string into an array or chars. Will get this fixed today and push out a release. So for existing decisions that use a contains don't modify them, unless you delete all the values there and just put the full string in 1st value to test. Cheers
  11. @samwoo , There are the "starts with", "ends width" and "contains" operators. I can modify those operators to support an array of values. So you say you had a var called probSummary you could do:- if probSummary starts with (abc ,rgh , yui) then which when expanded does something like:- if (probSummary == "abc%" || probSummary == "rgh%" || probSummary == "yui%" ) then and same for ends with or contains. I will add it in. Cheers
  12. lol i just had to redo that change to make it even more compact after seeing that screenshot...so this is what the changed ui is. At least only have to select the var to test once.
  13. Hi Martyn, So all you need is:- (Some variable) IS IN [staticvalue1,staticvalue2,staticvalue3] (Some variable) IS NOT IN [staticvalue1,staticvalue2,staticvalue3] Should be able to add that in. I will add it to list. Cheers
  14. Hi @Paul Alexander, Should be possible, i am just thinking how best to do the actual pinning mechanism. Maybe work out 5 closest nodes and then in note title have a pin icon, that, when clicked gives you a drop list of those closest 5 nodes and you can choose which one to pin too. It is that or just drag a connection to a node and on doing so it pins (the connection does not persist on the canvas though). You can then break pin by just clicking pin icon which will then allow you to draw another connection to pin to another node.
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