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  1. Hello When using the "search all users" drop down data query in a PCF, is it possible to add some more details to the names list which is returned please? For instance, we have a few people called David Smith in the company, so selecting the right one is a little difficult! Would it be possible to add data from 'some other field' (email address maybe) to this drop down list (or even using it as the default information returned) to make it easier to select the right person please? thanks Paul
  2. HI @James Ainsworth That's great thank you..very helpful!
  3. Hi @TrevorKillick Just checking to see if this webinar is still going ahead please?
  4. I have checked and, now that the instance is back up and running, all of the 'daily checks' requests HAVE been successfully created, so I'm happy that this particular problem is fixed for us. Thanks @Victor
  5. HI @Victor Ours is now back up, but (once you've sorted everyone else out) can you let us know how to decipher WHICH emails were affected please and what we can do about them? I'm assuming it's the same problem, but we've got daily checks requests which are auto-logged from emails which haven't come through this morning. thank you....
  6. I've now lost connection to Hornbill completely (I'm assuming it's all part of the same problem?) Thank you
  7. I've logged this with Support now, so hopefully it'll be sorted out fairly soon.
  8. Hi we've got a lot of emails in our inbox saying: Hornbill ESP POP3 delete failure I can't see that they've caused any actual problems, but could they be looked at please? They're all in our IT Support mailbox (none of our other mailboxes seem to be affected) and this started at 00:22 this morning thanks
  9. In the Email Routing Rules page, you have a 'click and drag' option to move the rules around to their 'proper' places: Is there any chance that this same option could be added to the PCF forms please? Clicking the up and down arrows if you need to rearrange a form works fine, but it's just not as 'user friendly' as the click and drag option : Thank you!
  10. HI @samwoo I think the process that we were commended on was the one we use for keeping track of laptops (we're a building and facilities management company so our equipment and workforce are all very mobile so we need to keep track of each item from procurement to destruction). Basically, we've just added a few states and sub-states to help with the tracking. We're using: Current (state) Not used - held by IT (sub-state, for if the laptop is still in our stockroom for whatever reason) On loan (sub-state) Stolen (sub-state) Active (state) Decommissioned (sub-state) In Flight (sub-state, for when the laptop has been sent out for delivery either to or from IT) Live (sub-state, for when the laptop is with the user and is actively being used) Within our processes we have activities where the analysts have to update the status of a laptop accordingly. To be honest, this has been the easiest change with the biggest impact! We can now report on any substatus and very quickly get a list of lost, stolen, live etc laptops that we need. Once a laptop is decommissioned it is sent off to be destroyed, and we then get a report back from the destruction company which is then added as an attachment to the asset, so we have a start to finish record of where that item has been, and proof that it has been disposed of correctly. So, again, we found that using the statuses and sub-statuses has been a relatively easy and useful way of managing the asset lifecycle. It's a start, at least....
  11. Morning Just thought I'd share this with you all - VINCI have recently had our ISO27001 external audit, which we passed (well done us!). But, two of the comments from the auditors have reinforced just how much we rely on Hornbill for our day to day operations throughout the company. They were: Asset Management in the Service Desk is greatly improved and the process is working well. Keep up the good work and don’t become complacent! Service Management, including incident management, problem management, project management, risk management, analytics and reporting is very impressive, possibly the best he has seen in any company he’s audited. Asset Management is something we have been working on to improve since a non-compliance last year, and the comment about SM being possibly the best he has seen is a VERY comforting and humbling statement. Considering the work we have all put in (and this includes the staff at Hornbill) to get things to where they are now, it is so nice to know that it doesn't all go unnoticed. Also, now that we're all trying to work from home while still trying to keep our operations and processes flowing as usual, the Hornbill platform is proving that we don't all need to be in the office sat at our desks to get things done. So, we'd like to thank Hornbill for helping us get to where we are, and that we now have written proof (not that we needed it) that our partnership with you is reaping great rewards! thank you! And keep safe!!
  12. Can this request be added as an enhancement please? We're trying to make things as easy as possible for our Support Teams and having extra custom buttons would help a lot, but we can't add any new ones at the moment. thanks
  13. If I'm not the Owner of a particular service, but I have the Services Manager role (or the admin role), I can change the Subscribers to that service. What I CAN'T do though, is change the visibility of a particular CI unless I AM the Owner of that service. Is there a role which would allow me to do this without having to change the Owner please?
  14. Hi @Steve Giller As an Admin, can I see ALL the custom buttons that have been created? If so, we don't have many! Can I ask that the database field is expanded so that we CAN have more custom buttons please? thanks
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