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  1. I think to be fair, comparing being tagged in a cat video or being told Netflix has taken a monthly direct debit can't really be compared with service driven notifications. I think it is the duty of service managers to ensure notifications are delivered in manageable and useful to their staff to prevent overload (which I think is the solution you're trying to get to above) but the problem is if notifications come in quick succession or someone is returning from a period of leave, working in a different order (without having to click "More" each time) would be a more logical approach to clearing a backlog. Same principal as tickets where you would expect them being dealt with in "resolve by" order rather than what came in that day. Regards, Mike.
  2. Might sound like an “out there” request and likely technical reasons why not, but I’d like to overwrite the Source field in the DB with two custom ones - Telephone and WalkUp. I’m trying to target users using these sources to queue jump to eventually push them into the portal for non urgent requests. Currently I’m just writing to a custom field to capture this info but obviously I then need to combine reports (unless I branch and custom input text based on the other standard sources). Is there a better way? Mike.
  3. Also @nasimg let me know if you need a hand with this and I can always export a config file for you. Mike.
  4. The best I can suggest is branching your BPMs for users in an organisation (disability requirements group) and writing the disability in a custom attribute then presenting that in the banner as a variable. I agree though, would save writing this configuration to ALL BPMs which isn’t really practical. Mike.
  5. Thanks @Steve Giller - will make static drop downs instead! Mike.
  6. Is it possible to set a default answer for a dynamic simple list selection? Even if having to use branches it would be good if there was a solution on this? Thanks, Mike.
  7. @Steve Giller works perfectly thanks
  8. Is there a way to branch a PCF by a user's site please? Regards and thanks, Mike.
  9. I quite like how much clearer it makes it but not sure it looks very good having 5/6 font sizes on the same page!
  10. Not sure this works very well either:
  11. Hi all, Good work on the new UI, we think it looks much cleaner but just one issue for us is the placement of email. Ideally this would be next to the notifications panel still due to the fact it is much less prominent (and more likely to be missed) in the left hand pane. Mike.
  12. Thanks @Victor - my main gripe was the validation passed and the error message on BPM invocation wasn't helpful :-)
  13. @Victor that's correct. Will send you the BPM now
  14. I disconnected the arrow between the END PARALLEL PROCESSING and VIA, then attached the END PARALLEL PROCESSING to the next END PARALLEL PROCESSING.
  15. Hi Victor, Would it be helpful if I exported the process version for you? Resolved as soon as I removed the VIA connection. Mike.
  16. Turns out you can't have two process flows arriving at the same VIA node. Wasn't picked up by the process validator though?
  17. Not the most helpful message following some changes I've made to a BPM? The changes are quite extensive so to pick this apart is going to be quite time consuming. Can someone help me with this asap please?
  18. Thanks @Victor, worked a treat. Think I applied that method to PCFs previously and not BPMs! Mike.
  19. @Victor would I have to use a task answer in conjunction with a request update node to do this then? Mike.
  20. Thanks @Victor I thought about creating a node but is that variable based on content or would that be hard coded? Thinking the template AND node would otherwise have to be adjusted when changes are made to the template? I didn't realise the VIEW EMAIL option was there so a good workaround for now. Mike.
  21. Ive not used this field in my PCF but in any event, this setting is set on my instance
  22. Done this hundreds of times but this task doesn't seem to be populating the custom field (have checked the database) for me? Can I get a second opinion on this please? Regards, Mike.
  23. @Steve Giller is there a reason why this is a limitation? Surely you would want to see the actual correspondence sent to a customer? Can this be pushed as an enhancement please?
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