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  1. Hi @James Ainsworth would be helpful to have the option of toggling between asset images and their class image. As an aside, we will be able to launch explorer view based on teams/departments/etc. in the future? Kind regards, Tom
  2. TSheward_SGW

    Filtering in the Explorer

    Hi @James Ainsworth the ability to filter on asset classes would be very helpful here too.
  3. TSheward_SGW

    New Features for Handling

    +3 too, especially details pane customisation!
  4. TSheward_SGW

    Explorer view not quite working...

    Many thanks for that @James Ainsworth, really helpful! Being able to pop out the explorer view/details pane and/or make it full screen could aid visibility in general. No worries @Paul Alexander!
  5. TSheward_SGW

    Assigning Tasks

    Thank you very much for the update @AlexTumber; look forward to it!
  6. TSheward_SGW

    Explorer view not quite working...

    @James Ainsworth Hi bud, would appreciate some clarity on the explorer view, what to expect, what not to expect. Why can't we expand beyond three "levels" of connection etc.? Many thanks in advance. Tom
  7. TSheward_SGW

    Assigning Tasks

    Hi @AlexTumber has there been any movement on blank/role task assignment?
  8. TSheward_SGW

    Can't update any apps

    Thanks for your assistance @David Hall ; all apps now up to date.
  9. TSheward_SGW

    Can't update any apps

    Hello, Can't appear to update any of our apps at the moment, am getting the following error: Unable to extract application package contents. Any help greatly appreciated! Kind regards, Tom
  10. TSheward_SGW

    Adding Rooms as CI/Assets

  11. TSheward_SGW

    Can't save logging category

    @Victor Done some testing and my chap is correct in that if the summary is too long you can't categorise the request. I will adjust the prog capture to pass just a single line text field instead of multi line and see if this prevents the issue.
  12. TSheward_SGW

    Can't save logging category

    FYI one of my team thinks it's because the summary field contains a lot of characters
  13. TSheward_SGW

    Can't save logging category

    The one that was working has been closed, can dig it out but the one which doesn't work is IN00003518. Thanks Victor, Tom
  14. TSheward_SGW

    Can't save logging category

    Hi Victor, I do indeed! Working: Not working: Thanks, Tom
  15. TSheward_SGW

    Can't save logging category

    Hello, Occasionally the option to save a logging category is greyed out and won't let us save, I can't seem to find any correlation between times it works and times it doesn't work. It's frustrating because our BPM waits for a category to be selected therefore if it won't let us save the rest of the BPM for that request will never kick in... Any ideas? Thanks, Tom