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  1. TSheward_SGW

    Asset Management - Software

    Hi @James Ainsworth is there an ETA for allowing us to input multiple groups into the used by / owners fields? Many thanks, Tom
  2. TSheward_SGW

    Feature Requests - "Groups" / "Sub-lanes"; Colour Pickers

    Thank you for that information @trevorharris really useful. Could we have the ability to resize (a la win 8/10 start menu tiles) and/or collapse cards at some point; when a lot of cards are added to a lane the visibility is really impacted... And on the thought of lots of cards, could we have the option to keep the lane headings visible when scrolling down (a la Excel, freeze top row)? KR, Tom
  3. TSheward_SGW

    Adding a project to a global board

    Hi @alextumber Will project task cards be fleshed out with the new update too? KR, Tom
  4. TSheward_SGW

    deactivation of notification and email

    Many thanks @James Ainsworth! How do I check the platform version? Kind regards, Tom
  5. Hello wonderful people, Starting to flesh out using the boards manager app and had the following thoughts. Could we have the ability to group certain objects together within a lane? Second on wishlist would be the option for these groups to become a "sublane" which you can then choose to inject a task into when adding to boards. Third on wishlist is to make the cards more aesthetically customisable, can we have an advanced option with colour picker for foreground, background and text please. And finally the ability to change the colour of the lanes themselves. Really liking the app so far! Tom
  6. TSheward_SGW

    deactivation of notification and email

    @James Ainsworth amazing thank you so much, confirmed now working as desired!
  7. TSheward_SGW

    deactivation of notification and email

    @James Ainsworth Hi James, on the topic of notifications, can you please explain the rationale as to being notified every time you do an action in Hornbill as it renders the app unusable in my opinion. It's like if Facebook sent you a push notification every time you updated your own status saying "You just updated your status"... "You just uploaded a photo"... "You just liked this post". I just can't see any justification for it other than creating an ordinate amount of "noise", the one notification you actually want to see gets buried in 50 notifications telling you actions you don't need a notification for. Apologies if a bit ranty, I'd just really like my team to make use of the app for the collaboration aspects to increase use of workspaces etc. but they'd literally have to switch notifications completely off which then negates the benefit of having an app!
  8. TSheward_SGW

    User Assignment Quirks

    No probs @alextumber, found my floating head quite funny tbh
  9. TSheward_SGW

    User Assignment Quirks

    Thanks for explaining Trevor, that makes sense; will wait to hear back re project tasks. Kind regards, Tom
  10. TSheward_SGW

    User Assignment Quirks

    Still playing around and need to try in different browsers but in Chrome the following happens: Works as expected for a created card, drag on to assign and drag back to user icon on top bar will remove the assignment. For normal activities and activities linked to requests it will assign the the user but cannot seem to remove the assignment. Appears bugged for project manager tasks - icon gets stuck not assigned and will remain on screen if I then navigate to a different section of Hornbill.
  11. TSheward_SGW

    New Boards Manager Application

    Very keen on this app! @trevorharris Is this thread where comments/feedback/help requests should go?
  12. TSheward_SGW

    Issue - Reopen Request via Self Service

    Thanks @Chaz - have added this role to our basic users and now working as expected.
  13. Hello, Bit confused as thought this had historically worked fine for basic users, it does work fine for full users so assuming there is a permission/role issue somewhere. When our basic users view a resolved request and click the "It's still broken" button on the self service portal, it adds an update to the timeline but the request doesn't actually reopen. If the basic user has the system default "Basic User Role" and "Self Service User" roles assigned would this be expected behaviour? If so how can we get the request to reopen for them? I have created another role and included 'reopen incidents' and 'reopen service requests' as per thread below and tagged it on to a test user but it doesn't appear to have made any difference. Thanks in advance, Tom
  14. TSheward_SGW

    Adding tasks/activities to boards.

    Hi @Steven Boardman That sounds encouraging! Am already signed up and now have even more reason to look forward to it; will wait to hear more at the event, see you there! Kind regards, Tom