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  1. We have experienced the same and are now up and running again, however it won't allow us to apply any emails to requests at the current time.
  2. Good afternoon, Is anyone aware of a way in which we'd be able to show the sender, anyone who is copied in and the time it has been received into the problem description of a new Incident when logging from the email itself? Thanks
  3. Complete outage of service being experienced here also.
  4. Good afternoon, We appear to be experiencing a complete outage of service currently with the system not allowing us any access whatsoever. Can you please advise why this is? Thanks Andrew
  5. Good morning, We seem to be having an issue with emails not being received into our shared mailbox and others being received as undelivered, can anyone please assist with this? Thanks Andrew
  6. A number of new default templates have been added in Service Manager we have noticed, however is there a way in which we are able to turn any of these off so any ones relevant to ourselves are not visible for selection? I can find the option to delete any which we have created, however can't find any way of removing the default ones. Thanks
  7. We are unable to access Hornbill at all this afternoon and receiving the below message. Can anyone please assist?
  8. We are experiencing an issue where we are unable to access any mailboxes within our Hornbill platform and are receiving the below message. Can someone please assist? Our emails are working fine on Outlook, but unable to do anything with them within Hornbill.
  9. We seem to be having a problem where all emails to one specific address are showing as a delivery failure and aren't being delivered. All other emails to other addresses able to be delivered, it is just one address. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Hi Victor, What is the instance ID? This issue is still ongoing and is not with our local internet connection. We are receiving the error code -1 when our searches time out. Thanks Andrew
  11. Hi Keith, Are you able to confirm where I would be able to locate the Ping Check? Thanks Andrew
  12. @Deen It doesn't appear to be anything on our network as we have been able to use all other applications at these times with no issues, it is only Hornbill which has been affected.
  13. Good afternoon, We have been experiencing issues for the past couple of days where our connection to the system is being interrupted or slow to react with searches taking several minutes to load. It appears to be starting around midday and continuing into the afternoon. Can anyone please advise if there are any known issues with this recently? Thanks Andrew
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