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  1. We're looking through our instance and trying to 'cut the fluff' by removing anything which just hasn't been used - so we've run reports to see which PCF's and BPM's aren't connected to anything and removing them. We've come to a point where we'd like to do the same with the myriad of email templates, but we can't find a report or a table to search to tell us whether an email template has been sent. Is there such a thing anywhere? thanks
  2. Is there a possibility that I, as the Service manager admin, could have a notification emailed to me in the event of a BPM failing please? Obviously analysts tell me when they have a 'red box' error when they go in to a request, but if something has happened with a request coming off hold (for instance) this error may not be picked up for a while. I do have a daily task to check these, but a notification of some sort would be handy too/instead. thanks
  3. We have 13 different calendars on our instance and, as it's that time of year again, we need to enter all the Bank Holidays for next year. Is there a way of updating all of them at once rather than having to do them individually please? If not, could a way of doing this be added please? thanks
  4. Hi @Steve Giller There were a couple this morning, but I thought you'd see in the logs or something that there'd been more failures.....so I manually logged them! Sorry... I'll keep an eye on it and leave any new ones which come in (they're mainly Absence Manager emails in the HR Admin mailbox) and report them as they happen. thanks
  5. +1 for us too please.....sames as @Adrian Simpkins we have new teams and departments joining Hornbill all the time, and setting up their profiles and roles is pretty difficult at the moment! Adding roles to Teams would be a good start for us please. thanks
  6. Hi @Keith Stevenson Is there any news on why some email routing rules seem to be failing please? We're still having a couple of problems with Absence Manager and Azure requests thanks
  7. OK...found it!! I'd had the Super User Role removed from my account.....I thought it was the Admin role which gave you access to database direct, but apparently isn't! Thanks...
  8. I seem to have lost the icon for Database Direct - it was under Home| System | Data this morning I thought?!
  9. As more and more departments in our company are now using Hornbill, I want to pass the management of Services on to heads of departments. I've given these people the role of Services Manager and set each service to be 'Private', but this doesn't seem to give the managers the rights to change their Service Description. Is there a role which WOULD give them access to do this, or, if not, can I change something so that they CAN update their own descriptions please? thanks
  10. @Ehsan Tried again and got the same result. If I click the 'sort' button, then they DO sort in reverse, but if I click it again then I end up with 6 blank pages again! So it looks like there might be some 'orphaned' views somewhere? it's not a huge problem as I CAN now find the views but I don't think it's working as it should! thanks
  11. HI @Ehsan I can now see the views, but I have to go to page 7 before I see anything (there is a chance I could do that before, but I'm not sure I tried!). But I can now see them at least...thanks
  12. I have the Service Desk Admin role and would like to manage some shared views, but when I try I get a blank screen: I'm using Chrome as default....could someone take a look please? thanks
  13. Hi @Keith Stevenson Although MOST of our requests which are automatically logged from email ARE working, there are still a couple which are failing. Should I leave them in the mailbox (I assume you can see them? They're in the Failed Update folder of our IT Support mailbox and are Traps Alerts, Splunk Alerts and Microsoft Azure alerts.) There are also a few from our Absence Manager app which are stuck in the HR Admin mailbox thanks Paul
  14. @Keith Stevenson I can confirm that an email HAS now created a request using an Auto Responder rule, thanks.
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