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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, Is there some sort of global setting that we can enable which allows an email notification to go out to individuals, when an incident has been set and investigated at a lower priority but then realise it's a bigger issue so for example upgrading from a P2 to a P1 for example? Or is this something we would need to add as an additional configuration inside our Incident Business Process Engine? I'd be keen to know how others have this set up. Many Thanks Adam
  2. Regarding this update: Will this impact the current priorities that we have set up within the system and their SLTs etc?
  3. Is it possible to set the priority as NULL within a business process? Background: We are configuring our company portal to enable most customers to self help through guidance within process captures, when the user enters that they have solved the issue a request is created and solved in the business process. All self help requests have a low priority set on resolution, however if the user reopens the request either through the portal or via an email response I would like the priority to be reviewed, so reset to null and focus set. Unfortunately I get an error within the business process where the process in the automation is blank. Any ideas welcome. Thanks Jon
  4. My organisation wishes to change our priorities how do I amend these. I have created new priorities but the resolution timer does not activate
  5. We are bringing on more departments into Service Manager which is great thing, however I am struggling to get my head around the priorities and associated rules. Our Service Desk logs most requests and prioritises them, for several teams but we would like the SLTs to be different e.g. Team A - high priority is 1 day, medium is 2 days and low is 10 days Team B - high priority is 4 days, medium is 8 days and low is 20 days Is there a way to set rules so that is if High is chosen then dependant on the team that is assigned the SLT is different?
  6. We need to edit our Priorities in Service Manager but it appears that you cannot edit them just create/remove is there a way to do this? I have included our priorities below, essentially we want to remove the bits in brackets. Is this something that can be changed in the database? We have quite a few BPMs etc that reference these and think that if we recreate them this will break the BPMs and also the existing requests in our system would have the priority removed if we recreated them...
  7. When re ordering the priority display order by dragging the priority tile up and down, you can create a duplicate priority tile, which then causes an error. Cheers Martyn
  8. We are in the process of implementing the new Corporate Service Level options and at the same time expanding our services to include a number of additional service desks. In terms of setting up the different service levels this is fine and I can create the different working time calendars (as some are different time zones etc), but then are hitting a bit of a brick wall in terms of the 'Priorities'. The different service desks have different number of priorities options, names and service levels. Though I can setup the service levels as separate Corporate Service Levels, I got a bit suck on the priorities, as these are 'generic' values which are not linked to the Service/Corporate Service Levels. Also in my case it is just really the 'priority' that determines the service level applied, rather than organisation or who it is etc, so my only option it to use the standard priority field. This then introduced another issue that I did not want all my customers from different service being presented with a long list of different priorities who naming conventions are different and most will not apply to their service/corporate service levels. The work around we are using at the moment is to have a custom form, rather than the standard priority form, in the progressive capture to present a simple list of priorities that apply to the service that the PC is used for. Then we have to put into the BPM as first actions a number of decision nodes to actually set the priority value. In essence we will have lots of different priorities setup, but will hide them from the customers by using custom forms in every one of our 100+ services. It would be really useful to have the ability map priorities to a service, the same way you can map corporate service level to them, which would mean the standard progressive capture priority form would then only display the list of priority values which apply to said service. This would make it much easier to maintain and flexible where you have multiple SLA contracts to manage. Cheers Martyn
  9. Against each service that we make available to our external customers there are a number of columns of information shown on the 'Requests' tab: Priority is not one of the columns (this is a mandatory field requirement for all of our request services). What we have also found via a build up of customer complaints to us is that the Priority is not even visible when they open up the request to look at the detail. How can I make Priority visible through the portal ? Thanks in advance Paul
  10. Hi, Could we have the option to add priorities per service as well as the global ones? I am in the process of adding a new team to our instance and they require approx 8/9 new priorities added but I dont want them added to the ones already in use as it will cause confusion. Thanks
  11. Hi all, Appreciate I may have missed something obvious here but my resolution times against my priorities appear not to be working properly. For example, my P1 has a 30 minute SLA but the time below indicates a very different schedule: Regards, Mike.
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