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  1. I've just tried using the new 'search process properties' tool, but I'm a bit confused as to what is being searched? I thought I'd try a one-word search (I used 'nudge' because I know that I have two processes where I've named the outcome of a decision tree as 'nudge'). However, the search brought up 42 PAGES of hits, one of which says that there are 530 matches of the word 'nudge'. So I thought I'd search the xml text of this particular bpm for the word 'nudge' and it can't be found... So, could you let me know what I CAN search for please?
  2. Thanks @Ehsan That all makes sense thanks. I'll change things to your suggestion and hopefully it'll fix it! thanks again
  3. Just bumping this as I've just had a conversation with someone who had to download 32 separate attachments on a request, one at a time!! Thanks
  4. Hi Ehsan Hopefully this will help: I've tested this by changing the timeout of node 2 to 2 minutes, then checking to see which way the process goes. The first time, it goes round the 'expired' route (which I'd expect). However, if I then immediately update the request so that the 'wait for status change' option is fulfilled, it STILL goes round the 'expired' route where I would expect it to go round the 'no match' route. thanks
  5. We have a process which puts a request on hold, then suspends waiting for a status change, and this will loop if the 'suspend' node expires OR if the status changes. The status gets changed by a script (which DOES work as it's been tested on hundreds of the requests of this type). This seems to be getting stuck in a loop if the node DOES expire - I assume that, once the node expires once, then it's ALWAYS expired? I thought that a NEW instance of the 'suspend' node was created each time the loop is activated? If this isn't the case, then how can I have a l
  6. When I'm editing a BPM, if I've added a group box to tidy things up, if I need to get some info from an earlier node which is set BEFORE the Group box, I have to have the Group box expanded to see the info. For instance: However, if I expand the Group box: I know I can add another 'get details' node, or simply expand the Group box and then collapse it when I'm done, I just thought it was a little odd that I can't see the info in the first place! Thanks
  7. +1 for being able to publish/retire a bulletin with an auto task.
  8. Hi @Victor Was this issue fixed in the update which came out yesterday? If so, then I'm afraid it hasn't sorted my problem out...I still don't see the 'Credit Team' in my list of Supporting Teams... thanks
  9. I'm trying to set up a View using the Advanced Search option in the request list in Service Manager. All I want to do is to find all of the requests which are assigned to the 'Credit Team' group. When I try to select the Credit Team name, I don't get any options: I thought the answer was to add myself as a member of this team, which DOES work. However, I then thought that I'm NOT a member of the 'Supporting Teams' list which DOES pop up on this list: So, my question is, how come Credit Team doesn't show up on my list when I search for it?
  10. Thanks @Victor I'll keep an eye on it and you'll be first to know if it happens again Thank you
  11. Cheers @Victor It's now with Support (as I'm sure you know!)
  12. Hi @Victor No...none of the scenarios match. The fact that I can't even see this request when I try to manually update the request is what is confusing me! (which is easily done...)
  13. I've got a couple of emails which won't update the parent ticket for some reason. We get lots of emails from this contact on a daily basis, and, up until this morning, they've always automatically updated the parent request (the request ID is always in the subject line) However, this morning I have two emails, with the request ID in the subject, which won't update automatically OR manually. If I try clicking the 'apply to request' button I get this: The SR number is entered automatically, and I CAN find the request in Service Manager and it is in an Open statu
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