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Report/Search showing where Simple Lists are used

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We need some way of working out where a given Simple List is used, primarily within Intelligent Captures in Service Manager.  The scenario of use is where the content of the list drives what subsequent data fields are displayed in a form or are used to determine direction in the subsequent Business Process.  The given Simple List may be used in some forms where update of its content may break the process if not handled correctly.

Is there a way to report on what ICs use a given Simple List?  Or could a search feature be built into the Simple List screens (similar to email templates) that show where the given list is used?

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Hi @Stuart Torres-Catmur and others

Although there isn't a simple way of reporting at present, we do have a search option that will help you identify the Intelligent Capture in which particular Simple Lists are used. 

In the Intelligent Captures screen, click on the small Magnifying Glass button and type in the exact name of the simple list, and click "Search". This will bring back all captures that have at least 1 occurrence of that list being used (and will tell you if it's used more than once in some captures too). 

Whilst it doesn't highlight the specific node in which it is used, it is a useful mechanism to filter down the captures to show you the relevant ones, and you know the list will be present somewhere within each. 




I hope this helps


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