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Unable to save requests Details section - Site field mandatory

Andrew Tasker

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We've had users report this today as well. Looks like Sites field is now required which it wasn't before and if you go on the Details Form Designer you can not toggle it being required or not.

Is this an unwanted change?

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  • Victor changed the title to Unable to save requests Details section - Site field mandatory
2 hours ago, Victor said:

We asked development to look into this. If the site is not required on requests you can choose to temporarily hide this field from details. Might or might not be a suitable workaround.

Hi Victor, unfortunately not as this would mean having to alter the forms on each of our Service Profiles.

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Not a huge impact as we've only got one open ticket without the site set (no idea why it wasn't set by the self service capture, user is set up correctly) - can't update the request and complete our process for this one though as the site selector isn't working. 

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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Luke @Ann

Sorry to hear that. Would it be possible to try and refresh your browser's cache? That may help with the issue. Please let me know if it helps or not

Thanks :) 

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It's still not fully resolved for us, but I have done a bit more investigation. 

Our sites didn't have a company set against them: 


But I can see that the call to smGetSites includes a companyId param (don't know if this has changed but suspect it has?): 


And the response returns no results with a search string I'd expect some: 


If I save a company against the site definition I can retrieve them which resolves the immediate issue.

Am I right in assuming that: 

  1. Tickets where the customer has a 'Home Organisation' set this is passed into the smGetSites call as a param to filter the list
  2. Tickets where the customer has no 'Home Organisation' this isn't passed into the call and we get the full list (filtered only by whatever's typed into the field)

We have users across 2 sites with their home organisation set to a different 'company' to get self-service branding/content correct, assuming the above is correct I'll have to check if this will cause any issues with how we set sites (some tickets are passed between sites) - I don't want to create duplicate site definitions for different companies as this will break a lot of widgets/dashboards that are looking for a specific site, and we can't add multiple companies to each site definition. 



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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Luke

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you regarding this. 

After investigating this, it seems to be a different issue to the one initially raised. I'll raise this as a new issue with the development team so we can try and understand it better

Kind regards


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  • 7 months later...

Hi @Luke,

The sites are filtered based on the company that is set against the request. The company set against the request will most likely be one that is associated with the customer at the point the request is logged. This will not necessarily be the customers "home organisation".

If you frequently want to choose a different site. i.e. A site that is not associated to the company set against the request; You could use the following "Hornbill Automation" in your business process or via a custom button/autotask:

Service Manager > Entity > Requests > Update Request > Site



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