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Found 24 results

  1. We have a view set up that appears to have stopped working, with an error. Can anyone help us to work out what is going wrong. Error: View Details:
  2. At the moment the 'View Request' option for connections allows the viewing of the request in the Employee Portal, but not the Timeline. Enabling the 'Allow Collaboration' option allows them to both view and interact with the Timeline. Can we an enhancement request to allow read only view of the Timeline but not being able to update it. Ideally controllable at the service level, or as a system setting which enables view only of the Timeline when a connection has been granted 'View Request' permission. Cheers Martyn
  3. Though you can link Assets to external contacts, you can on see these in the Asset Request List or from a Request itself. Can we request an Asset View on the Contact screen just like the options for 'Requests' and 'Services' which are already present. Cheers Martyn
  4. Though you can link Assets to external organisations, you can on see these in the Asset Request List or from a Request itself. Can we request an Asset View on the Organisation screen just the options for 'Contacts' and 'Requests' which are already present. Cheers Martyn
  5. Related to my earlier post (link below) - I am trying to setup some charts for our individual analyst to view their own feedback rating however there is not the option in the criteria drop down for rating 'Not Set' i.e. Null. Can we request the option for 'Not Set' is added to the criteria options. Cheers Martyn
  6. Hi Please see attached screenshots that show side by side two requests Timeline comparison: Both have email timeline updates from the same sender for the same type of thing (quote for kit) Email view comparison: On the left hand request, the email can be opened for view On the right hand request, the email cannot be accessed. Why is this please?
  7. We have a large volume of service and managing the on a service by service basis in order to try ensure each organisation has the correct services is very difficult to do using the current user interface which is service-centric. It would be really useful to be able to view all services which a organisation is subscribed too from the organisaiton screen and have the ability to add or remove them from this view, rather than having to access each service individually to check or alter the service subscription. Cheers Martyn
  8. Has anyone else recently started seeing an issue where when selecting view email from the timeline of a ticket you get the Oops! You do not have access to view this email error as below. This started sporadically after the latest updates. The emails are all attached from a generic mailbox by the same group of users and there doesn't appear to be any connection between the emails that error like this.
  9. We have a ever growing list of views setup in our request list, both individual and shared. Consequently this is becoming harder and more time consuming trying to scroll down to locate a specific view. Can a Filter field be added to the View drop down covering both your own and shared views, akin to the one on Team drop down, so it easier to get to the view you want more easily. Cheers Martyn
  10. we rely on Activities and use the to request other teams / roles take action for a Request. we've noticed that Currently Users can see the Activities are assigned to their Team / Role however when an Activity is assigned to an individual user the viability of it is lost. Please note: one exception to this rule is the user's line manager (set in user's Hornbill profile) - they can see and have the option to to filter on Activities that belong to their subordinates. Could a similar principle be applied to allow team members to see the activities assigned to other individual users that are a member of their Team? I've attached two screenshots as examples. The first is when i'm set as my colleague's Line Manager and i can see their tasks. The second is when i'm not set as my colleague's Line Manager and i cannot see their tasks Thanks, Jamie
  11. Hello All, I've been thinking for a while that the BPM and Progressive Capture could really make use of an optional "Grid Guideline" feature to make it easier to view/format/display BPM and PC. I've attached a couple of images from a digital signage system we use, it feels like a simpleish feature but is so so useful. What do you think? Tom
  12. Hi Everybody, is there a way to customize the "All My Requests" view into the Service Portal? (arrange columns, add/remove columns)
  13. is there a way to see all the task assigned to all the teams for the Service Desk Manager? and if there's a way can it be viewed through the calendar view?
  14. I'm receiving a few questions around the requests list from guys who mostly deal with changes and releases. They'd like a column within the Requests List which shows the BPM status, as in "for approval", or whatever stage it's at. I know we will be using boards for CAB etc. but that will be for all, not just the ones an engineer owns or their team own. Is this possible or is this something I'd be able to request? Or is there a better way of the guys viewing their changes and releases?
  15. Good afternoon, I have a question and I think its more of an enhancement request. When our users create custom views in request lists they want to be able to see every call they have create or at the owner of or customer of. However because you cannot select and/or you can only select the option of raising a custom list as: is the Owner is the Customer is Created by This means they cannot see all of them under one filter I have managed to get around this in the past by turning on app.requests.addColleagueAsMemberWhenRaising Then creating a custom view as is a member e.g. However. If a user is a customer but hasn't raised the call themselves. for example, they have submitted a change request however we do not allow everyone to put these on hornbill only a couple of people control them going onto the system. the user has been added as a customer as they have made the change request BUT because they have not raised it in hornbill they have not been applied to the account as a member either. this means when the check their calls in the customer filters - this request is not showing up, is it possible to put in a And/or decider aswell as the is/is not? I hope this makes sense Hayley.
  16. Hi all, Is there a way of changing the default view of the service list when selecting a service when logging a call (shown in attached image)? If not is there a way to hide certain services from both portal and service desk views? I have a number of email logging services which show up when the analysts are logging calls, the only way to hide them that I can find is by only showing our IT Services service as the email alerts are set up on a different service. This would be fine but I cant find a way to set the default view to exclude the email service. Hope that makes some kind of sense. Thanks Dan
  17. Good afternoon, One of our users is trying to set up a custom view for their requests. It has been set up correctly as far as I can tell, however it is not reporting any accounts and he does have calls. Any ideas?
  18. Hi guys, We are testing the document manager app to see if it would work for a Knowledge Base repository. So far, it looks promising but one key thing is still bugging me: the view of documents (HTML pages). Indeed, I personally think there is room for improvement here. Let me show you what I am talking about here: As you can see from the screenshot above, there is a lot of space "wasted" on either side of the document. Also, images within the document are not fully optimized in the sense that we sometimes need to resize the image to make it fit with the text / document. Finally, when printing, images are very blurred: I don't know how much can be done about this or if you have things already in development but here are a few ideas on how to improve user experience, in my humble opinion: You could add a button "View full screen" next to "Details" and "Print" buttons which would hide the bar & title at the top and use 100% of the screen width (as an overlay possibly) When the user clicks on an image, display the image in full size in a "viewer" just like you have on timelines, workspaces, etc. For the print feature, I am not quite sure what can be done... Maybe something like on this forum where you upload an image and then add it to the content. So that when you generate the PDF, you have the source image and therefore a much better DPI? These are just ideas and I am obviously open to suggestions or comments Just trying to make this component as user friendly as possible.
  19. Guest

    Creating a view

    Hi I am trying to create a view to show me all the incidents that are in a status of closed but the green line on the HUD has not yet reached the end point. The tickets has had the resolution and closure category inputted and then there is a activity open allowing users to come back if they are not happy with the resolution otherwise the activity expires after 7 days and the green line reaches the end of the HUD. So I want a view to be able to see these types of tickets Can you help me please Sonali
  20. At the moment when adding a condition into a Request List - View, you are not able to use a condition to filter on it 'not set' only if it 'is' or 'is not'. Can the 'not set' option be added to Team, if not all fields in the condition builder. Cheers Martyn
  21. It would be really useful the the Analyst Unread field (h_isanalystunread) field to be an optional visible field in the Request List view, so that that it can be sorted by this and also used in setting in conditions for both Request List Views and Charts. Cheers Martyn
  22. Hi, Just a random question I got from users: is it possible to set by default the tab "Active" when logging onto the service portal?
  23. Is there a way to customise the request view on the mobile app? Our analysts don't care too much about the ticket number, more who has logged the call, when, and the summary. Regards, Mike.
  24. Since applying Service Manager v2.28 we have noticed an issue affecting our views setup in the Request List. Where we have had multiple criteria on the same source field in the view, these have been combined on to a single query condition line, but are not combined in the same way, resulting in the view content being affected. For example, if we setup a new view with multiple conditions on the same source field prior to v2.28 it would apply an 'AND' logic on the conditions except when the criteria field is the same when it would apply the 'OR' logic operation. So in the example above how would have set them up before the upgrade, was display correctly, all requests logged after the date and the Service was either 'Total Land Charges (TLC) or 'Hosted - Total Land Changes (TLC)'. However now when you go back into the view after saving it the conditions are expressed as below:- And the results generated are not correct, as you can see from the example below, which has records for services not in the condition at all. We have also noticed that where we had conditions on Service, where they were previously displayed as the Service Name, they have been converted to Service ID for those views created prior to applying v2.28. However any new services added to the same view or new view configuration show as Service Name. Cheers Martyn
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