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  1. HI @ArmandoDM That makes sense...and yes, we HAVE used the Company option. Thanks for the info!
  2. We have an asset-type setup for a site. We use the 'used by' and 'owned by' fields in these assets If I go in to edit one of these assets, and try to change the 'Used by' field, I can add whoever I like as the user: However, if I select the 'Owned By' field, I don't get half as many results, This only seems to be happening with these types of assets (created under the 'General' asset class). Other types of assets that we have created seem to work fine.... Any ideas please?
  3. Hi @Steven Boardman Thanks for this...I've opted for the 'update a custom field' route and updated the conditions in the autotask. All sorted...thanks.
  4. We use an AutoTask to update the priority and Summary incident becomes a Major Incident. Some of our analysts have been pressing the AutoTask button a number of times (for some reason!) on the same request, and that is updating the Summary multiple times too! So, what I'd like to be able to do is to add a condition to the AutoTask to only show if the request is an Incident, and if the Summary does NOT contain '-Major Incident-', however this 'does not contain' option isn't available. Is there any chance this could be added please? thanks
  5. Hi @James Ainsworth I'm still getting exactly the same problem unfortunately - although i CAN add them individually. I can't seem to add them using the multi-action button, regardless of how many tickets I select (even if I select only one). thanks
  6. Cheers @Steven Boardman That's exactly what we asked for! Thank you....
  7. At last years' Insights, we asked if it would be possible to be able to do a search through ALL BPM's and for it to show us where a node with a specific name (title) was used (we use a lot of templates in our BPM designs and it would be REALLY handy do know which BPM's use these templates in the case of something needing to be changed!) Anyway....we don't remember hearing anything back, but I've just been looking for something else in the 'settings' and I came across this: experimental.feature.bpm.allowbatchsearchandreplace it's switched off at the moment, but I was wondering if this is an enhancement which was started but then got side-lined, and whether it's anything to do with our request? If so, it'd be really handy!! (I don't want to just turn it on, just in case!!) So...first, do you know if our 'search' request was ever looked at (I DO understand it was a long time ago and a lot has happened since! Oh, and there may have been a few beers involved at the time too..)? If NOT, then is it something which could be looked at please? thanks
  8. Hi @ArmandoDM The 2 screenshots DO show the same asset (I purposefully added the 'This One' text to the Notes section to make sure!) The asset was originally created WITHOUT the 'Used By User field. The user IS still active I CAN see other assets where this is a problem - for instance: Asset number 17300 shows as having NO 'used by' data, however when I click it, the record DOES show Used By info: We ARE on the latest build. Unfortunately I can't tell if this is happening a lot (not without clicking through every asset!) so I'm not sure how prevalent it is. thanks
  9. We have a list of software assets which use a shared license. We add a new line for each of the 'shares' using this software and then add the 'used by' user to each line and, if there are any 'blanks' then we know we have a spare license. However, I've just done a search for this software and opened up an asset which has an empty 'used by' field, but, when the asset opens, it shows that it DOES have a user associated with it. This obviously makes assigning new software a bit of a chore at the moment - any ideas please? thanks
  10. Thanks @TrevorHarris - I'll keep my eyes open for updates!
  11. I'd like to be able to use a board to view the requests assigned to a particular analyst in a team, as well as requests which HAVEN'T been assigned. So, I have a board which I have a number of lanes in. One of these lanes I'd like to show requests for this team which haven't been assigned to an analyst yet. The other lanes are for requests which have been assigned, one lane per analyst. These lanes should show requests assigned to this analyst. I'd like to be able to drag and drop the request into a different analysts' lane and for that to reassign the request to whoever's lane I've dragged it in to. I understand that I can reassign using the filter option at the top of the screen, but is there a way (or could there be a way) of reassigning and showing requests per analyst in a board view please? I also understand that I can put in a 'wait for analyst' node in the bpm and then add the request to the board after that point, but it doesn't help with reassigning at a later moment in the process.... Hopefully that makes sense...!! thanks
  12. I'm trying to add multiple requests to a board using the 'Actions' button on the request list view, but they're all failing to add. So, I'm selecting a list of requests, then hitting the 'Actions' button and selecting 'Add To Board Manager', then selecting my board: Then I select the Board and Lane, and hit Add Cards: But then I get this 'failed' message for ALL of the items: I CAN though, add them individually (which I don't really want to have to do!!). Any thoughts please?
  13. When I look at reports in Service Manager and press the 'Data Preview' option, I get a blank grid: However, if I run the report and download the results, I get a 'proper' set of results, so the report is running as expected, I just can't preview the results. This is happening on ALL reports that i've tried. Could this be looked at please? thanks....
  14. Cheers @Steven Boardman Looks like that might do the trick. Are there any plans to have override options based on dates in the pipeline please?
  15. We have a requirement where someone is asked to enter a date into a Progressive Capture form, and what we'd like to is to check the entered date and compare it with today's' date and, if it's within 10 working days, ask them why they've left it so late! (that's the gist of it anyway) So, my question is, is there a way of comparing a selected date in a date field with another date (today, for instance) and, if it's within a certain time span, THEN show another over-ridden field asking for more details please? thanks
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