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  1. Hi @Ricky We're (VINCI) also now ready to start taking a look at ITOM, so we'd like access as well please. Is there anything I need to do (apart from inform you of course!) please? thanks Paul
  2. Hi @NeilWJ I was wondering if the Stage Notes could ALSO be saved when saving either certain nodes OR a Group as a template please? thanks
  3. HI...any news on when this update will happen please? It's causing a bit of confusion in our leavers processes and we're missing some targets... thanks
  4. Thanks @James Ainsworth The ones I was looking at were all empty so I skipped past them, but yes, if an answer is given, then that's where they go. thanks again
  5. HI @Adrian Simpkins Thanks for that....I'm trying to see whether our requests are closing as they should be (we have a similar system to you where the BPM should Close the requests after 5 days) but I know that some aren't working (because we've got so many requests and I know that some weren't configured correctly at the beginning - and I've left it far too long to see which ones aren't working!) So, what I was looking for was a list of requests in the resolved state, and which have been in that state for longer than 5 days. That was I can see which BPM's need to be checked to make
  6. I have this filter applied, looking for requests whose status is resolved, and where the 'resolved on' date is more than 30 days ago, but it's coming up with some odd results: Am I using the filter correctly?? thanks
  7. I have plenty of other emails in my inbox from Hornbill AND other senders where the subject line is much longer, so it's not making much sense to me! The only ones that I can see which HAVE been truncated do all seem to have from from Hornbill, (hence the post!)
  8. Hi @Gerry This is the email I see in the Hornbill Sent Items box - so yes, it looks like a problem either with Outlook or with the handover to Outlook. Very weird that it's not ALL emails though....
  9. Hi @Deen Thanks for that...the reason I'm asking is that SOME emails sent from Hornbill seem to have the subject line truncated (not all of them) - At the moment I can't see a pattern to it. Different emails from the same request (one an update, the other a resolution, so they're slightly different template) seem to behave differently. For instance, this email template SHOULD say (and DOES say in the template) 'has been updated' but is truncated: Whereas this template has a summary of 'has been completed' (which has MORE characters) is NOT truncated
  10. Hi @derekgreen Where are your users being imported FROM? And which fields do you have mapped in the User Import Scripts? For us, we're importing from AD, and the Email field is being populated by the [Mail] AD attribute. If yours is setup differently, I reckon it SHOULD be as easy as changing that field in the import, and then rerunning the import? Although I MAY be missing something here!!
  11. Hi Could someone tell me whether there's a character limit on the email subject lines please? thanks
  12. Hi Could someone tell me the table which holds the questions/answers for the 'capture task fields' in a manual task in a BPM please? thanks
  13. @Alberto M Yes, that's exactly what happens - click Next and nothing happens.
  14. Our service portal seems to have stopped allowing us to access the Add Attachments page in any catalogue items. Is anyone else having this? I've tried closing/reopening/cache clearing in Chrome, but it's still not letting me access.... This also doesn't work using the Edge browser
  15. We're trying to create an AutoTask which will only show in Incidents if the source of the request is NOT self service, but that option doesn't seem to be available in the selection. Could this be added please (I think the db name for is it h_source_type) Thanks
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