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  1. Hi In Service Manager, if I want to open up an admin session, I click the shortcut at the top left hand corner and then select admin: This works fine....BUT, if I click this shortcut again I don't get a drop down menu, unless I refresh the page. Is this a 'chrome thing' or is it something that can be fixed by Hornbill please?
  2. HI @Jeremy Thanks for that...I'll get a ticket opened with Support to see if we can get it sorted...
  3. Actually - scrub that edit - it turns out that the LDAP import DOES seem to be missing some items (email addresses) on SOME imports. I can't see a pattern to this, except that it only seems to have happened in the last couple of days. If I create a new AD account and import it in to Hornbill it isn't bringing in the email address (even though there IS an email address in the AD account). Is this just us...or has anyone else noticed this in the last couple of days?
  4. @Jeremy Did you get this fixed please? I've just noticed that it looks like some info in our LDAP import isn't being updated - in our instance it seems to be the email address. Although the new account IS being created, it's skipping the email address for some reason, and any amount of 'updating' and rerunning the tool isn't updating it either. We're using version 3.9.6 thanks EDIT: Actually, scrub that - it seems that the replication between our on-prem AD and the cloud-AD is taking a little longer than expected to update, which is why I can see the email address ok in one system, but not the other.
  5. Hi @Daniel Dekel It doesn't seem to in ours - once the CI is selected, the breadcrumb disappears AND the Domain isn't shown (this option should show under the 'Applications and Software' domain for instance): Is that a setting somewhere please?
  6. Hi @Daniel Dekel Thanks for that....I realised that it was the same description as was shown on the service view - it's never been quite so prominent before though, so now that it IS very obvious we need to make sure they're all worded properly! thanks
  7. Hi In catalogues on the Employee Portal, the description now pops up (when did this happen?!?!?) which I think is a great idea, but we'd like to switch it off for now and make sure that all of our descriptions make sense!! Is this possible please? Also, is there a way of changing the font style settings for these items please? Or will that need to be done in the each catalogue item? thanks
  8. Could the lack of breadcrumb trails when you're in a catalogue be looked at please? Up until this point (so if you're looking at the domain or the service there's a breadcrumb trail, but once you've clicked in to the actual catalogue it disappears. Could this be set so that the trail is visible please?
  9. Hi @Victor Yes we're using Azure, and yes we do have an app for the service portal. According to our network guys this has all been updated the same as the live and admin apps.
  10. Since updating our SAML SSO details earlier in the week we've had quite a few people having trouble accessing the employee portal using old links in documents which are pointing to the old 'service.hornbill.com' URL. I'm updating links to 'live.hornbill.com' as I find them, but apparently there are a lot of documents out there with this old link in, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any reason why we'd be getting these problems? This is the error we're getting:
  11. +1 for having human tasks available in an Auto Task. Being able to input some information would be really useful.
  12. I'm finding that, when I put a request on hold, the majority of the time I've just sent an email to the customer asking for info... So, would it be possible to have a 'mixed' button in the email section where you can choose to send the email AND put the request on hold for a period of time AND have snippets available in the 'place on hold' form please? It'll just save a few clicks!
  13. Is there a way to have a default view when people go in to Project Manager which shows a list of Projects where the Project Manager is the person logged on please? At the moment the screen defaults to 'All Project Managers', but it would be much more useful for the Project Managers if the list just showed (or defaulted to show) the Projects belonging to that particular person. I understand that I can 'favourite' specific projects and set the page to open on that tab, but if a new project is assigned to me, I then have to go looking for it and then Favourite it.
  14. Did this ever get implemented? We have a couple of boards which are now associated to a lot of cancelled requests and I can't see a way of automatically purging them all, so an option to do this automatically would certainly save me a ton of time!
  15. Yes I think so please...to be able to pick up the asset ID which is already linked to the original request and to link it to the 'other' linked request (if that makes any sense!!)
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