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  1. Ill admit, I didnt search - was in a rush sorry
  2. Since the latest update to the font awesome icons the feedback stars have disappeared and are no longer clickable for customers in the customer portal to provide a star rated feedback. I have tested this on Chrome, IE and Firefox to determine its not a browser issue and attached a screenshot.
  3. Hi James, We've ditched the boards and moved to use the Service Manager Boards instead which is doing everything we needed. We just wanted to have a public board. Thanks for the help Paul
  4. All Users of the boards have access who need it, our basic users do not have access to the boards, but can obviously use the service side. I know it should realistically skip any non existing cards (as the flows we used never even made it to the board) but instead we get that error. I can recheck the users permissions, but it errors for me as well and I have super user and board super user roles.
  5. Actually We still have an issue since that change. The change raises this error on all flows. Is it becuase the card doesnt exist on the Board unless it meets the SLA Criteria?
  6. Hi all, We have started using boards for tracking which tickets are due to breach our Urgent and High SLA's however once the ticket is resolved I cannot get it to remove from the boards. Ive looked through the posts I can find here as well and tried a few things including the inverse of this: But alas no luck. I have attached the BPM i am using to test with currently, essentially on resolution I want to remove the card from the board. Thanks other-request.bpm.txt
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