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  1. Hello We use the concept of Major Incidents, which means that we have quite a few tickets which are linked to a Major Incident ticket to save us having to deal with a lot of 'separate' tickets. ( I seem to be saying 'ticket' a lot...) Anyway...what I'd like to know is....is there a setting or a way of automatically adding the 'customer' of a linked ticket as a connection on the 'major incident' parent ticket so that, if an email update is made to the MI, it can then cascade to all of the connections? I realise I can add the connections manually, but a setting or a way of handling this through a BPM (bearing in mind a ticket could be linked to the MI at any point in the MI process) would be much easier.... thanks Paul
  2. Hi @TrevorKillick We use O365 authentication....would having this setting (above) set mean that customers would get redirected to the 'correct' page regardless of whether they'd logged in to the Portal previously that day? We have had a similar problem to @Lyonel in the past but I haven't really taken much notice of it. We do have 'auto login' disabled at the moment, so I'm wondering if switching that 'on' would stop the problem? thanks Paul
  3. Fourth option for catalogue visibility

    Hi @Dan Munns Thanks for the very detailed description! I'm going to wait to see if Hornbill WILL add a 4th option before considering doing all that work though......I've got my Friday head on thank you
  4. Hello Basically this is just a nudge on this topic: I was wondering if there'd been any more thought about having a 4th option for visibility of Catalogue Items (an Email only option in this case). We've got a few catalogue items which are only used when an email is autologged, but the analysts every now and then choose this option when logging 'normal' tickets.....so being able to hide the catalogues from both the Portals and the Service Desk, but leave them still available to Email logging would be great. thanks Paul
  5. Searching Requests

    Hello Could you add me as an interested party for this change too please? thanks
  6. More co-worker details

    Hi James Is there any news on whether/when this change will be implemented please? thanks Paul
  7. SR logged as an incident through the Portal

    Hi @James Ainsworth Just when you thought it was safe......we've just had another SR logged as an IN unfortunately...... IN00024118 should have been an SR. It was logged through the Portal, and we've not had any problems with these tickets before. thanks Paul
  8. Finding what DAY it is in BPM

    Hi @James Ainsworth That is very handy and will be very useful for our 'scheduled maintenance' tickets. Thank you Paul
  9. Schedule Calls to log automatically?

    Hello @Steven Boardman Is there any news on whether/when scheduling tickets (as opposed to 'just' tasks) will be available in Service Manager please? I realise this can be done using Windows Scheduler and the API's but I was wondering if a 'native' option in Hornbill had been considered any more? thanks
  10. Option to add cc'd people as 'Members' of a ticket

    Hi @James Ainsworth This MIGHT help if we could easily see who was CC'd in the email from the 'add connections' form, which we can't (I don't think?)
  11. Remove the ability to close requests

    @Victor and @Ehsan - I have sacrificed my good name for the benefit of everyone else. It's a price I'm willing to pay.......(however I'll double double check next time)
  12. Remove the ability to close requests

    these are not the droids you're looking for........you don't need to see his papers......
  13. Remove the ability to close requests

    Dammit @Victor.........fancy putting that on view so EVERYONE can see it! Sorry everyone...looks like I missed this one. However...this DOES now give me an idea of how to get it sorted, so thank you for the public humiliation and an in-grained fear of ever putting anything on the forum ever again
  14. Remove the ability to close requests

    @Ehsan I did thanks.....just thought it'd be rude to NOT answer James
  15. Remove the ability to close requests

    Hi @James Ainsworth You get in early!!! Below is the set of Roles that this particular user ha, but he still sees the 'Close' option in all tickets. I've looked through the permissions which are set on all of the Roles included here and I can't see anything obviously wrong. thanks