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Found 24 results

  1. We have been going through the process of setting up a lot of FAQs for various services, but it seems that when you add links it does not honour these in the resolution. I have included the FAQ, resolution text and email below to show what we mean, if you send the link e.g. http://xxxx.com/xxx/xxx this works but we would like to make them look 'pretty'. Any help greatly appreciated. FAQ Resolution Text Email sent to customer
  2. Service Details and FAQ's are currently the same source when viewed in either portal, i.e. Employee and Customer Portals. When operating a services across both internal and external support, this generates a challenge when wanting to insert links to other content such as documents, services, other FAQ's etc. At the moment we have to put in the links using the customer portal URL for external customers (contacts) access, but these then fail to work when the same content is accessed via the Employee Portal. Can we request conditional formatting similar to that in the email templates to allow text and links to be inserted depending on a variable, in our example the Portal type. Cheers Martyn
  3. So I have a form with a lot of questions and I need to send these to a manager in an email and I can get the text to appear on new lines using: &#10 or &#13 In the request is looks nice: But in the email it shows the line returns...is there a way to remove these? I have tried \n \r <br> but they all do the same.....
  4. Hi, I'm making good use of the snippets functionality to send customers emails where attachments are required to be added and/or certain variables are needed that I can't build into auto- email templates. It would however be good if I could format the snippet text better e.g. bold text, italics, bullet points etc. Can this be done or is it just basic text that can be entered in snippets? Thanks Sam
  5. When using the 'basic view' of sending an email, would it be possible to add the text formatter to allow us to be able to bold, underline text etc? We have tried various things to no avail as wiki markup etc is not supported when sending emails like this, again like the recent post for resolving emails can these be a 'rich text editor'
  6. I am configuring the customer portal for contacts to raise requests and see guides, I have managed to alter the available settings to configure the look and feel. However I cannot find the appropriate setting to alter the text, button and background colours for service details. Unfortunately this looks unreadable with the current style so I need to alter this before launch, any help would be greatly received. Thanks Jon
  7. I am trying to build a email from the questions answered in a PCF I have got all the questions to appear in the custom field, however the questions are appearing in a paragraph. How can I split these out so that each response is on an individual line? e.g. Current skjgsdlfgldfsgjds sdfgsfs dfgsdf gds fgdsfg? sadfdsf sd fsdfs dsdf sdfs dfs? sdfsf sfs dfsa fsdfsfsdfs Ideal sadfsdf sad f dsaf asasf? sdf saf rghgh ertwwfs wgds dfgdgds? ets sdfs asfsdfs? Can this be achieved via wiki formatting? If so what is the correct syntax?
  8. We have a a form that is presenting this: But these are not mandatory fields but it is still asking for completion... This is the field set up: And the form settings... This was never an issue with the Customer Portal... Please can someone take a look please? Thanks
  9. When you look at a CI in the portal if looks like this: When you click through it seems to capitalise the first letter This is the first form that we have where the text should display eRecords with a small 'e' like iPhone etc, can this respect the formatting of the CI when it is set up e.g.
  10. As part of our change process we have a task for CERFs (when a change goes wrong), I am trying to find a way to pull out the task questions and answers that relate to specific tasks e.g. Task Title - CERF form for CHxxxxxxx Questions: Please enter the date that the change took place Give details of any unplanned outcomes What specific actions were taken to mitigate the unplanned outcomes? List recommendations to avoid these these outcomes in the future, including resources required We would then like a report based on the task(s) to display this information clearly so that we can keep tabs on the responses, also there is a subsequent task that happens after this which is the recommendations from CAB, which we would also like to include at the end of the request after it is closed. Has anyone ever done anything like this? I have got as far as getting the task information although it pulls a lot of other tasks not related, but also we cannot find an easy way to format the reports in Service Manager i.e. change the layouts etc
  11. We have some circumstances that mean that questions from the Portal are copied and pasted into cells in Google sheets and the text is copied but with coloured backgrounds, is this expected behaviour? This is the questions section: Here is the copied text:
  12. Please see the image of the questions section where the text is not displaying correctly... Ironically when booking to come to Insights!
  13. We are starting to see these appear in our timelines and we are wondering what has changed with these updates.
  14. Hi, One of the many great features of Hornbill is the ability to resolve a request using an existing FAQ. However, if the FAQ contains formatted text or images / videos, it becomes a bit useless Indeed, the rich text will not display properly in the resolution box. Same issue with the email that can be sent (via BPM). I already mentioned that to some of the Devs and product specialists. This needs to be fixed to make full use of the feature. I would like to extend this topic to other customers and get your feedback too: When using a FAQ to resolve a request, could we possibly include the URL to the FAQ too? The idea would be to make it obvious to the customer that the answer was readily available from the beginning? It could something as simple as : [Source: https://service.hornbill.com/XXX/servicemanager/service/99/faqs/] What do you think?
  15. We pull dates into tasks, which works well apart from the formatting as it shows the whole zulu time (see below) even if the time wasn't asked for or submitted. Could there be an option to include just the date or date and time if other need it?
  16. When we have a summary in a request, for example, 'Please Send This Email' when the email is sent the formatting is not honoured and the email subject is sent as 'please send this email' Is there a way to change this so that it the text the is pulled across is the same as the summary text?
  17. When sending an email from a request, is it possible to add some formatting to the text like Underline, Bold, Italics etc? Currently, we cannot find a way of performing these actions from the defaulted options:
  18. In the description of each of our services, we have formatted the text - in a very similar way to what is shown in the demo version (image attached) and it works successfully. However, when the services are displayed in the Portal the formatting code can be seen (image attached). Any ideas? Thanks
  19. Is it possible to have the list of services on the service portal expanded by default, rather than having to click 'more services'? Thanks Darren
  20. Hi all, When sending email to customers from Service Manager we have noticed that formatting is dropped. Is there a way around this?
  21. Hello, is there a way to remove the drop shadow from the text that appears on the bulletins in the Service portal? It has been raised as an issue for users with possible eye sight difficulties. Ideally I would like to turn the drop shadow off, but this doesn't appear to be an option Thanks Darren
  22. Hi all, Is anyone having issues when editing documents in Edge? I'm having to use Chrome at the moment as I can't carry out many of the functions e.g. insert row does not work, the save button does not work etc. Regards, Mike.
  23. It would be good if the colours on the counter lists could be changed based on the results The current triggers only change the text colour, it would be better if it changed the value field colour and the icon colour Even better would be if it could change the background colour to bring better attention to it I have the trigger set on the number of emails but it only changes the text colour wihich isn't that obvious Another good thing would be to have conditional formatting on data lists
  24. Hello I was wondering two things. Is it possible to bring it the email formatting when you raise a new ticket from the mailbox in to the description box rather than everything being stripped? Is there any formatting you can do for example it was noticed when you place * on a new line followed by some text, it does appear to format in the description as a bullet list? If there is please can you let me know what can be done? regards Gareth Forum Admin Edit: The functionality was provided in one of the earlier Core Collaboration builds. This thread is now locked.
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