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  1. Paul Alexander

    Maximum step count error

    @Victor....I've now had another of these 'step count error' tickets. Call ref SR00039172 The BPM being used is the ' SERVICE REQUEST - CONQUEST - New User' one. This does have a 'wait for status update' loop in the last stage - is this what's causing the error? (Do you need the BPM def file or can you see this on our instance?) thanks
  2. Paul Alexander

    Most Recently Created PCF

    hello Just a thought..and I'm not sure if other people would agree......but is there any chance that the list of '5 Most Recently Created' PCF's in the Variable Picker when adding a variable to a BPM could be changed to a list of '5 Most Recently UPDATED PCF's'? I'm finding that more often than not, I'm looking for a variable from a PCF which I've just made a change to rather than one that I've created. Does anyone else think this might be a good idea? thanks
  3. Paul Alexander

    Form data not updating in BPM designer

    excellent....thank you both.
  4. Paul Alexander

    Form data not updating in BPM designer

    @Victor - thank you (again!) Can you help me remember what the hell I was trying to get this to do when I first tried please? I've completely forgotten what I was doing now... On a serious note though, could this be reported please to see WHY the default field names are wrong? thanks again
  5. Paul Alexander

    Form data not updating in BPM designer

    @Victor What you're saying makes perfect sense....but what is happening to me doesn't make any sense at all! I've just done the same as you (added a field) and gone in to set the override flags, and it the Gas Supplier option does NOT show: You've proved that it SHOULD work for me...but it just isn't and I can't think of a reason why......
  6. Paul Alexander

    Form data not updating in BPM designer

    @Victor - it shows up for all of the fields which are currently in the form (Supplier ID etc) but NOT if I try to add a new field to the form (hence my question about a maximum number of fields) The BP task is in the "SERVICE REQUEST - HSEQ - Add New Meter to Project" BPM. It doesn't seem to be just that one field which won't 'inject'....it's all the fields.
  7. Paul Alexander

    View - add Ticket summary

    @Darren Rose - no, these particular tickets have the summary and description taken at the point of logging. There's nothing in the BPM to update or change them....so adding to the boards at the point of logging SHOULD have all the info already.
  8. Paul Alexander

    Form data not updating in BPM designer

    @Victor This still isn't working after a reboot, AND I'm also getting this: I've added a field to a form in the Pro Capt which is a drop down list of Gas Suppliers, and I want to add another text field which should only pop up if the option of 'Other' is selected from the drop down list. BUT...when I go in to the conditions to set this, the field 'Gas Supplier' isn't available. This is a big form....is there a limit on the number of fields a Pro Cap can have? Thanks! (again)
  9. Paul Alexander

    Form data not updating in BPM designer

    @Victor Hmmm...ok thanks. I'll try the old 'switch it off and on again' trick and see what happens. Thanks
  10. Paul Alexander

    Icons/graphics on Portal fields?

    @Steven Boardman...thanks for that. Dunno what I was thinking....I use the wiki markup stuff for loads of things on our Portal, but I obviously had a mental block for this particular idea! Thanks again....
  11. I'm trying to add some form data in to a Task field in the BPM designer, but the information isn't being updated. In the BPM, I'm trying to add the details of one of the answers which will be picked up in the Pro Cap so I use the 'select tool' and choose the Pro Cap that I'm using and click 'Inject' button, but the info isn't updating on the BPM form. I can manually add the details of the info I need, so I can get around it, but it's a lot easier to just point and click! Any ideas please?
  12. Paul Alexander

    Icons/graphics on Portal fields?

    Hello I'm sure that, at the Insights event, part of the demonstration showed the Portal, along with icons/images alongside some of the questions. So, for instance, alongside an information field, we'd like to put a red exclamation icon just to show that this is important. (Excuse my very dodgy graphics in the attachment!) Is that do-able at the moment? Or is that something which might be added at a later date?
  13. Paul Alexander

    Add attachments as a field rather than a node

    Hello Has there been any more thoughts about being able to adding 'built in' forms and fields to custom forms in the progressive capture please?
  14. Paul Alexander

    Mandatory Checklist

    Has this 'improvement request' been picked up? Is there any news on whether it can be done, and whether it's being looked at please? thanks
  15. Paul Alexander

    Knowledge Centre Searching

    @Martyn Houghton @ArmandoDM Aha.....yup, that works thank you. I was looking at numbers rather than order of relevance......that's fine thank you.