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  1. @Miro Our instance is the same - portal requests which should require some info in a drop down are NOT asking for that info and the requests can be logged without updating them. (Actually, looking at @Jeremy's details, this is the OPPOSITE of what he's reporting? Text fields in our instance don't allow you to complete the request if they're mandatory and missing, but drop downs DO allow that)??
  2. We've got a few people who can't login too - it just loops back to the SSO login page. Others in the same office have managed to log in though, and I've managed (in a different office) to log in successfully. I've asked them to clear their cache etc and will update as to whether that's worked or not when I know... UPDATE AFTER CLEARING THE CACHE All people who reported not being able to get access HAVE now successfully managed to log in. So just a glitch in the matrix somewhere for us....
  3. Hi @Daniel Dekel I've tried adding them directly through the FAQ code, and also copying and pasting from an excel sheet. It's nothing spectacular, just this at the moment (although I reckon if I go through the rest of our FAq's I'll find more): thanks Paul
  4. Hi @Daniel Dekel We have FAQ's with tables inserted, but they don't open at all on the Employee Portal. Any FAQ WITHOUT a table is absolutely fine, but any WITH a table doesn't even try to open (although the first time I try to open it I can briefly see the 'recycle' icon, and it then disappears, so it's trying to do something...) I'm not sure how long this has been happening for, but it's only just been reported to me....any ideas please? thanks
  5. I'd like to propose a new setting to allow analysts to delete an email from the inbox (for instance) but NOT to be able to delete it permanently from the Deleted Items folder. Please see more details here:
  6. BTW My response wasn't meant as an answer...I was giving people more info which I thought might help with a resolution. The problem still stands - reports aren't bringing back any information if the query runs for more than 10 seconds....
  7. I think this is due to the 10 second timeout we have on our instance which was reported in this post:
  8. @Steve Giller Can you let us know how WE can tag them please? thanks
  9. Thanks @Jeremy We have similar options for our analysts, but removing the 'can delete message' option means that they then CAN'T delete a message (from, say, the Inbox) but ADDING this option means that they CAN delete, but that they can also PERMANENTLY delete from the Deleted Items folder. I'm going to raise a support request for it to see if I can get some clarification from Hornbill support staff. thanks...
  10. Are there any thoughts on being able to use an email template when scheduling a report please?
  11. I realise that this is a VERY old post, but is there now a way to give a Contact access to the Customer Portal in the BPM? We're now starting to look at using the Customer Portal to expand our requests to external companies and contacts and having the option to add them as users through the BPM would really help.... thanks
  12. Just bumping this - would this be possible please? AND, while I'm here - how do I tag a suggestion as an enhancement request AFTER it's been logged please?
  13. +1 for us....I've been meaning to ask for this for ages! The BPM ID is already a hyperlink, and that's very handy so a hyperlinked Request ID would be very helpful
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