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  1. I shalt bother looking at that status site in the future shall just come straight to the forums then.
  2. Hi, I noticed this wasn't highlighted on https://status.hornbill.com/ which is where I normally go when something seems odd in hornbill, as the point in the site is to report any issues with hornbill but nothing was there.
  3. Will this be getting fixed to show origin IPs instead for example using "X-Forwarded-For" HTTP header instead of showing the load balancer IPs?
  4. This feature would be great, so HR can have their actions (update,email,telephone,etc) as team visible via default which helps stop data leaking to the customer who isn't allowed to see certain updates due to how sensitive it is. Then other users of the system can have it customer visible by default, where they are meant to see 90% of the timeline. Currently we have the larger user base of the system but having to keep changing the visibility to minimize the HR risk. Which I have a feeling over time people won't bother the change it and we'll end up with customers not seeing anything much in t
  5. Logged in fine this morning, no clearing of Cache required.
  6. Fill in the questions from this reply, so they can get a good understanding. ;-)
  7. When the issue occurs, is the only way to make it work for you is by you clearing the cookies? Clearing the Cookies or clearing all site data fixes the issue.When the problem occurs, you press the login button, and it redirects you back to the login page. If you press the login button again, does it just keep on re-directing back to the login page? I can keep pressing login and it always redirects me back to the login page, even if I browse back to the root of my instance and tryHow many of your users are affected by this? is it all of your users? Not all, but some have reported it and
  8. Had a report from a Opera User, which is also now chrome based, encase it turns out to chromium based browsers effected.
  9. Hi still happening this morning. See screenshot of cookies below. Clearing all cookies, refreshing and then allows me to login.
  10. I've had this every morning since the instance restart and had to clear the site cache. Others in my organisation are having to do this as well. Using Chrome 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (64-bit), encases that's relevant.
  11. Shouldn't the status page, show the service as down or something to that effect, while the service was down for those 7-10 minutes?
  12. https://status.hornbill.com didn't show anything, does this need looking at and would it be possible to make it show last 24/48 hours (per hour graph), per month doesn't really tell you when, was it at night if you were looking for recent downtime.
  13. +1 Was getting cloud flare can't reach origin, but its starting to work now.
  14. Any update on this? This is still happening and it breaks hyperlinks in emails taking you to the right place, if your not already logged in.
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