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  1. James, Thanks for your response and yes I can see how this would work, it is a shame there isn't a variable to pull out the summary though as this is already formatted but I can see what I can do with feeding the description with the responses.
  2. Can anyone advise whether there is a way to add the content of the Progressive Capture summary panel to an email template using either a variable or a custom field? This would allow me to add the progressive capture responses to an email template without making a custom template for each progressive capture. Thanks Jon
  3. We have recently created a number of video guides and would like to embed these into a progressive capture. I have reviewed the Wiki Markup guidance on the Hornbill Wiki pages but there is no reference to videos, and after various attempts at using suggestions via a Google search I have drawn a blank. Is it possible to embed Youtube videos on to a progressive capture, if so can you provide a sample of the code required. Thanks Jon
  4. We currently have updates coming through on the portal, however we would like to differentiate these updates from escalations by the customer so that we can prioritise and agree an SLA for escalation responses (i.e. we will call back in 1 hour upon customer escalation). Is this not currently possible, or is there any other way of achieving a similar result? Thanks
  5. We are looking to see if there is a way for a customer to request a call back or escalate an existing request as we are finding that we get numerous calls chasing existing requests and would like to implement something to monitor this and reduce the demand. Ideally when a customer requests a call back / escalate then the sub status would change to allow these to be prioritised for a urgent response. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Jon
  6. We are experiencing performance and connection issues, please can this be investigated.
  7. Mohammed, Thanks for your response but I have changed each one of these options in turn and I cannot get the "View Service" in green or the "0 Active Requests" to change colour. I am sure I am missing something and would be grateful if you could help further.
  8. I am configuring the customer portal for contacts to raise requests and see guides, I have managed to alter the available settings to configure the look and feel. However I cannot find the appropriate setting to alter the text, button and background colours for service details. Unfortunately this looks unreadable with the current style so I need to alter this before launch, any help would be greatly received. Thanks Jon
  9. On the portal customers can accept or reject resolution using two buttons “It's working” or “it's still broken” I would like to change the wording but I cannot see where this can be altered, can someone point me where this is configured. Thanks Jon
  10. Is it possible to set the priority as NULL within a business process? Background: We are configuring our company portal to enable most customers to self help through guidance within process captures, when the user enters that they have solved the issue a request is created and solved in the business process. All self help requests have a low priority set on resolution, however if the user reopens the request either through the portal or via an email response I would like the priority to be reviewed, so reset to null and focus set. Unfortunately I get an error within the business process where the process in the automation is blank. Any ideas welcome. Thanks Jon
  11. Hi James, I am working with Jonny on our Hornbill configuration. Whilst the additional display fields in the progressive capture is very useful when raising requests, is there any settings that allow the inclusion of fire name, last name and email address in other customer search fields when maintaining requests such as when you need to change the customer. Our concern is that as we are being forced to use a random string for the userID as this cannot be changed for existing users (as we reuse old emails we cannot use that) having only the handle (which can be changed) and the userID in the search box may lead to incorrect allocation and data breaches. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer. Jon
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