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  1. And, is the template (CustomerTimelineUpdateNotification) still available in your email templates?
  2. Not sure if this will have an effect or not, but does the SERVICE that the request is logged under have a default mailbox set?
  3. Hi First, is there somewhere that I can see ALL scheduled reports and when they're set to run? And second, when I go in to a report and make a change, I then save that change using the 'save' button which then greys out. If I then make ANOTHER change, I don't get the option to save again, so I have to refresh the screen, then make the change again, and THEN save, and then remember to refresh the screen again before making any more changes. Is there a reason for why I can't make and save more than one change without having to refresh please? thanks
  4. Anyone please? This looks a bit rubbish and has been mentioned quite a few times by our end users....
  5. Is there any news on this (rather old!!) post please?
  6. +1 for us - having smiley faces (or something similar) and triggering the feedback option on resolution and using an email for collecting the results would great.
  7. Thanks @Steve Giller We don't use a csv import for the assets we want to keep up to date, so we'd still like an option of updating the UsedBy field to be empty through the BPM if possible please.
  8. Hi We don't seem to be able to complete tasks in Project Manager. We can UPDATE a task with no problems, but can't COMPLETE them. We're not sure how long it's been going on for, but we're sure we used to be able to do it!
  9. Is there a setting/limit for the length of catalog descriptions? Or is there a way of actually expanding this (hovering over it or clicking it doesn’t make any difference)? Thanks
  10. +1 for snippets being available in the mentioned places please.
  11. Hi @Alberto M Thanks for that.....I've tried clearing the cache and switching the setting off and on again, but it's still showing me a 'blank' list. So there's definitely something not right either with my Chrome or with our settings...I just don't know what
  12. The list of email templates seems to have disappeared from requests (I used to use this to test new email templates with a specific ticket type). Has this been changed on purpose (have I missed something!) or is mine broken? I've tried logging out and in again just in case, but it's still not showing: thanks
  13. HI Was this 'request' ever done? We have a need for existing requests to be linked in the BPM, but I can't see anywhere to do that currently? thanks
  14. Hi @yelyah.nodrog Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but we use the date formatter in the iBridge for these sorts of things. Obviously you can change the input-output formats if required, but we've found that the output format of d-M-Y works for us.
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