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  1. I've just tried to look at a 'failed' BPM and attempted to change something to see if I could get it working and it's gone a little....er...awry!! Here's how the BPM looked originally (in it's failed state....which is fine, the BPM error says that it can't find an owner and that's because I've forgotten to add a 'get request details' node) So, I made a change (in this instance I just thought I'd put a decision in to bypass the 'Value Added' activity, just to get me out of this particular mess...as I know the team didn't want to bother with this particular activity. But, when I went to save the stage, I was told that there were items which weren't set up correctly, so I refreshed the page and this is what I'm left with.....which is a complete mess, and has completely different stage checkpoints and parallel processes in a completely different order! I now can't get back to the original BPM to save it. I thought maybe this was a one-off glitch, so I tried it on another failed BPM (of the same type:INCIDENT - V-FORMS-Default Incident (Version 2)) and exactly the same thing happened. I've done this quite a few times before and I haven't had any problems with updating failed BPM's, so any idea what's happening please?!
  2. Can anyone tell me what application rights someone needs to be able to change the assignment rights of members of a team please? Still got the same problem (as detailed above) with one team manager....
  3. Hello Yes, 1 hour works.....however I have instances of BPM's which have been stuck at this point since 29 Jan this year...
  4. It's the 'suspend - wait for status change' node:
  5. @Victor Yup...I have seen that before BUT....it does say: "We advise to always configure hours (rather than days) as it is easier to figure out the values required to be configured for SLA targets or expiry times on business process nodes. However, in certain areas (e.g. SLA timers), depending on the target, it might not be always possible to use hours exclusively. " I can't see anywhere on there that mentions needing to put zeros in if a field is blank though? If HHH is correct, that is why my 'expiry' isn't working?
  6. Thanks @HHH I'll give it a go.....bit of a pain mind you as I have lots of BPM's where I've added this! Thanks again
  7. If I put '50' in the hours box of and expire period option in a BPM node, how long does this expiry time last? Our working hours are 10 hours a day, 5 days a week (as used in our working calendar). So 50 hours is 5 X 10, which is 5 working days. But if I add 50 to the hours section, these requests never seem to move on......I'm now assuming that there is a limit to what I should put in here?
  8. Hi @Chaz Any news on this release please? It's stopping us releasing a CI which is now getting to be very important.... thanks
  9. @Steven Boardmanor @James Ainsworth - any thoughts on this please? thanks
  10. HI @Martyn Houghton Just noticed in your routing rule that you've got a 'not live' option (I'm assuming it should be 'not like'?). Just thought I'd mention it in case it's causing problems!!
  11. +1 - this would be handy.....
  12. Hi I realise that this is a very old thread, but I was wondering if any more thought had been given to assigning Roles to Teams? I've been asked to set up an assignment role to include two separate teams, which I've done by adding the individual users of each team to the Role. Problem is, one of the teams has a high turnover of staff so I'm conscious that this may cause problems in the future.....so being able to assign a Team to a Role would be advantageous in this particular instance. thanks Paul
  13. Thank @NeilWJ Thanks for that...I reckon I just inadvertently got it right by accident all the other times, and lucked out on this one BPM!
  14. @Steven Boardman I know this is an old post, but I was wondering how I get the field name to change when I'm looking at one of the attrib fields in the user profile form when I'm logging a request? I'm getting this: Although I've set it to look like this in the 'about' screen of the user account: It also shows correctly in the Admin screen of the user account: Any ideas please? thanks
  15. Any update on whether this will be addressed please? I've got more people 'mentioning' that they're finding on hold tickets difficult to see. thanks
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