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  1. Will this bug have any effect on reports or dashboards?
  2. Same here...filters and views are still not working as expected. thanks
  3. Can we be added to this please? Our instance has the same problem with searches not bringing back the correct information thanks
  4. Hi @Adam Toms...yeah I've just had my instance go down too, so hopefully it's all in hand!
  5. In fact, just done another search JUST for the Supply Chain Admin team and that's not working at all:
  6. I've just tried to show someone how to do a custom view, but it looks like it's using an 'or' clause instead of an 'and' clause... So, above, it should be looking for requests where the team is Supply Chain Admin AND the status is either Open or On Hold. But is seems to be showing all other teams as well as Supply Chain Admin.
  7. Hi @Steven Boardman Has there been any movement on whether the Request ID could be included in the list of BPM's please? I've got a list of about 50 or so failed BPM's (auto-logging from email isn't working as expected, which has been reported) and I'm having to go through each BPM to get them sorted. However, having to do a SQL search on each BPM ID is adding to the workload! thanks
  8. Being able to open attachments without needing to download them first would definitely be a +1 from us.
  9. Hi @Ehsan I've done a little bit of testing, and I can't replicate this either! But, the only link which seems to make this happen is this one (which is a link to MS training): https://support.office.com/office-training-center?redirectSourcePath=%2fen-us%2farticle%2fOffice-Training-Center-b8f02f81-ec85-4493-a39b-4c48e6bc4bfb I've asked the user to log out and in and that hasn't made a difference. I'll get her to clear her cache and see what happens. I'll let you know! thanks
  10. I have a user who is getting an error when trying to add a FAQ to a service - If she adds just 'normal' text, then there are no problems. However, if she adds a link to another website, then this error pops up and it deletes everything in the FAQ. I've tried doing the same, and it works fine for me, and this user has added many FAQ's before! Any ideas please? The actual
  11. Hi @James Ainsworth I'll give that a go, but it does make me wonder if other requests aren't getting any information added to these custom fields? Surely there must be a reason why the fields aren't being populated and, if they're not, then this is quite a big problem?
  12. I know that there is data which is supposed to be in this field as it shows in the 'Question' tab of the request in question: thanks
  13. We're having this issue too.....do we need to be patched? (Pressing the 'restart button gets through the stalled processes) thanks
  14. I have a problem which I think is similar to the one outlined here: I have a ProCap which should be entering data in to custom fields 30, 31 and 32, but when I look at the database, these fields are not being updated, so the email that I'm trying to send which relies on this data is reading incorrectly. Is this the same problem as reported in the (other linked) request, or am I doing something wrong please? thanks Paul
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