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  1. Found the post elsewhere...ignore this....
  2. I'm having the same issue this morning after just updating. Is this an ongoing issue?
  3. Cheers Conor Success at last. Paul
  4. Hi Conor Log Incident Node is set to all its Auto defaults, "Automatically pick up the value" the whole way down. The checkpoint gets marked. I've tweak something somewahere and now get an error "Stage Checklist validation failed" Cheers Paul
  5. Been trying to setup Business process where a decision is made on the ticket type that has been raised. If SR the process carries on, if IN it should Log New Incident. I get no errors but a new Incident with all the details copied to it never ever gets created. What am I missing?
  6. We have a selection of users, not all, that we are unable to update or delete the site information on their profile. Not sure how we manage to accomplish this but any ideas on how we step back or clear the error?
  7. We have a need to refresh and assign assets correctly to users as the data has not been updated appropriatley over a long period. Is there a quick way to bulk remove an asset so we can import and start fresh again? i.e., Computer Sytems>Desktops.
  8. We are moving our MX record to point to Exchange online in the next few days. Is the a how to guide for outbound and shared mailbox setup that could be had. Can't find anything on wiki page.
  9. That all the info I needed. Many thanks James.
  10. We are in the process of moving from on prem Lotus Notes to Azure Exchange. Can anyone confirm if Hornbill Email Outbound Email Routing and Shared Mailbox connections requires us to have a servicedesk user mailbox (licenced) or a shared group mailbox? Cheers Folks Paul
  11. AHAH!.... tried a few different browsers. This work in Firefox fine but not IE 11.
  12. @Victor Any notion where the problem is for the issue? 'Between chair and keyboard' is not the response before you even think it
  13. Hi Armando Tried the steps as laid out but still no change. Cheers Paul
  14. Hi Armando Log shows errors for EspServer Service..beyond that I'm in the dark. Tried removing company to add again and discovered I can't delete it. It clears from the filed but when I re-save the asset it populated again. Cheers Paul
  15. Hi Armando I have the site associated with the company. There are no options to associate a company (the Parent) with a site. The company field in the new asset populates with the parent company without any issue. Cheers Paul
  16. When creating a new Asset the Select site field under Physical Location Information is visible but none of my sites are shown. All other fields can be populated including user and company etc, site selection no. Is there a prerequisite for making them available.?
  17. Hi Folks Is there a way to report an asset by it's display name along with it dependencies by display name? All I seem to be able to get is the word "Asset" and the ID number. Failing that is there any other documentation other than that on Wiki which is fine for Service Manager reporting but not very enlightening for CI. Point me in the right direction and let me go....
  18. Tested and working fine. Recent tickets needed the BPM restarted on each to clear error otherwise it worked.
  19. Hi James Update seems to have worked. Now have access to drop downs for type and class. Many Thanks
  20. Thanks James. Seems obvious now that you mention it. My cart before the horse approach as usual...I blame all the Christmas spirit(s). Cheers
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