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  1. Hi, We have several different Service Area's and are looking into using Live Chat, but we would want this for just one Service Area. Is this possible?
  2. Thanks @Dan Munns it is working now
  3. Hi @Dan Munns, we have tried your suggestion as below and the process keeps reassigning to the initial approver. Please can you advise on next steps? @Foley Coker
  4. Hi @Jeremy the process isn't failing. Thanks for your suggestion, I have tried this now and this hasn't solved the issue i'm afraid. We think there may be an issue with the await expiry node now (that has been raised separately by a colleague working on a different project).
  5. I am creating a process where on one route the request status is set to close before sending a timed email reminder to the customer, the reason for this is that we'd prefer the request not to remain on hold/open as can be in that status for many months. Cloud automation has been set to pick up a set date and then once the email has been sent will end the process fully. When I am testing it no email is being sent, please can you assist?
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