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  1. In Azure the Enterprise App has content granted for all users, so users who are already logged in will have SSO happen at MS end and then automatically be sent back to Hornbill, without users needing to grant Hornbill for the SSO. When I get the issue next, I'll get a screenshot of the network tab in chrome developer tools.
  2. Just spoke to someone on our service desk, he told me that he had a user where they have to click it 3 times to login. Lets hope you guys can get to the bottom of this one.
  3. Hi, When you click "Login in with single sign on", the redirection to our SSO provider (Azure AD) happens then returns you back to the login page, on the second attempt to login with SSO, it works fine. Azure Redirect URIs; https://admin.hornbill.com/wcc/lib/saml/auth/simplesaml/module.php/samlEspProxy/sp/saml2-acs.php/saml https://customer.hornbill.com/wcc/lib/saml/auth/simplesaml/module.php/samlEspProxy/sp/saml2-acs.php/saml https://service.hornbill.com/wcc/lib/saml/auth/simplesaml/module.php/samlEspProxy/sp/saml2-acs.php/saml https://mcatalog.hornbill.com/wcc/lib/saml/auth/simples
  4. Hi, I have a custom AutoTask that our analysts can run, all the steps work but setting the custom field T to a value doesn't. I've looked a the role they are in, and they do have full table rights to h_itsm_requests, what right/permission am I missing? Note: it works for Super Admins, so I assume I'm missing a right somewhere? Jonny
  5. @Victor Ah I thought something like that could be the case. Look forward to the fix. Jonny
  6. Hi Victor, We have "Portal Chat Session User" added to all our basic users, so they may have a live chat with our HR team. Far as I'm ware basic users need to be able to use this feature of Hornbill. I've now looked at an account which has been in the system for ages now, and has this problem. Good to hear the role is assigned though, but just not showing it right. If you take the blank role "Portal chat role" off a user, you can't add it back via the UI.
  7. Hi Hornbill, "Portal Chat Session User" role has disappeared, as you can see when my script added it to the newly created user via the API its make it a blank role. When you try add other roles to this user, the big list of roles has now disappeared. Is "Portal Chat Session User" meant to be there or is that a non-basic user role? I was lead to believe all users who want to use live chat in the Company Portal need it? Jonny
  8. Hi James, Defining settings per service would be amazing! It would be really good if you can set the default visibility of each action per service, and quite a few other settings. When is this sort of update coming or is it good few months away? Jonny
  9. Hi Hornbill, In our instance we have "This setting prevents resolving or closing a Request that does not have an owner" set to false because the other service in our company using the platform would like to be able to resolve calls without an owner. Would it be possible to add it so this can be toggled in the BPM process, so the service area's that require this can have it turned on for their requests? Jonny
  10. Hi Hornbill, I'm unable to set manager or any other fields on a user without having to make them a User, set the properties and then change them back to basic. As you can see from my screenshot the details tab is missing, if I make them a user it'll appear, then I can do what I need then change it back again. Jonny
  11. Hi Hornbill, You able to provide an update on this? Jonny
  12. @James Ainsworth Here's a screenshot of what Teams I can see and filter not showing the Teams. Jonny This issue has been logged: IN00164184
  13. Oh yes that worked, will be good to hornbill's stance on it :-)
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