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  1. Paul Alexander

    Capture design - add Email as a source

    Looking at this again...my 'update' (above) doesn't work! Presumably the Progressive Capture only has two 'source type' options (Portals and Service Desk) so there isn't a way of branching off if the request is being logged from Email. So.....yes, as with @Alisha - could we have a separate 'source' option of email please, so that calls logged from an email can branch off separately? thanks
  2. Paul Alexander

    Unable to upload multiple attachments

    @Steven Boardman i THINK I've got this....we had three separate 'add attachments' nodes in the Progressive Capture (because we wanted to ensure that we got 3 separate documents added). It looks like having it set up this way will only bring in the attachments which were added on the LAST node....and seems to ignore the first two nodes. I've tested this and it looks like that's what's happening. So my next question is, is there a way of checking to make sure that we DO have the correct number of attachments within the Progressive Capture please?
  3. Paul Alexander

    Unable to upload multiple attachments

    @Steven Boardman yup, that's fine thanks. I'll get it reported. thanks
  4. Paul Alexander

    Unable to upload multiple attachments

    Hi @Steven Boardman I'm still seeing the same problem - it looks like the only attachment showing in the ticket is the LAST attachment added. We've tried Chrome and Internet Explorer and get the same result with both. We're on version 2.73.1 (1429) (updated yesterday). thanks
  5. Paul Alexander

    Unable to upload multiple attachments

    has anyone got any thoughts on this please? The wiki definitely says that multiple attachments can be uploaded, but this isn't working for us and we're getting complaints - @Steven Boardman - any ideas please?
  6. Paul Alexander

    Unable to upload multiple attachments

    Hello We're having a similar problem with the Service Portal. We have a CI where people can log a request for a DBS check. For this to be carried out, we need 3 separate proofs of ID, so people are asked to upload 3 documents. They ARE asked for 3 documents, and, on the portal form, they do show as being uploaded, however, in the ticket there is only ever one attachment: This is making people nervous as they're wondering where their personal data (bearing in mind these may be scans of driving licenses, bank details etc) might have ended up! Any ideas please?
  7. Paul Alexander

    Can't update or close Project Tasks

    Hello We've got a couple of users who are trying to update or close Project Tasks but are getting this error whenever they try: Any ideas please?
  8. Paul Alexander

    Issue adding a Task

    I've got a couple: TS346 and DS364 thanks
  9. Paul Alexander

    Issue adding a Task

    Hi @AlexTumber We've got this same error in Project Manager again. This happens when a task is either updated/added or completed. Any ideas please? thanks
  10. @Victor and @Steven Boardman Thanks...lesson learned! Test on someone else's tickets;) All sorted now thanks,
  11. @Steven Boardman Yes, there are a few emails in that list:
  12. @Steven Boardman Yes that's set to 'on'. We've been using the feedback option for ages... Thanks
  13. Paul Alexander

    Updating Linked Requests

    +1 for this too please......
  14. HI @Steven Boardman I've tried creating a request and assigning it to me, then after resolving it, I go to the Portal to say 'it's working'. At that point I am leaving feedback, but I'm still not getting any notification about this (either by email OR via a Hornbill notification). I've checked the settings and it's set to Both. Sorry....doesn't seem to be working for me! thanks
  15. OK...So I've found the setting (guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.feedbackSubmitted) which is now set to 'both', but I'm still not getting any notifications (email or Hornbill) when feedback is left. Is there something else I need to do please?