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Found 8 results

  1. So we have a few departments that use the @xxxxxx functionality within Service Manager and on the whole it works great but we are sometimes struggle to see the wood for the trees as they get swallowed up with the notifications about requests etc. Would it be possible to move the mentions to the side bar like tasks, chat etc? e.g. as below, with a rising count of mentions that you haven't seen.
  2. Would it be possible to create tags for cards, notes etc that are added to a lane in Board Manager? This would be so that we can easily tag the task, card, note to display things like Importance or which project they relate to etc. I see that there are simple lists for Board Manager but not sure what happens with then if you create a new simple list where this appears or what the options are for simple lists.
  3. We are in the process of trying to convince one of our other service desks in our wider group to migrate to our Hornbill Service Manager Instance from 'Salesforce Desk'. One of the features they use extensively and is one of the blocking issues, is there ability to add multiple tags/labels to there requests which they then use as part of there process for identification and searching/selection. As Requests can have multiple tags/labels associated with them and they are not necessarily sequential nor singular we cannot utilise sub states to emulate them. Example screen shot below show how these are presented, with them being coloured coded and appended in front of the subject line. Are there any plans to offer a similar Tag/Label facility in Service Manager? If not can we raise this as an enhancement to provide the following:- Admin Tool - Setup Tags/Labels and assign colour coding. Requests - Add/Remove Tags/Labels from predefined list. Request List - add as additional column for display Request List Views - add as an additional field criteria. Cheers Martyn
  4. Whilst work continues on the provision of a full text search facility for Service Manager timeline entries, is it also worth considering a second parallel search facility by implementing the use of 'tags' within in timeline updates, by perhaps extending the Wiki Markup to allow you to mark certain words, error messages as tags. The tags could then be held in a linked table to the request itself, which would be easier to search by than the whole timeline? You could also allow the manual entry of tags against the request, like you can do in Document Manager. You could subsequently then look at adding in 'intelligence' (i.e. pattern matching) to automatically add certain phrases or wording if they occur in a timeline update as a tag, i.e. if it find a match for 'ORA-?????' add it as tag. You could also then use the tags to provide links to possible related requests in the solution tab, based on occurrences of the tags in the current requests summary or description. Cheers Martyn
  5. Hi there, I deleted a document without removing it's tag. Even though the document is no longer available, it still appears in the library as an item under the same tag. Is there a way to recover the document or remove the tag? Thanks in advance, L
  6. Hi, I was testing something with the doc manager app the other day. Following my tests, I decided to do some cleaning and I noticed that tags associated to documents are not removed from the "Tags" section when the document is removed... Is this the intended behaviour? Because at the moment it is quite confusing.
  7. Hello, A feature that I thought of whilst working with Nadeem that would certainly help to narrow down the Service / Catalog that the user requires would be to have the ability to add tags to Services / Catalogs. Some users may refer to something differently to others and tags would be a good way to reflect this as they would type it in the search box on the Self Service Portal and would be able to find the Service / Catalog they require to log a call. Samuel
  8. Hello, I have created a report using the h_lib_documents table. I have selected the necessary columns, including the tags: I changed the order of the tags column, then had look at the Data Preview... i can see that many Documents do not have any tags (some do). I then go to the actual document on the front end, and can visibly see tags on it. See the highlighted document with no tags: The document highlighted above does actually have tags: (link)/docmanager/document/details/DOC20150900000004 Can someone advise on what's going on? We need to report on these, as we are unsure what documents have tags or not. Originally we though most of them don't have tags, but because the report doesn't work that is probably untrue. Thanks, Samuel.
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