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  1. Hi Dave, This is a read-only setting so it won't allow us to amend unless I'm missing something? Thanks Andrew
  2. We are currently unable to apply emails to requests from our mailbox by entering the request ID. When we enter the exact request ID no option for this request shows. Can someone please urgently assist? Thanks
  3. @Jack Stanton Yes we are also experiencing this issue as well as several other concerning other bugs after the switch to the new UI has taken place. We have raised issues on the forum but we're still awaiting a response at this time for some of them.
  4. @Miro do we have any further update as to when we can expect this issue to be resolved? There have been multiple issues that have been caused with the most recent update to the UI and it's concerning that we are having to continually chase for a response on any of them.
  5. This is causing additional time to be spent updating our system and no response as yet. Can we please get an ETA when we should expect an update to resolve this issue?
  6. Hi @Daniel Dekel, Unfortunately it appears that we are now unable to export any of the contacts on this page and we receive the below error message. Can you please urgently advise? Thanks
  7. Can we please understand why this has happened? I understand that our team are experiencing issues on almost a daily basis recently. In particular an outage on the morning of our busiest day of the week has a massive impact and will incur additional resources to have to be put towards recovering the lost time which will ultimately have an additional impact across the business.
  8. This may be related to the issue we're having which is that several custom fields have disappeared from the details forms within the Config area of several of our Service Portfolios.
  9. Good morning, Has anyone else had an issue with custom fields now not displaying within incident details forms? We seem to be able to add the fields in again, however any forms which have previously been configured look to have been removed. Thanks
  10. We seem to be having issues where we have instances showing as having breached their SLA, yet the resolution time hasn't yet been reached with the incident still on hold. Has anyone else experienced these issues? Thanks
  11. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately it doesn't show the option to "View Email" within the Timeline once the email is applied, it doesn't seem to actually be applying to it in the first place yet the system is behaving in the same way that it would if it had applied, i.e. moving the email into the deleted items folder.
  12. We are having an issue where we have an email which is not applying to a request. The system appears to be applying it as normal, yet when we go into the Timeline it doesn't appear there. Has anyone had any experience of this?
  13. Hi, I was hoping to see if anyone else has had experience integrating the Service Channel system with their Hornbill system at all? Thanks Andrew
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