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  1. TSheward_SGW

    Can't save logging category

    @Victor Done some testing and my chap is correct in that if the summary is too long you can't categorise the request. I will adjust the prog capture to pass just a single line text field instead of multi line and see if this prevents the issue.
  2. TSheward_SGW

    Can't save logging category

    FYI one of my team thinks it's because the summary field contains a lot of characters
  3. TSheward_SGW

    Can't save logging category

    The one that was working has been closed, can dig it out but the one which doesn't work is IN00003518. Thanks Victor, Tom
  4. TSheward_SGW

    Can't save logging category

    Hi Victor, I do indeed! Working: Not working: Thanks, Tom
  5. TSheward_SGW

    Can't save logging category

    Hello, Occasionally the option to save a logging category is greyed out and won't let us save, I can't seem to find any correlation between times it works and times it doesn't work. It's frustrating because our BPM waits for a category to be selected therefore if it won't let us save the rest of the BPM for that request will never kick in... Any ideas? Thanks, Tom
  6. TSheward_SGW

    Feature Requests - "Groups" / "Sub-lanes"; Colour Pickers

    That's brilliant, thank you @trevorharris
  7. TSheward_SGW

    Asset Management - Software

    Hi @James Ainsworth apologies for delay, thought I'd replied to you. Sloppy post on my part, only really care about multiple groups in the "used by" field, think the "owned by" field was being discussed above and just included it as a matter of course. Thanks for your help in progressing this, will be a very welcome addition. Kind regards, Tom
  8. TSheward_SGW

    Adding a project to a global board

    Hi @alextumber OK thanks for confirming. Rationale is to do with managing analyst workloads. Being able to pull in tasks, requests, project tasks etc. into a single view helps the team keep track and give an overview of what they are working on. Similarly from a PM point of view, when managing multiple concurrent projects, being able to pull active tasks from multiple projects into a single board helps give quick oversight without the need to dive into each and every project. Let me know if you need any more info/examples. Thanks, Tom
  9. TSheward_SGW

    Adding a project to a global board

    That's awesome thank you @alextumber! Curiously I don't seem to be able to add a single project task to board manager boards anymore only project specific ones, is this expected behaviour?
  10. TSheward_SGW

    Board Timeline Notifications?

    Ahh, star thank you Trevor! KR, Tom
  11. TSheward_SGW

    Board Timeline Notifications?

    Hi All, Can you confirm how notifications work on the board card timelines? Don't appear to get notified if a post is commented on or liked etc.; just when I've been added to a card as a member. Thanks, Tom
  12. TSheward_SGW

    Asset Management - Software

    Hi @James Ainsworth is there an ETA for allowing us to input multiple groups into the used by / owners fields? Many thanks, Tom
  13. TSheward_SGW

    Feature Requests - "Groups" / "Sub-lanes"; Colour Pickers

    Thank you for that information @trevorharris really useful. Could we have the ability to resize (a la win 8/10 start menu tiles) and/or collapse cards at some point; when a lot of cards are added to a lane the visibility is really impacted... And on the thought of lots of cards, could we have the option to keep the lane headings visible when scrolling down (a la Excel, freeze top row)? KR, Tom
  14. TSheward_SGW

    Adding a project to a global board

    Hi @alextumber Will project task cards be fleshed out with the new update too? KR, Tom
  15. TSheward_SGW

    deactivation of notification and email

    Many thanks @James Ainsworth! How do I check the platform version? Kind regards, Tom