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  1. It is possible to change the text in the standard green and red answers in the Employee Portal one a ticket has been resolved. At the moment the wording in the red button is a bit blunt.
  2. Hi Once an agent has closed a ticket, it is possible for a customer/user to reopen the ticket via the Employee Portal. We would find this useful for the customer/user to be able to reopen a ticket.
  3. @Daniel Dekel Thanks for the reply. Would be good to have this as an option. In the meantime does anyone know how to remove this item from our ' My Services' on the Employee Portal. I know I added it, but forgotten how I did this.
  4. Hi Currently have 'Raise a System Request with ICT' on the Employee portal after I click on My Services. Would like to remove this or have this link redirect to another website url Preferably would like it to link to another url, is this possible?
  5. Hi All Is there a way to order the view on the "Available FAQs" when replying to a ticket. We gave the FAQ meaningful categories in the first part of their title, but sadly the "Available FAQs" seem to be in published order ? Is there a way to order alphabetically, as this will help us locate the FAQ's quicker.
  6. Update on our issue. Have checked our certificates located at Home > System > Security > SSO Profiles and they are all valid. We have one user who is able to login via SSO.
  7. Morning No changes made to by us onsite, but this morning unable to login to HornBill. Get the following with Edge And get this with Chrome Any ideas, could it be certificate?
  8. Hi We are starting to transfer our FAQs into Hornbill. Couple of the Service Desk Team are unable to add new FAQs due to permissions Cog -> Service Manager -> My Services -> "IT Support" -> FAQs -> +New FAQ What group do they need to be in ? Thanks
  9. Hi All Probably easy, how do you create a report against key word in Request>Summary Field. So looking to create a report that lists an requests open or on hold that start with the word 'Leaver' Thanks
  10. We are creating our Employee Portal over the next month and one of the areas we need to build is FAQ. The only YouTube video I can find is https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_FAQs but this seems to relate to an older HornBill Version. Where in the Administration section do you create and assign FAQ's. Thanks
  11. HI @Bob Dickinson Thanks for the help on this, it does work, almost. Being prompted for a value as in the image attached.
  12. Hi Before moving forward with our Service Manager I need to make sure 'categories' are completed on requests. Is there a way to run a report where category name of id Against Custom Criteria is blank. Not sure of the source code to place in the field. Thinking is might be {null} Thanks
  13. Thanks Victor aka Hornbill Sith Lord, worked perfectly. Scheduled to run at 5pm on workdays.
  14. Hi All Has anyone created a report which can be run at the end of the day showing same day resolution. So requests open today and closed today. Have tried a few combinations with h_datelogged and h_dateresolved but having no luck. Thanks
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