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Ticket "Last Updated" Issue - Updating without any updates put on


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Hi guys, 

We have found another issue since the update rolled out last night. When opening a ticket, even if no updates have been put on it when going back to the "Request List" the "Last Updated" time automatically updates - this is causing us issues with looking at old tickets which haven't had updates for a while. 

This seems to only happen if the ticket is assigned to you as an "owner" (if I open a ticket and someone else is the owner and then go to the request this the "Last Updated" remains as is)

Can this be looked into please? 



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This has been reported as an issue by all our users also.  
This means that the Request jumps to the top your request list , suggesting it has been updated / but the Row colour does not change to yellow (which is correct)

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@Jack_Podmore @sprasad @Jeremy

Just a quick update, we've identified the underlying issue and a fix is being worked on as we speak, will update you as soon as we have something to make available to you. 

As originally suggested and now confirmed, the issue will only occur when opening requests that you own, all others will remain unaffected.

Kind Regards,


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Hi We are still seeing this occur on our New requests as it is showing the customer (Or analyst who raised the request) as the last person updated, I am presuming this is because it calls on their details to send out our 'Your Call has been Raised' confirmation email? Not a massive issue but it seems to indicate the customer or analyst has applied an update since raising 


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