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Found 13 results

  1. We have setup catalog items for a number of new services. One catalog item is to suggest improvements to the related service. Rather than logging an incident, we would like the progressive capture response to be emailed out to our projects team. Our projects team do not use Service Manager/Hornbill. I can't seem to see a way to do this in the progressive capture, but can once an incident has been logged. Is this possible to do?
  2. Is it possible to set the priority as NULL within a business process? Background: We are configuring our company portal to enable most customers to self help through guidance within process captures, when the user enters that they have solved the issue a request is created and solved in the business process. All self help requests have a low priority set on resolution, however if the user reopens the request either through the portal or via an email response I would like the priority to be reviewed, so reset to null and focus set. Unfortunately I get an error within the business process where the process in the automation is blank. Any ideas welcome. Thanks Jon
  3. Morning all, I have been advised that i have got to implement Self Service in Hornbill before i go on maternity leave (Which realistically give me 3 months! We have been spiraling around with Self Service for a while as we really don't have a clue how to present our services or what to do after that. Our main issues are; How to present services simply How many service we should provide on the portal to stop confusion What is the max amount of questions we should be asking to ensure users actually use it (But IT also get the right information) Do the tickets all go into the Service Desk bucket for sorting to the correct teams Do we set the lowest priority or leave it blank until the service desk sort them. There are probably a few more i haven't thought of yet/Have forgotten to ask, Could anyone give us some examples of their successful implementations and what they did and decided on? Many thanks Hayley.
  4. We have found that when limiting a self service form to individuals, you can send this link to others who are not on the list and they can see this form and submit the form. The only difference is that if the person is not on the list then when it logs a request it 'breaks' and does not assign to a team and does not pick up a BPM. This seems to me that this is a bug as the person should not be able to see the form let alone submit it if they are not subscribed too it.
  5. When customers log a self service request it seems that the first few actions are suggesting that they are done by the customer when actually these are performed by the System BPM Manager e.g Emails being sent, timeline updates etc. Can this be investigated?
  6. Hiya, I appreciate the new My-Services pages are in preview right now, but is there any plan to make the 'forms' the PCFs directly linkable more easily? There are links you can produce or determine that you can send to customers, but by default the url you get when clicking on a 'form' will not work for the recipient. They get an error stating (see attached)
  7. We are currently pushing our Self Service Portal and have had a lot of uptake on it, however we are still getting a large number of emails come through to the Service Desk, How did people phase out the emails? With no auto reply enabled in SM and too many emails for one person to filter through, what did you do? We are currently sending any correspondence with the information that we are no longer accepting emails as a form of call logging. We are hesitant to just stop logging the calls for obvious reasons though. Any ideas would be great! Josh
  8. Hi, A user logged a ticket via the portal for a request type that should have been logged as a service request. However it has been logged as an incident. I can't see why this has happened. The PC has trigger correctly as all the questions have been answered and are shown on the request. The issue is that all member of the supporting team only have SR roles and as such cannot see this ticket. Ref IN00013678 if someone can take a look at it. Also if someone could set it as a SR it would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Can we make the login text in the top right hand corner look like a link and stand out more?
  10. On the sign in page of customer portal - can Sign In be changed to Log in?
  11. Hello, I have raised a request to Hornbill Support asking whether or not we can monitor our own / our organisation's active calls we have with Hornbill via their very own Customer Service Portal, and the response is that there is currently nothing available. Can we have some clarity on the development of your Portal if at all? How long might it be before we see it's light of day? It's great that we have one for our customers, but being your customers it makes sense that there should be one for us to use. I have an idea on how it could work, maybe have another button on the left hand side in the Hornbill Collaboration that links to... 1. Calls you have raised to Hornbill 2. Calls your organisation have raised to Hornbill (with a username search) 3. An area to raise Feature requests (to be able to vote) or to view a Bug List of all known error messages and fixes. It can be view against certain job roles if required. See the image below, i have created this mock up using GIMP.
  12. Hi When calls are logged via the portal they go to a view no team assigned, is it possible to have an alert to first line staff that a new call is logged via the portal? Thanks Chris
  13. Good morning, We are going live to our user base on Thursday but have an issue where all our available services are not available to view on the self service portal. It will show a maximum of 6 and no more. We have added around 12 services but only 6 are visible in Self Service. This is quite a problem as this means users will be unable to view 6 of the services. This is when 'All my Services' are selected and we are not in the 'favourites' view. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am aware this issue exists from talking to your support team and I am wondering when this will be addressed. Thank you, Andy
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