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Found 25 results

  1. Good morning, I would like to request some improvements to the Sites area: Improvements to the Sites search Utilise the same search functionality that's in Requests and Assets list to enable filtering and default views etc. Improvements to the Service Manager tab Utilise the same search functionality that's in Requests and Assets list to all tabs within the Service Manager tab, to enable filtering and default views etc. Ability for Hornbill to auto create the Longitude and Latitude using the address details (if possible) Ability to bulk select some or all users in a site, and move them to another site Thanks, Samuel
  2. Good afternoon, I would like to request the ability to indent questions and their respective input fields one or more times. This will be used to give the illusion of question grouping or parent/child/child questions. I believe it should be an extra option within the field configuration where a user can specify whether to use Indent Level 0, 1 or 2. The indent should show when amending the Custom Form in the ICF - for example, this is my interpretation of a single indent at margin-left: 15px When viewing the questions on the Employee Portal, they should be indented as such. In fact, it looked odd with the Horizontal rule, so I removed them (via the F12 tools). I don't even need the heading IMO. Thanks, Samuel
  3. Goo afternoon, I would like to request the ability to add formatting options to Custom Fields in the Request List view. I have a Custom Field (h_custom_21) that is populated with the dates of the New Starter, Mover and Leavers. The field type that is used to populate h_custom_21 is a Date field only (no time). But when h_custom_21 is populated, we see the time on it in both the Request List (Custom View) and in the Request Details. Please can we have the ability to format the display of these date fields to not include the time. Request List Custom View: Request Details:
  4. Our 2nd Tier analysts cannot amend visibility of an update, if that has been submitted by another analyst.They believe it was working previously but stopped working in old UI and still not working in new UI.I provided the TL with this post (https://community.hornbill.com/topic/14826-cannot-change-visibility-of-emails/?tab=comments#comment-71786) and logged with support ( Incident IN00168636)As a result, the TL has asked if the config can be changed so we have these permissions: the visibility can be changed by the User who made the post (current) the visibility can be changed by a Service Desk Admin (current) the visibility can be changed by the owner of the request (New Feature)
  5. Hello, In the Employee Portal, for the majority of our Services, we don't link to Service page. We simply create a page dedicated to that service, with a Links widget that takes users straight to the individual Catalogs within that Service. We prefer this over the Services screen at the moment as it looks better and gives us a more flexibility. What I have just noticed is that when a customer accesses the ticket, they have the option to go to the Service page... but we don't want this, as this will cause confusion as they will have ended up on a page that isn't accessible to them via the Employee Portal. Please can we have the option to remove this link if not already possible? We are not live with the Employee Portal yet.
  6. Hello, Please can I request for the following Session variables to be set up, so I can display this information in the Employee Portal: 1. Manager's Name 2. Home Organization Thanks, Samuel
  7. Hello, As far as I understand it, the team that has been linked to the Service the longest (even by seconds) is the main supporting team when it comes to using the BPM node Assign to Support Team: Please can I request there to be a way to highlight the main supporting team against a Service under Service Portfolio, having a toggle slider? (Mock-up below) If someone attempts to turn on the Slider for another team it should either stop them and show an error message that the existing main support team must be disabled, or it should switch the existing main support team off, and the new one on automatically. I think this should only be accessible via a Role The Team with the toggle on, should remain at the top of the Supporting Teams list Thanks, Samuel
  8. Hi, Within Supportworks, we have "Last Action Text" column (OpenCall -> Last_Text) where we can quickly see the latest update for each calls within Service Desk feature, and we rely on this very heavily in reportings. Service Manager does not have this within Request List, is it possible in there being an ability to display the first 255 characters of the last request timeline update in the request list? We can also then make use of this in reportings. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, The nature of the business means our SD analysts need to be mindful of current events when raising tickets as this can impact criticality. We keep a separate calendar but because of the spread of events (across entertainment, sport, politics...) these can often get missed. It would be brilliant if bulletins in the Service Portfolio could be configured for Service Portal, Service Manager interface or both - that way we'd be able to move the events calendar into Service Manager and use the start/end dates to display bulletin banners. If I've missed some existing functionality please let me know! - otherwise making bulletins available whilst call logging or displaying them somewhere after a ticket has been raised would solve all kinds of problems for us! Thanks, Alistair
  10. Good afternoon, Please can I request for the "Customer Type" be added to the Rules for the Custom Buttons against Requests. I would like to be able to define whether a button is showing or not based on whether the Customer is a "Co-Worker" or "Contact". Thanks, Samuel
  11. Hello, I would like to request functionality to enable information to automatically display for user who is a member of the bottom-most Organization, and everything above it will be displayed against their User Details/Profile. for example (Visibility of these could be toggleable?): Cost Center Company Division/Directorate Department Team/General I know a User can be a part of multiple Teams/General organization, so having the ability to set the main Team/General, similar to how we can select the Home Organization could fulfil this? Using the list above, if the User is a member of a Directorate (ie. a Director) then they won't have any Department or Team/General details displayed. Thanks, Samuel Wood
  12. Hello, In the request details, I found a good use case for having a Custom field (B) set up to point to a simple list which holds the URL for the Support Portal. This goes hand in hand with the External Reference number. I could open the Support Portal website defined in Custom Field B via a Custom Button without having to go to my favourites or hunt around for the URL. Here is what the Simple List looks like: However, I have come across something odd... If add to / update the Simple List via the Design view of the Request Details, I can add in a URL as long as I want, and it will apply... but if I add in the URL directly into Administration -> Simple Lists, I simply do not have enough characters in some cases. Via Simple Lists it looks like the character limit is 64 characters, but to use the bottom URL as an example (added via the Design view of the request details) this URL contains 78 characters. Please can the character limit of the Value field be extended to 130 or more as I think we have some Support Portal URL's that are almost as long as that. Thanks, Samuel
  13. Feature request - would it be possible to have a library picker under the document tab against each service? This is so documents can be grouped rather than be in a long list.
  14. Hi, When I schedule reports, within Administration area, to be emailed to our customers, rather than them receiving an email saying it is being sent from "ICT Department" (as they do when receiving notification of calls being raised although from a different mailbox), they see Hornbill as the Sender instead. Can there be the ability to change the sender name from Hornbill to something else e.g. ICT Department for webapp.view.usersPreferredMailbox? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi there I would like to be able to create a shopping basket for our hardware requests, I think this was mentioned by someone else before (see below) but I cant find any other requests or solutions Is this something on the road map at all? Thanks
  16. Is it possible to get a Users Department added to this list so that we can use {{user.department}} in PCFs to show their department as a variable.
  17. Hello, Ass the title says - I would like to request the functionality to allow us to reorder the custom buttons (in the Request Details) via drag and reorder. The order we have doesn't make sense, but if I wanted to reconfigure it, I would have to remove all the buttons then recreate them again, which is not ideal. Thanks, Samuel
  18. Hello While recreating reports which were created by a colleague who has since retired I have noticed that the filter within service manager reports is a bit limited. https://admin.hornbill.com/[instance]/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/reporting/ It would be really useful to see which of the reports are scheduled and what the schedule status is (ie running, expired, failed) so you can easily identify which of a list of hundreds of reports require attention. It would be even better to see next scheduled run and report recipients too If these were added to the columns I imagine the filter would then be able to pick them up. I would imagine these additions would be useful for other areas of reporting also. Many thanks
  19. Hello, I would like to request have the possibility of viewing the Asset"s relationship to an entity when linked. Assets can be linked in multiple places (requests,assets,sites I think etc.), so it would be good to have this work the same way as the connections regions when we can define the connection type, in this case it will be to define the asset relationship type (for lack of better wording). For example a customer raising a request to have their laptop replaced, so the old laptop is linked and marked as "To be replaced". When a new laptop is added to the request, it can be marked as "Replacement". It anyone is using configuration manager then it would be good for relationship value to be pulled in from here, and if updating the value outside of configuration manager for example in teh asset region against a request, for that also to feed back into configuration manager. This can eventually extend the assets functionality in the BPM to only target assets of certain types of a certain relationship. I hope that's clear what I'm requesting. Thanks, Samuel
  20. Good morning, I would like to request for a Human Task to be highlighted (configurable?) if the task is assigned to the person viewing the request. Becomes (for example)
  21. I would like to request the feature to allow for the 'usedBy' and 'ownedBy' fields to be presented when selecting an asset from a request (see screenshot).
  22. Hello, I would like request to have the Service Domain displayed underneath the Service when a user does a search or when the Knowledge Centre comes up. The reason for this is, for example is that we have two teams using Hornbill, we both support an a specific application, but in different ways - therefore we have different Services for the same Application, under different Service Domains. This is what it looks like now: This is a mock-up(the underline in the Service name is just me hovering over the text) : Thanks, Samuel
  23. Hello, I would like to request have the functionality that will send an email via a template to a Connection once they are added to the request. These templates should be configured based on the Connection Types and should only be enabled if the Connection Type allows the user to view the request. I have mocked something up here in one of my Services. When a Connection of a particular type is added or changed to a Request, it should fire one of the Templates based on the Request Type and Connection Type IF An option in the BPM node / PCF node is enabled to send an email to added Connections when the request is Raised or when the BPM reaches that part of the process. When Adding a Connection via a request, the option to send an email is ticked Alternatively have a Global parameter that will force this on all the time. This can of course be added for other Request Types. Also in the Email Templates we should be able to return the name (and other details) of the Connection. This is particularly useful to inform users when they've been added to a request as a Connection. This is next to impossible to do via a BPM as the Connections could be added at any stage so automating this would not be easy, unless there is a way to trigger a BPM (a bit like Auto-Tasks) that triggers based on the Add Connection event, but not tied to the Request BPM (but can still update the Request). Thanks, Samuel
  24. Hi all, I am sure this has been mentioned before somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Can we have default email templates where we can set a header and footer to be and then add our text in the centre? We are now using Service Manager across the group (3 businesses) and at the moment I am copying a template and then amending it but never seem to get the layout exactly the same and messing around with the fonts drives me nuts. Being able to have a header with the relevant logo and variables for all emails and a footer with the same would make my life (and I am sure a few others) much easier. Also being able to use the correct header depending on the home business of the user would be an amazing addition. As it is I dread having to add new email templates Thanks
  25. Hi, I would like to request the ability to have request specific setting that can be set by the BPM. My dilemma is that I want to force the users to make sure all the tasks are completed on certain requests (not all of them) before the request can be resolved. Since the current setting for the tasks is a global one, I would like to request the ability to be able to set this as a flag individually from within a new node (maybe called Request Settings) so the functionality only applies to those requests where the the flag for the setting was set to 'Y'. This won't just have to work for the task related settings, but for any other setting that is global but could be applied as a Request setting. The beauty is that these setting can be changed on the fly at any point of the process depending on what needs to happen and doesn't impact the global settings. Thanks, Samuel
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