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  1. Urgent - Staff can't raise requests through portal.

    That's great thank you @Victor , can confirm requests are now working as expected for basic users.
  2. Hello, Admins appear to be OK but staff cannot raise requests through the self service portal today. They can see their services but when they try to use a catalog item nothing loads, see screenshot. Any help greatly appreciated! Kind regards, Tom
  3. Activities View

    That's great, thanks @alextumber. Have updated but still showing as numbers, will this only apply to new projects moving forward? Kind regards, Tom
  4. Assigning Tasks

    Fab, thanks Alex!
  5. Assigning Tasks

    Hi @alextumber Thanks for coming back so quickly! Either being able to assign project tasks to roles or being able to leave the assignment field blank - either would fulfill our requirements. Again either being able to categorise the tasks or identify which application it came from would fulfill our requirements. At the moment to give my team a "Project Tasks" activity view I have to prefix every project task with an identifier which is a bit pants Also while we're on the subject, tasks linked to requests display a link and the request ID - project tasks do the same but my team don't have a list of project IDs. Yes of course they can click the link to find out but it would be nice to have the information at a glance by displaying the project name instead. Kind regards, Tom
  6. Assigning Tasks

    Also, not being able to filter Activities views (boards, lists etc.) based on tasks originating from Projects is also frustrating. Kind regards, Tom
  7. Assigning Tasks

    Hi @alextumber Is there any movement on this, especially as it's now out of beta - it's really frustrating. Thanks, Tom
  8. PC answers 'undefined'

    Thank you @Victor!
  9. PC answers 'undefined'

    Hi @Victor, Don't know how to view/access the list you are referring to.. Thanks for your help as always, Tom
  10. Increased Visibility of Activities

    Apologies @Gerry, never saw your reply. That's great to know, thank you very much. Kind regards, Tom
  11. PC answers 'undefined'

    Great to know, thanks @Victor! How can I stay on top of the progress? Kind regards, Tom
  12. PC answers 'undefined'

  13. Hello All, I've been thinking for a while that the BPM and Progressive Capture could really make use of an optional "Grid Guideline" feature to make it easier to view/format/display BPM and PC. I've attached a couple of images from a digital signage system we use, it feels like a simpleish feature but is so so useful. What do you think? Tom
  14. Activity Category Outcome Issue

    Fantastic, thanks @Daniel Dekel! KR, Tom
  15. Increased Visibility of Activities

    Hello @Gerry, Happy Friday and thanks for getting back to me, understood regarding the design and subsequent data model limitations. I actually remember you explaining the rationale during the Q&A session at Insights last year (it was a question about transference of tasks in employee absence which ultimately distilled down to a desire for a task to be assigned to a Service Manager request itself - assuming this never got any traction?). Sure thing, so like a lot of small teams we all wear many hats and our day to day workload is split between BAU and Project work. Unfortunately there are often a lot of BAU tasks which don’t fall neatly into Service Manager (things like server checks, tasks triggered by maintenance etc.; the types of things which get thrown on a personal to do list or jotted down on a desk notepad. Then there are "project" type tasks that don't warrant full project management (OK hands up - if following PRINCE2 you couldn't actually call these projects); the types of tasks which you might be able to complete in the time it would take to spin up all the PRINCE2 project docs or perhaps it might take a considerable amount of time but only involve one or two individuals… From an operational point of view we want better and more definitive visibility of the workloads of our various team members and I am simultaneously trying to increase usage of the Hornbill platform. This is how I arrived at the idea of using activities to try and manage these tasks which are otherwise "invisible" and only captured in each employee's personal working system/method. Kind regards, Tom