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  1. @Martyn Houghton, Yeah and all they need is actually to be able to just "read" the settings. Let me speak to harry and co and find out if they have a right in place that is just for reading them. Cheers
  2. @Martyn Houghton, Ok so these are the settings (attached) i used for my test role and it works ok. I don't know if your user has any other assigned roles that grant them access to the required tables but for my test role i granted browse permission on h_sys_app_settings and h_sys_app_user_settings. Let me know if that works for you? Cheers
  3. @Martyn Houghton, Does it throw any errors? If its not even generating the password i would suspect a js error, maybe in the browser console. Can you let us know what your password policy settings are set to so i can test with same settings. You can find these under your sys settings in admin tool, search for "security.guest.passwordPolicy" . You should see options for:- security.guest.passwordPolicy.minimumLength security.guest.passwordPolicy.mustContainLowerCase security.guest.passwordPolicy.mustContainNumeric security.guest.passwordPolicy.mustContainSpecial security.guest.passwordPolicy.mustContainUpperCase Cheers
  4. @Dan Munns, So server team is fixing so the text is not cut in the middle but instead will do a left trim. We do not allow reporting on the full length of TEXT fields as, well, it could be any length and in past reports have caused servers to grind to a halt because of reporting on full length of data. There is an existing setting reporting.reports.maxFieldLength that you can set to a maximum of 4096. By default this is set to 1024 (i believe)...so that will be your first port of call, change that setting to 4096. Once fix is released the data will be trimmed from char 0 to 4096 (if that is what you change setting to). Cheers
  5. @Dan Munns, I have informed server team of issue as this will require an api fix. Once done you should see it just page correctly. I will let you know when they give me an updated api. Cheers
  6. Not to worry can replicate it it fine. Server team are looking at it....need to ascertain why this was done. Maybe for display purposes in a pdf but for xls, csv i wouldn't have expected it to cut it out. Will let you know what server team say. Cheers
  7. Hi @Dan Munns, Can you confirm data is actually being truncated or is it you are just presented with a "..." after certain number of chars and when you click on "..." it it expands the data fully? Cheers
  8. Hi @Dan Munns, This will be any issue with the output generator. I will ask one of the server team to look at it. I assume they are truncating text after a certain size limit is reached. Thanks
  9. what i will do is at design time check if the selected var is a boolean and if it is only allow you to set true/false. Should save any future issues.
  10. @Paul Alexander, just checked with SM team. The param has always been a boolean type. So test value should always be either true or false ... not True or False Cheers
  11. @Paul Alexander, No change to the way conditions are handled but i suspect that flowcode "wait for status update" used to return Stage Expired as a string ["True"]. In which case the condition tests using lowercase. Now i have a sneaky feeling the flowcode is now returning it as a boolean [true] and the condition tests it as a boolean, not as a string. I will ask SM team to confirm. Cheers
  12. hi @Sophie Paolucci, Can you provide a screenshot of how you have setup the scheduling for the report please. Thanks
  13. Hi @samwoo Have changed the Get User Details node to return an outcome of "usernotfound". This saves having to call 2 nodes to get details. So you can just add a decision node after Get User Details and check for the outcome and handle as needed. The possible outcomes are "success" and "usernotfound". If found the usual output params will be available. Note sure when next scheduled server release is due, but look out for it in release notes. Cheers
  14. Hi @Paul Alexander, Have changed this to add new items at the top. Should see it live this week. Cheers
  15. @Martyn Houghton not sure if it was communicated or if you are aware but the the sql query for getting measure sample counts is now stored in h_sql_used column in the h_data_samples table. This is currently live.
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