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  1. Hi @Ehsan Could you please take a look here? We're trying to use the same 'update' API call as Ben was but we ARE trying to update the custom fields (he wasn't!). Any pointers would be great please!
  2. Hi @David Hall That's really helpful thank you. I'll carry on with what I have at the moment and change it when the 'updated' options become available. thanks
  3. Thanks @Victor Can I ask that a function be added to the iBridge which will give us the date for 6 calendar months in the future then please?
  4. @Victor the script developer has asked why HB seems to be asking for a 'system.boolean' value when we're trying to use the customFields parameter (Add-HB-Param "customFields" "{"h_custom_a":"test"}") when the template doesn't ask for ANY boolean values?
  5. Hi @Victor Just tried that, and we're getting the error (below). Sorry it's a bit messy, but basically we're trying to call the 'Requests::update' function with the customFields parameters: Error message is: Add-HB-Param : Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'ParamAllowEmpty'. Cannot convert value "System.String" to type "System.Boolean". Boolean parameters accept only Boolean values and numbers, such as $True, $False, 1 or 0. At line:120 char:32 + Add-HB-Param "customFields" "{"h_custom_a":"test"}" + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + Catego
  6. Just did some working out, and it seems that one month for these on-hold nodes is actually 4 weeks! So, if I put a request on hold for 2 months it goes onhold for 8 weeks (and one hour, which is, presumably because the clocks go forward!).....and NOT 2 months: Which still doesn't help me with the 6 month problem
  7. Actually, just noticed that the two dates are reading completely different dates!! Picture 1 (above) shows 13-08 and picture 2 shows 20-08! So one of those dates is reading incorrectly......
  8. Hi Just noticed that, in the portal, when a request is put 'on hold', it's showing the 'on hold until' date as 'resolve by': So Service Manager shows this when the request is put on hold: And the Portal shows this (which is wrong - it should either show 'On Hold Until' with the on hold date OR 'Resolve by' with the resolve by date ): But when the request is taken Off Hold, SM shows this: Which shows in the Portal as this (which is right): thanks
  9. Hi @Victor Um...no it doesn't really help (thanks though! ) What I'm looking for is a timer which will put the request on hold until the same day of the month, but 6 months in the future. Using the timers won't work, I don't think, because there will be Bank Holidays and other 'things' in the working calendar which will skew this date. So just a tool which can take todays date, add 6 months to it, and give me that date would be useful. Could this be something which could be included in the iBridge utilities maybe please? thanks
  10. Hi I've got a request which needs to be put on hold for 6 months - but the on-hold 'timer' is making some weird calculations! I've set my 'on hold period' to be 6 months: But the actual on-hold time is set to come off in about 5 and a half months, at a completely different time of day. Is there a setting where I can just set the request to come off in 6 WHOLE months, so that, rather than what is there at the moment, it comes off hold on the same DAY of the month, but 6 months later please? thanks
  11. HI We're trying to update a request using the API from a Powershell script, but nothing is happening (the code runs, and there are no errors, but the request doesn't get updated). The requestId is updated as a global value (we've used this script to update the timeline too, and that works fine) but I can't see why the custom field isn't being updated. Any thoughts please? thanks
  12. Thanks @Jeremy I'll give it a look....we were trying a different but similar approach of having the customer tick a box to say that they'd read and could confirm some information which, if NOT ticked, prevented the form from moving on. Obviously, the problem with that is that there's nothing actually stopping them from ticking the box, but it at least gave them something to think about before progressing!
  13. Hi @James Ainsworth I'm assuming from the setting details that the person who is added as a connection would have to have a collaboration license to be able to see the attachments? I don't think we can afford to give ALL our users a collab license (as numerous people in the business would need to see this attachment in our case). thanks Paul
  14. This is a part of this request: We could really do with an email template filter in our requests please....with so many teams and so many different CI's we use a LOT of email templates, and scrolling through them is a nightmare! (that's just the 'a's'!) So could the option of an email filter be considered please? thanks Paul
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