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  1. Hi @Caroline, Yes sorry that release note is a bit confusing. It is a new setting that is shipped with collaboration. When that is next released the setting will become available for you to set in the admin tool AND the administration tool will use the setting to set default font for the email templates editor. (collaboration email client will also use it as will service manager when they are released with support for it). Thanks,
  2. @Martyn Houghton, So teams have other system dependencies like task assignment, being used in processes and application logic. By changing from a "team" to "department" would break those dependencies and I am assuming you want these parent teams, that are now departments, to retain those "team" features? I will see what platform team have to say about it. Cheers
  3. @Martyn Houghton @Paul Alexander, So in the next release there will be a "is in" and "is not in" option. In the value box just use a comma separated values to check. a,b,c,1,2,true,false,null,undefined Note do not quote values....As the PC engine is client side it will perform an array.indexOf. So for example the above would result in something like:- ["a","b","c",1,2,true,false,null,undefined].indexOf(<thepcfvariablevaluetesting>) Cheers
  4. @Martyn Houghton, Not sure why it isn't in there already. I will have a look at adding it and let you know. Cheers
  5. Hi @Martyn Houghton, I believe it is hardcoded as a max. There is also a 30 second execution limit as well i believe. What i would suggest is run several queries with limit clause. So something like 1. select * from thetable order by primaycolumn asc limit 0 , 5000 - then export 2. select * from thetable order by primaycolumn asc limit 5000, 10000 - then export 3. select * from thetable order by primaycolumn asc limit 10000, 15000 - then export 4. select * from thetable order by primaycolumn asc limit 15000, 20000 - then export 5. select * from thetable order by prim
  6. @Paul Alexander @Kevin Kennedy, Ok so checking the code the save button will only enable if the report is setup correctly. However I found an issue where if report has schedule and is set to email people then the validation check failed when validating the schedule delivery type and the save button would not enable. Can you confirm if the reports you are experiencing this on have a schedule setup and the delivery type set to email? So I have fixed this specific issue, relating to email delivery type validation not working as expected. If you can look out for it in next release (nex
  7. Hi Paul, Answer to first question is no. I dont even think there is a flag against report table to even indicate a schedule was setup for it. Unfortunately the coupling between "things" (entities) and scheduled jobs is very losely set in the job metadata i believe...i will have a discussion with server team to see what can be done. I think the immediate quick win is to at least have a flag in report table to indicate a report has a schedule defined in it. Could then filter report table to at least show just those with some scheduling info set. 2nd one just sounds like a defect. I wil
  8. Hi @AndyHill, We are going to need access to your instance to check legacy app option settings versus the new db based settings that new api returns. Also need to confirm that only happens with "service" and not "customer" portal settings. If you could contact support referring to this post and give them permission to access the instance and I can then just verify the data discrepancy. Thanks
  9. Hi @AndyHill, Will take a look. I might get support to request access to your instance so i can see the data and what the api is returning. We will let you know if that is necessary and i will let you know what i find. Cheers,
  10. Hi @Michael Sharp, It is in beta build and will be included in next live release which should be on Thursday. Cheers
  11. Hi @Michael Sharp, We will have a look at adding something in that makes the boxes line up across the measures. Cheers
  12. @Paul Alexander, Just a correction in what dave has said... it only updates "application forms" that are shipped with the app. It does not update "custom forms". The issue you are having with custom fields not being picked up will be something else and you should contact support so they can assist Cheers
  13. Yup. The process should pick up the authorisers automatically. You will note if you add the auto auth node before you add a get authorisers call it will show you a warning on the node saying it cannot find flowcode node that is providing the automatic list.
  14. Hi Martyn, The get authorisers by role (and the other one) returns a special variable that is an stringyfied array. The auto authorisation node picks up that special variable automatically. The "owner" field is not a field to indicate who authorisers are and should only contain a user or variable that contains a userId. I will add in some code to hide that special variable from the picker as it cannot be used for anything else than its intended purpose. Cheers
  15. Hi @Gary@ADL, Will double check to see if we record previous stage task states within the BPM state. If we do we can add a feature to the variable picker to allow selection of a task from previous stages. I will let you know. Cheers
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