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  1. Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for that....I do already use the ctrl-click but I quite often need to get rid of quite big chunks of a BPM (normally because I've made a bit of a mess!) and the click/drag selection would make my life a lot easier (not as easy as learning to NOT make mistakes, but I know which of these two options is more likely to happen )
  2. Would it be possible to add the ability to click, drag and select a whole bunch of nodes etc to select them in a PCF or BPM editor please? Or, if I've added a load of nodes to a Group Box, to be able to select that Group Box, press delete and for it to delete the box AND all the nodes inside it? thanks!
  3. @AlexTumber I've downloaded the ESPServerService log but it only goes back to 23:02 last night, so any errors which happened before then aren't shown - so I can't really help! I don't think @Jo Sword has created any new Projects since yesterday so I can't check any more files. We DO know though that pressing the 'rerun' button on the HUD of the SR DOES successfully create a new project - the problem with this is that we then have to go in and manually complete all of the tasks in the original (failed) project to be able to cancel it....
  4. I've been asked a few times to give more info on an error message or a problem by looking through the log files to try to find some 'errors' or other. The problem is, I have NO idea what I'm looking for, or where I'm looking or how to find out what I MIGHT need to be looking for. Is there any documentation or pointers anywhere which might help me to find useful information please? For instance, how far back do the logs go (I've tried searching for errors logged yesterday afternoon, but I get no returns at all so I'm assuming that they get 'wiped' after a set amount of time). thanks
  5. @AlexTumber I'm not sure which logs to look in, or what to search for....can you give me some pointers please? thanks
  6. We've recently been tasked with looking at ways of documenting and cataloguing our Catalog Items which, as it turns out, is going to be a massive task! One of the tasks involved is going to be somehow getting a list of PCF's and BPM's and documenting what questions are asked and what manual activities are carried out in each of these. We currently have over 300 'live' BPM's so this is obviously going to take some time (and oh how I wish I'd done this when I started creating BPM's so I wouldn't be playing catch-up now!!) Anyway.....getting to the point....I discovered that there is a free online tool which can help with this task. It can be found here: https://json-csv.com/ Basically, if you download a BPM or PCF definition, then copy and paste that JSON text into the web site, it will convert it to a downloadable csv or Excel file which then helps you to filter out the questions, possible answers, conditional settings etc. I thought it might be helpful to other people......so here you go!!
  7. Morning I'm not sure if this is a Service Manager problem or a Project Manager so I'll tag @Victor and @AlexTumber just in case! We have a Service Request which is used to create a Project using an iBridge method - which has worked for ages! Today though, we've got a problem where the BPM of the SR is failing with the error message: Although the Project IS being created, it's not creating any relationships so the Project doesn't progress. Can this be looked at please? We have two incidences of this happening so far: SR00129741 and SR00128396 thanks
  8. Hi @James Ainsworth Yes it is......thank you.
  9. Possibly a pathetic request but when you're creating a Simple List, and you have to add a new item, can the blank (empty) box be added to the TOP of the list please? I've just created quite a long list, and having to scroll up to press the 'add' button got a bit tedious after a while.......(i know, I'm lazy..) thanks!
  10. Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for the suggestions.....I didn't explain before, but I think our problem is that the order we ask the questions in probably needs to change! When we first started using Hornbill, we were concentrating on how the first line support analysts would talk through a problem on the phone (which, at the time, was where the bulk of our calls came in). With that in mind, we thought we'd ask questions in the following order: WHO was calling What the fault was (summary, description) Which Service this applied to. Now that we've started adding more and more teams to Hornbill I think that we need to change numbers 2 and 3 around as it's the Service which will dictate which PCF is needed and where the request is assigned. Most of our services are supported primarily by a specific team, so assignment doesn't necessarily need to happen in the PCF as it gets picked up in the BPM, so a lot of the time that question isn't even asked. I thought that maybe knowing which mailbox the email came from (each of our teams have their own specific mailbox) would enable me to branch off to a different PCF, but it looks like that's not going to be an option so I think I'll just have to change the order in which we ask the questions. I didn't really want to do this as it will mean a 'blanket change' for all of our users, but it may well be that we've been doing it wrong this whole time
  11. +1 for this - I thought we'd requested this ages ago, but can't find it now!
  12. HI @Steve Giller Where would I set up the routing rule per mailbox please? I can see that this could be done for autologging requests, but where is this set for when people are manually logging requests from emails? thanks
  13. Could the 'assigned to team' field be added to the 'show button if....' list when choosing the conditions for when to show or hide a Custom Button please?
  14. We now have quite a few teams using Hornbill, but each team seems to want different information gathered when logging a request from email. SOME of them want to be make it so that the person logging the request takes a look at the email and extracts the contact phone number for the customer and add it to a (mandatory) field, and other teams don't need this function. I'm looking for a way to differentiate, in the PCF, which mailbox is being used to log the request from so that I can maybe bypass this mandatory field if required. Is there a way to do this? if not, could an additional search field be added which can pick up the mailbox ID? Or, could each mailbox have a setting which allows a different PCF to be used when logging requests from that mailbox please? Hope that all makes sense!!
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