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  1. @Victor (Offline), no need to worry; solved.
  2. @Victor (Offline), I've set this live with a workaround. It's working but the {{.H_respondby}} and the {{.H_fixby}} contents are appearing with a "Z" at the end. Is there any way to take out this "Z"? Regards, A.
  3. FYI, all: If you really need an Excel file generated by one of your reports, the scheduled report sending you the file by email works. Just schedule it to run once and set the time to a few minutes after and you can get the Excel file without errors.
  4. Hi @Steve Giller, is there a deadline to have this issue solved? We need it working.
  5. Thanks @Lyonel for the heads up! This took some time but it will worth your effort
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth. Are there any news about this? Any deadline? Cheers
  7. @James Ainsworth, thanks for the response. In fact, here this happens. With me it was not the first time a search could not find something that going with a workaround path we can find. The other day I got a colleague complaining about it as well. Should a re-index should be made in activitystream?
  8. @Lyonel, and yes, as you can imagine, having such grinning face in things like this, one after another, from those offshore staff And... even worst: if you mouse over the emoticon, it says "GRINNING FACE"
  9. Hi. Errrrr... I know this is a futile and shallow subject but... can Hornbill be changed so that a normal smile ": )" will not result in a grinning face? This is resulting in a awkward experience very often. :| Thanks.
  10. I'll cancel the existing request and raise a new one.
  11. Hi. We are having an error in the workflow for a request. I found that it should be due to a situation that happens seldom that takes this workflow route - that why it never happened in the past. The cause of this error will be this flow (in the image) that I don't know why is set like this - this shouldn't be possible and should give an error when you validate the workflow. Anyway... I'll change the workflow, but I need to know how to apply this new version of the workflow to this request so we can progress with it? Thanks for any help. Alberto
  12. Hi. What happens when I delete a timesheet category that has already historical data from timesheet entries? Cheers A.
  13. Hi. A quick query: is there a limit on the length of time that the search works for? It seems that, when I search a workspace for something old - older than one year in this situation - older posts are ignored in the search. Cheers, Alberto
  14. @Deen, I can see the subscription list populated now. Can you please confirm it's solved for us?
  15. Sorry to hijack this thread... Where do I check if a specific user failed to be imported into Hornbill using LDAP?
  16. Here not yet. I believe this will be solved in a instance by instance basis.
  17. I'm having a lot of problems in the Service Manager. Can't access requests and other features as well!! FYI: I didn't applied the last update yet.
  18. @jeffreysmith, @Victor, Meanwhile, we've set O365 in the outbound email configuration - again - last Monday. Yesterday morning I already had analysts complaining that emails were not being sent. I've tested myself sending an email from a request and it failed immediately, I mean, 30 seconds after sending it, the email message was already in the sent folder with "failed" status, which apparently means that no mail.outbound retry settings have been applied and they seem useless for this situation. I then rolled back the outbound email configuration to the previous one and realized that around 200 emails have been rejected yesterday morning due to this. Please check what can be done to help solving this. Regards, Alberto (this is our mail.outbound retry settings)
  19. @jeffreysmith, @Victor, meanwhile, regarding the "Test connection" button when setting up the outbound settings, with the current button feature and O365 it's impossible to test because Outlook doesn't provide to send using different from address other than your username to log in, and this test is made using a sender do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com This is something that should be changed in this button feature.
  20. @jeffreysmith, @Victor, FYI, the answer from MS support when we asked them about changing the emails per minute threshold in O365: "Thank you for answering the call today, as per the update from our engineering team we cannot increase the rate limit. We can only increase daily send limit as one time activity if required as of now. Engineering team further said that If you will submit messages too quickly and the send-as is denied this will count against RRL, They suggest to throttle sends to mitigate the issue." We changed a few settings in the mail.outbound settings and we will be changing our outbound configuration today although we are not convinced this will solve the issue if we hit again the 30 emails per minute threshold.
  21. @Martyn Houghton, did you tried the same format as I (we?) use in the SQL Database Direct? 2020-07-01
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