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  1. Cheers Steve. I'll have to go back to suppliers. We have all our spf and dkim setup so they must have started to use FCrDNS only in the last few days.
  2. Has/is anyone else suddenly having problem with outbound emails from service desk to suppliers being reject due to DNS error for live.hornbill.com?
  3. Many Thanks. I'll try the update. If not I'll have to tweak my OU structure a little.
  4. At the minute we user LDAP Import Utility v3.12.0 to sync our users to Hornbill for SSO. All working great yesterday, this morning it decided to update basic user accounts as normal but also coverted all our admin User accounts to basic. Usually it is unable to update these as it can't demote a user with tasks. I rely on it being unable to demote users with tasks but is there another way to prevent LDAP from repeating the demotion? Or a means of excluding admin users from LDAP update?
  5. Sorry to break in on this old thread. Is there a setting needing enabled to allow me as admin to see other users task, I can only see my own.
  6. Same here - same cache service ping error. Not back yet to normal yet.
  7. Is there an option to make any of past posts publically invisible unless reader in a forum member?
  8. Found the post elsewhere...ignore this....
  9. I'm having the same issue this morning after just updating. Is this an ongoing issue?
  10. Cheers Conor Success at last. Paul
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