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  1. Hi all, I've seem to hit a bit of a stumbling block, on how you add multiple connections into a bpm node. At this point I don't know exactly who they will be, but it will be a group of circa 20 connections at the basic user level that I need to include a part of a Service Request (SR Ticket type) The wiki seems to indicate that this is done through the simple list function using Simple list, but it's not clear where or how you edit this since the new UI change. The Config inside the bpm only allows one coworker but you can remove multiple connections, but only add a connection. Has anyone managed to get this working with multiple connections of various license type? Many Thanks Adam
  2. At the moment the 'View Request' option for connections allows the viewing of the request in the Employee Portal, but not the Timeline. Enabling the 'Allow Collaboration' option allows them to both view and interact with the Timeline. Can we an enhancement request to allow read only view of the Timeline but not being able to update it. Ideally controllable at the service level, or as a system setting which enables view only of the Timeline when a connection has been granted 'View Request' permission. Cheers Martyn
  3. I want to delete all requests logged from January 2017 to January 2020 for a given set of services, regardless of status or type of request. Using guidance from the Clean Utility WIKI page, I have compiled the attached script. Please could you check if I have got the scripting correct for doing this? (i.e. sanity check The line I am unsure about is: KeepRequestsCancelBPTasks: false, Not sure what it does. If not needed, can I remove this line without upsetting anything? conf.json.txt
  4. We are in the process of trying to convince one of our other service desks in our wider group to migrate to our Hornbill Service Manager Instance from 'Salesforce Desk'. One of the features they use extensively and is one of the blocking issues, is there ability to add multiple tags/labels to there requests which they then use as part of there process for identification and searching/selection. As Requests can have multiple tags/labels associated with them and they are not necessarily sequential nor singular we cannot utilise sub states to emulate them. Example screen shot below show how these are presented, with them being coloured coded and appended in front of the subject line. Are there any plans to offer a similar Tag/Label facility in Service Manager? If not can we raise this as an enhancement to provide the following:- Admin Tool - Setup Tags/Labels and assign colour coding. Requests - Add/Remove Tags/Labels from predefined list. Request List - add as additional column for display Request List Views - add as an additional field criteria. Cheers Martyn
  5. Related to my earlier post on structured searching within Workspaces, would it be possible to list the field names which are exposed for searching requests. From my testing it appears 'content' seems to include the historic updates as well as the timeline updates, but thinking of whether you can also use search criteria such as owner, service, team etc. Cheers Martyn
  6. Hello, I have had a number of reports from users that when they open a request or incident from the request list the details no longer automatically expand. Is this a design choice or a bug in the design? It would be ideal if we had the option to allow the details to automatically expand. I've double checked on my machine in incognito mode and confirmed what my users are reporting. Many thanks
  7. I have a scenario where I would like to post text data capture from a client into a Service Request through the API. At present I would like to use either 1) A request custom attribute to store the data Not sure of what Hornbill Service Manager Requests function is best to do this. or 2) A request activity stream entry with a specific type I have successfully done this using "https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests?op=updateReqTimeline" However, once the data is posted I then want to be able to search / find the values via the API For both scenarios above I am not sure of the correct Requests function to do this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Ben
  8. I am struggling to restrict the view of cases that are logged into a "Team" that the Service Desk Technician is not present in. Am i missing something basic here? I have created a new role that contains the following roles. When logged on as this User and select "All My Services". Every case shows
  9. Hi, Here at Milton Keynes Council its been requested that we try to implement a mechanism to priortise certain 'VIP' officers (CEO, Councillors etc.) and the their requests. I've found details about the enhancement applied in Q3 2020 - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Quarterly_Update_2020_Q3 - whereby banners can be applied for VIPP requests. 1. Has anyone implemented this and does it require updating all the BPMs linked to Progressive Captures? 2. Is there a way to highlight the request, using colour, once it arrives in the Service Manager request queue for further visibility ? 3. Are there any other alternatives to prioritise these type of VIP customers? Many thanks Rashid Milton Keynes Council
  10. We are in the process of implementing the Employee portal with the de-support of the Service Portal, but noticed an issue with the 'Requests' widget. It is resizing to take on the height of the other widget in the row, but is not filling the space with the request vertically and still showing a second page even though more then 6 requests can be shown in the widget space. Does not appear to be any control for this, as the only configuration option appears to be the 'Style' tab. Is this something we can configure or is this a defect? Cheers Martyn
  11. I know that I have already asked this question as part of the Webinar for the new Employee Portal but I just wanted to formalise a question to see how other feel. We are about to add a significant amount of Services to our system and most of these do not need to appear on the portal but we will be raising requests against these for our customers, however with the current model you will only be able to see/interact these requests in the portal if that Service is visible on the portal. Can we ask for an enhancement to allow customers to view all their requests in the portal regardless of the visibility of the Service, maybe via a setting on the admin side that allows this to be overridden for those customers that don't want this to be an option? Currently we expose all services on the portal and then we have to add a · before the Services that we want to appear at the top of the Services list, the downside of this is when logging requests it puts these Services at the bottom of the list rather than an alphabetical list leading to confusion.
  12. After switch-on, can I delete all requests and start from #1 again? Is that normal? We've generated an awful lot of tickets while testing workflows and am curious if we can start from #1 again at launch.
  13. Does anyone else generate large number of requests in bulk and if so how to you do it? We have a large number of service requests we need to log annually for inspections and safety tests on equipment, in our case street signage/equipment. The only option I can see at the moment is to create the list from spreadsheet and then use the SQL Request Importer. Cheers Martyn
  14. We are about to embark on a course of action, but I wanted some clarity around what others so to get around the issue of linking incidents to problem requests. My current plan is to place a node in the problem bpm when raised to pass details of the PB number and the description to some code via the API to update a simple list called Problem Requests. This list is then going to be added to the Raise Request PCF so that when jobs are raised we can get our analysts to choose from the simple list the correct problem record to link the new incident too. Once the incident is then logged, I will then add a node which will pass (again via API call) the incident number of the new request and the problem number selected from the simple list and link the two via an API call. Obviously this is basically creating a mini knowledge management system for problem records but I wondered how others where approaching this issue and their working practices, as we have found the the Knowledge Centre in beta is not useful to for linking any requests. Also there is no functionality in the BPM designer to allow us to link requests even through we have two valid request numbers which would be 'relatively straight forward' (in my mind) to be able to do this as part of the BPM. Any help or insights gladly received.
  15. Hi, I am trying to capture the time spent logging a request in timesheet manager, but can't seem to find out how to do it. Has anyone set this up in the past and using it? thanks Darren
  16. Hi, I have seen the following video on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIK_hEJ6NQ8) and I'm trying to get the search on our Customer Portal to show 'Requests' as well as 'Services' & 'Catalogs' . Our customers have asked why can they not put in a request number/reference into the search and it find their request. This is really frustrating them. I have also tried searching for words in the Summary or Description but no luck. Any advice please? I thought it may have been a configuration setting somewhere to allow requests to also show in search results, but I struggled to find anything. Many thanks Steve.
  17. We know that you can schedule activities based on assets, but we have requirements to generate requests on a regular basis against Services and didn't know if this is possible?
  18. When customers log a self service request it seems that the first few actions are suggesting that they are done by the customer when actually these are performed by the System BPM Manager e.g Emails being sent, timeline updates etc. Can this be investigated?
  19. Hi, When we used to raise requests from email it would automatically add any attached files to the call. (This is going back quite some time now) But now we are only able to attach files to the request by either applying an email to an existing request or by applying files that we have downloaded. Is there a setting that we can change so that it will attach files when raising requests again or is this no longer possible? Thanks
  20. We have a form that we ask our analysts to complete which includes picking an asset from a list taken from the asset management panel, is there a way to add this asset to the request as part of the BPM?
  21. Is it possible to search for requests that are associated with an asset? I ask this question because I am trying to create reports to find incidents, services requests etc. that are associated with a particular asset. There must be an association because when you look at a particular request, you can see the assets associated with it. I am essentially trying to do the reverse of this. I've been looking at the various entities in the Entity Viewer to find a link but have been unsuccessful so far!
  22. Hello everybody We are using the Requests::smGetRequests API to extract data about incidents / requests. What we are trying to do is to find out which requests have received Customer Feedback, and then extract the Customer Feedback via an API. We have gone through the API documents, but cannot work out how to do this. I can see that Requests::smGetDetails does have this information, but this needs a requestId (e.g. IN123456789), and cannot be filtered on the date the feedback was given. Is there an API to get the 'Request Feedback' entity, or the h_itsm_request_feedback? Hope you can help. Alex
  23. Is there somewhere where we can choose the information that appears in this box to include extra information such as 'Site' in our case?
  24. Hello, I have added a label in a progressive capture, but once the request is logged, it duplicates the text. Is there a way to not have the text show twice (other than using different text for the first line, as it's just intended for information only)? Many thanks, Alisha
  25. When making changes to a business process you might find these changes not being applied on newly raised requests. This is a common oversight and it happens because the version of the process which contains the changes has not been published. If making changes in a process and save an activate the process, the new version created also needs to be published if you need the changes to take effect in the newly raised requests. Publishing a version of the process is done from the "Publishing Manager" interface within the business process designer.
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