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  1. Personally I'd like the ability to hide and also edit the details pane as opposed to just pulling the service description. Regards, Tom
  2. Thanks for getting back to me @Daniel Dekel but it's not a widget it's the page title, here: It won't let me set nothing here, assuming because it uses this to populate the tab name: The result is this fat white block that is redundant in our environment as shown in red below; we display the name of the page in our header image shown in green. On mobile it's really bad... Hopefully that makes sense? Cheers, Tom
  3. @Daniel Dekel any chance of getting an option to hide the title entirely please? Our banner is acting as the title so this is just eating screen real estate, a lot on mobile!
  4. Hi All, Similary to the suspend - await new owner node, is there a way of accomplishing something similar but awaiting a new team? My work around was to try and remove a team being assigned but it doesn't look like this is possible... Many thanks, Tom
  5. Also sorry is there any plans to allow embedding of O365 docs within iframes?
  6. Hello, Using Chromium Edge if you apply a heading style, then add any additional formatting it's very hard to reverse this; have a play you'll see what I mean... even stripping out the heading tags viewing the source. Please can we choose our own heading styles? I raised this with Document Manager way back when but would be so useful re: company branding. In the email editor in SM I can add a horizontal line, why can't I here? As the search function on the self service portal doesn't return results based on the body of the FAQ, can we please have the ability to add search tags to FAQs like we can with these forum posts... Thanks, Tom
  7. That's fantastic thanks @Steven Boardman. I was also wondering how you can multiply fields together so your bpm example helped me there too thanks!
  8. +1 on multiply. Also @Steven Boardman is there any way to view/present the actual numeric value calculated? For context, if you have say 50 medium impacts with a range of between 30 and 70 it would be nice to know which of these are close to the 70 mark (almost a high impact) and which are close to the 30 mark (almost a low impact).
  9. Hi @TrevorHarris, Yes that would be perfect! Shame well +1 for me on that story, please keep me posted if this ever gets any more traction. Many thanks, Tom
  10. @Samrai any further thoughts on this? Thanks, Tom
  11. Hi @Samrai many thanks for coming back to me, sure thing! There are these accident report forms that have to be completed any time there is an accident on one of our sites. The form is essentially split in two, the person reporting the accident fills in half, this then goes to Health and Safety who complete the corresponding investigation second half of the form. In my mind, digitising this process, we'd have the users complete the first half of the form by completing a progressive capture which will generate a request, the health and safety manager would then pick up the request up and complete their part. As you cannot edit the questions section of a request, I was proposing the investigation part is completed in a document manager doc and linked to the request. The creation of the document, naming of it, linking of it to the request, putting it into library based on site, year etc. to keep things organised in my mind would all be perfect candidates for automating via the BPM? Thanks for any advice, guidance in advance! Tom
  12. Greetings, In the spirit of digital transformation I am looking into whether the accident reporting process for our health and safety manager can be brought inside Hornbill. Based on their requirements I feel it could work pretty well in conjunction with Document Manager but having second thoughts now that I've explored the currently available automations. Ideally when a request is raised I'd like a corresponding document be created in Document Manager and then linked to the request in question. I know there are APIs etc. available outside of the BPM, would this be able to be accomplished using these? Ideally I'd also like to be able to add tags, move to different libraries and set review dates via the BPM too... Many thanks for any advice in advance. Tom
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