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Customer Notifications of Request updates

Mike Hillman

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We're trying to work out if it's possible to send notification emails to customers whenever one of our analysts updates a request (via adding a comment or note, rather than by using the email option) - we get emails sent to us whenever a customer updates the request via the portal, does anyone know if it's possible for this to work the other way round, and customers get email notifications when we update requests?

Many Thanks

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Yes its possible, we have this working on our instance but I'm struggling to find where the settings are - hopefully someone who can remember can add it here. I'll keep looking....just note they don't get to see the actual update but a generic message saying the request was updated.

Previously this didn't happen so its a big improvement, but it would be even better if the actual update could be included.


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@Mike Hillman There is an option in the services > configuration > per request type to enable an email to the customer on customer facing updates being added to a request .

  • This relates to the update action option on a request, which in turn posts to the timeline of the request
  • This is off by default
  • This can be enabled per service and per request type
  • This sends an email letting them know their ticket has an update (customer facing), and a link to follow to view the update


Hope that helps

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Just to jump on this call as I have been working on our update emails today as well - FYI the default template may need updating for this email to your customers as shown below. 



@nasimg And Nasim, we have the actual update text showing in these emails, we are using the Variable RequestLastActivity.H_content and this inserts the last update into the email. Previously I believe there was an issue with inserting the update, but not 100% sure. We were previously sending an Update email that basically pointed our customers to the Service Portal to read the update, now using this it is inserting the last update for our Customers to view in the email. Hopefully this improves this function and removes the need for our customers to logon to see said Update



Many thanks!

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@Adrian Simpkins Perfect I've added the field and it works!

So steps needed:

1) Enable the option in the services > configuration > per request type to enable an email to the customer on customer facing updates being added to a request (Thanks @Steven Boardman)


2) Amend the template (as indicated by Adrian) - default is set below (under Service Manager settings)

The email template used to email a Request's customer on Timeline updates with "Customer" visibility. This notification can be enabled via Update action in "Request Config" tab of a Service.

3) Add the variable RequestLastActivity.H_content, which is RequestLastActivity - Content Preview in the drop down (see below)


Then when you update a request the email will contain the actual update.


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And one more thing - all of the above posts are for when your analysts "update" the request.

If your customer updates the request via the portal you can't see that text (which would be great) but you can get a notification (as below).


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Rather than start a new post I just wanted to query as part of the above is there a way to get images included in the update section to go out with the email. 

If I simply update with an image and no text then I get {{RequestLastActivity.H_content}} in the email which I have solved with the |empty on the variable but I would still like to see images. 

I have tried a number of the other variables is there one to do this? Or can this be a feature that gets looked into.

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Hi Andy

I do not believe it is currently possible to insert an image (much like the solutions page - if you have a document there with images it just shows the text and ignore the images in the original solution page)

I believe this is something to be enhanced at some point, perhaps someone from Hornbill could confirm my assumption above :)

Many thanks


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Just hijacking this thread as I can't get email notifications to work when I update a request.

In the service I've updated the settings to allow an email update when an analyst updates the ticket and sets that update to 'customer':



However, when I update a request and set the visibility to 'customer', I still don't get an email:





I can't see any reason for this and there are no 'errors'.

Any ideas please?



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