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The new dashboard workspace :(

Michael Taylor

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Hiya, also noting the message about the admin tool changes, we use multiple dashboards locally and operationally and need the ability to switch between them in a browser quickly and easily. I can have up to 5 dashboards open in individual browser tabs simultaneously.


Unfortunately, the new dashboards in the new admin tool do not cater for this requirement :( 


There is too much 'faff' around the edges of the dashboard workspace and when you hit the 'Enter fullscreen mode' button, you lose the browsers tabs.


This is a big step backwards for me :( 


Or is there some other way of being able to view the dashboards as we currently can?


Thank you :) 

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Hi @Keith Stevenson, yes we've found that, the issue is that you still have to scroll to view the full dashboard content. We can make it more usable and similar to how we usually work by setting the height of the dashboard content to less than 100% which makes the content all visible without scrolling, albeit with the page still scrollable with whitespace at the bottom. 

Anyway as an enhancement request it would be great to still have a 'full page' option as well as the full screen option to just maximise the dashboard content within the page in the new UI. 


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We use the drop down to show if an analyst is on Annual Leave or if No requests should be assigned to them.  We are finding that these buttons are not responding, so you are unable to select a clip art to add.  Please can this be resolved?

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