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  1. Activity Category Outcome Issue

    Fantastic, thanks @Daniel Dekel! KR, Tom
  2. Increased Visibility of Activities

    Hello @Gerry, Happy Friday and thanks for getting back to me, understood regarding the design and subsequent data model limitations. I actually remember you explaining the rationale during the Q&A session at Insights last year (it was a question about transference of tasks in employee absence which ultimately distilled down to a desire for a task to be assigned to a Service Manager request itself - assuming this never got any traction?). Sure thing, so like a lot of small teams we all wear many hats and our day to day workload is split between BAU and Project work. Unfortunately there are often a lot of BAU tasks which don’t fall neatly into Service Manager (things like server checks, tasks triggered by maintenance etc.; the types of things which get thrown on a personal to do list or jotted down on a desk notepad. Then there are "project" type tasks that don't warrant full project management (OK hands up - if following PRINCE2 you couldn't actually call these projects); the types of tasks which you might be able to complete in the time it would take to spin up all the PRINCE2 project docs or perhaps it might take a considerable amount of time but only involve one or two individuals… From an operational point of view we want better and more definitive visibility of the workloads of our various team members and I am simultaneously trying to increase usage of the Hornbill platform. This is how I arrived at the idea of using activities to try and manage these tasks which are otherwise "invisible" and only captured in each employee's personal working system/method. Kind regards, Tom
  3. Increased Visibility of Activities

    Given this some more thought and actually, scrap my previous suggestion. What we are really after is the ability to make the owner of an activity a group! Might this be possible @Gerry ? Kind regards, Tom
  4. Activity Category Outcome Issue

    Awesome, thanks @Daniel Dekel much appreciated
  5. Increased Visibility of Activities

    Hi All, Didn't want to create a new thread. Is there or will there ever be the ability to grant visibility of activities based on the category they are in? A category "owner" so to speak? For context, we are trying to use activities to capture the various tasks which fall outside of managed projects and service manager requests. We are seeing a benefit but would really like the teams to retain visibility of these types of team tasks once they have been assigned to individual members. As a workaround we are leaving them assigned to teams but I can foresee this getting "messy" as usage increases. Thanks for any insight in advance. Kind regards, Tom
  6. Activity Category Outcome Issue

    Thanks for getting back to me @Daniel Dekel , yes I'd had a look in there already but all seems OK. I've created a new category for testing and still have the issue, see below: Thanks, Tom
  7. Activity Category Outcome Issue

    Hello, I think we have an issue with custom category outcomes in our instance; they used to work fine but now just offer a single option of "Complete > Done". Any chance someone could help us out to find out why? Thanks in advance! Tom
  8. We have added Emoji and Giphy Support

    Thanks Gerry
  9. We have added Emoji and Giphy Support

    Hi @Gerry Any chance of emoji's within the "Conversations" side panel? Kind regards, Tom
  10. Copy document / template

    Hi @trevorharris, Thanks for getting back to me, well glad to know I'm not going crazy I had a try copying into a new document but it stripped the formatting out which is the main reason for wanting to copy the document in the first place as opposed to the actual content. I'd say by default just the contents of the document but the ability to copy user shares etc. if desired would be a nice touch. The ability to create a document template for formatting purposes would be a welcome addition or ideally the ability to create and share predefined paragraph formats (heading 1, 2 etc.) between users. Thanks, Tom
  11. Copy document / template

    Hello, I can't seem to find a way of copying a document in document manager... am I going mad? Thanks in advance, Tom
  12. Automatic Appointment Generation

    Hi Everyone, Is there a way to generate an appointment activity through the BPM? Thanks, Tom
  13. Workspace Connections/Mentions

    Thanks for the info @James Ainsworth really helpful! Will use the first tip as a workaround as think there is some strange behaviour due to how our workspaces are named. We have quite a few in our list and are using the * character in order to "pin" certain workspaces to the top. Following your second post things work as expected on workspaces that aren't prefixed with *. Thanks again, Tom
  14. Workspace Connections/Mentions

    Hi All, When you use the "/Workspace" to link back to a workspace it only lists the first 10, is this expected behaviour? How do I link to a workspace which isn't included in the suggested list? Thanks, Tom
  15. Errors

    All working now - thanks Alex!