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  1. I've been looking at Maths functions in Service Manager (here) and it all looks really complicated, and not useful in a Pro Cap context. So I was wondering if there have been any thoughts about how to create a 'shopping cart' experience on a PCF? The reason I'm asking is that we'd like to offer our customers somewhere where they can select (for instance) a specific type of laptop (from a list), a laptop bag, a mouse, some software, and for the price of these items to be added and shown to that person on the form before them selecting whether to continue or not. Is this currently possible (in other words have I missed something!) or are there any plans to have this available please? thanks
  2. Hi @Deen Sorry...this was a schoolboy error.......I hadn't changed the filter to show 'All Requests' which was hiding them from me!
  3. HI @James Ainsworth This particular BPM was copied from another one - and yes, those dates date DO seem to correspond with when the original BPM was first created. I was hoping that the 'last used on' field would show exactly that....the last time the BPM was connected to a request, but it looks like that's not always the case? I can see how a BPM Instances report might help, although I don't think it would help with the BPM's which are not used very often, and so don't have a current request open (or have I misunderstood what a report of this type would show?) thanks
  4. I've created a report which looks at all of the currently active Business Processes in the hope that it will show me the 'last used on date' so that I can have a clear out of any BPM's which are live but not being used. Setting the report up is easy enough - I'm looking at ID, Active, Last Used On, Title and Version However, the data which is returned really doesn't look right! For instance, we have a BPM called 'SERVICE REQUEST - New Starter 2019' which, in the report, shows as last used on 27-06-2017. This really can't be true, as the process wasn't created until 09-04-2019! Am I looking at the wrong data somehow? thanks
  5. I don't know if this is a 'global' problem or if it's just our instance or just one or two users.....but, when I search for a co-worker (in this case someone called Jo White) and open their Service Manager account details, I would expect to see all the Service Manager requests logged by this person.....however, this list shows that there are no entries. If I do a search for the same person in the request list, then I can see at least 6 requests logged for the same person. Any idea why there's a difference please? thanks Paul
  6. @Steven Boardman Something which may make this suggestion more useful could be to have an 'Expire AT' option in the activity...so, rather than expiring in 24 hours or whatever, could an 'Expire AT 07:00' option be added? Just a thought......
  7. Hi @James Ainsworth Any news on this please? I've got a couple of BPM's with linked requests to create and this option would make things a lot easier!! thanks
  8. Thanks @Deen I'll let you know if there are any more problems....
  9. Hi @Steven Boardman A date only field would certainly be helpful in this instance thanks.
  10. Hi @Steven Boardman Thanks for this....but I'm still getting the same response even if I use the iBridge. I think my problem here is that I'm using the h_custom_21 custom field to hold this information (I've run out of custom fields on this request), so I can only get the date-time format back when I'm using the email template. I think that what you're suggesting with the iBridge will only work if I'm updating a text field with the date data....is that right? thanks
  11. Hi @Steven Boardman I realise this is an old thread, but is there a way of getting JUST the DATE returned from a custom field into an email template please? At the moment we're using custom_22 to hold the data, but when we use this info in an email, it's returning the date-time (07-04-2019 01:00) where we only need the date part of that field. any ideas please? thanks
  12. @Victor Sorry to bug...but is there an update on this please? Now that we've got more and more teams using the portal, this anomaly is getting noticed a lot more frequently!! thanks
  13. HI @Steven Boardman Yes, an optional start and end date would probably be all I'd need for this to be useful please. For the requests I'm thinking about at the moment, this would only be a Portal specific requirement, and I can't think of any need for it on other, agent specific requests. That's not to say that it WON'T ever be needed, I just can't think of any at the moment! thanks
  14. Perfect - cheers @Martyn Houghton Now I just need to figure out how to use it - NOOB alert
  15. Hello @Martyn Houghton, @TrevorKillick I realise that this is an old thread, but the link no longer works for the API to add items to a simple list. Can someone point me in the right direction please? thanks
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