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  1. David Hall

    Service Manger not working

    Hi @Jeremy Sorry for the inconvenience, seems it was back before I was able to post a response. I've just asked to see if there was any specific issue we can feed back. Kind Regards, Dave
  2. Hi @Cizzling I've been through the code and I've managed to track down the issue. I've raised a problem for it and we'll get this corrected as soon as possible. Unfortunately it won't make it into the imminent update of Service Manager but it will be in for the next full update after that which will follow roughly 2-3 weeks after. Regards, Dave
  3. David Hall

    Amending Wording on Default Capture Forms

    Hi @Lauren Sorry I've been trying to confirm where that would be configured and then I realised this is probably your service or customer portal. For each of those there are an additional set of translation strings I'd forgotten about. So again in the service manager translations view in the admin tool if you search for: Service Portal: guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.servicePortal.pcapture.site or Customer Portal: guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.pcapture.site Then hopefully it will be one of these that currently contains that text. Let me know how you get on, Regards, Dave
  4. David Hall

    Amending Wording on Default Capture Forms

    @Lauren These translations are under Service Manager, so you need to navigate to Home -> Service Manager -> Translations and then you should see them there when you search. Regards, Dave.
  5. Thanks @Cizzling I'll have another look to see what visibility controls there are around the 'Site' item and get back to you. Regards, Dave
  6. David Hall

    Amending Wording on Default Capture Forms

    Hi @Lauren The progressive capture translation strings normally all begin as user.view.pcapture and for the site forms you should be able to type in user.view.pcapture.site into the translation strings search in the admin portal which should list all of the translatable text used in those forms as per the screenshot. If you can't find what you need there then let me know any specific text and I can have a further look. Kind Regards, Dave
  7. Hi @Cizzling Thanks for the post. We noticed your first issue with the "Site" selection filtering not working in the full subscribers list during our last testing cycle and therefore we have a fix already in place which will be available in our next update of service manager (build > 1401). This build is already in beta testing internally so will be available very soon. As for the second issue of the 'Site' option not being available when managing the subscribers in the service, I do not see this myself on my instance and it should be a hardcoded item that is always available. Perhaps you could post up a screenshot of the list of options you are seeing so I can review further? Kind Regards, Dave.
  8. David Hall

    Fix Time of Requests

    Hi @Lauren In Hornbill we do store that value if you are using the Service Level Targets but it is now recorded against the target (Response/Resolution) etc rather than in the request record itself. Depending on how you want to use it, the value is stored in the RequestSLMTargets entity (h_itsm_request_slm_targets table) in a field named h_target_completed_duration . So for the fix time you would need to look at the record in that entity where h_id = <RequestId>-Resolution e.g. h_id='IN00001234-Resolution' Hope that helps, would be good to understand how you want to use it e.g. on the screen/reporting etc in case there is a better way to provide this information going forward. Kind Regards, Dave.
  9. David Hall

    Service Manager update function

    Hi @Izu The "Admin Role" is required to manage/update applications etc from within the admin tool, so only those users that act as administrators of the instance should have the "Admin Role" allocated and only they will be able as appropriate to update applications etc. Hope that helps, Kind Regards, Dave.
  10. Hi @HHH Of course no problem, I've already mentioned this post to our product managers and asked one of them to review. Cheers, Dave
  11. Hi @HHH All of the "guest.servicemanager.portal.home.*" settings were added to control the layout on the home page of the portal e.g. icon sizes and which information should be shown in order that customers can tailor the view based on the number of services that are normally presented to their visitors. There are currently no specific settings around the description visibility on the service details page. Kind Regards, Dave
  12. David Hall

    Updates to requests

    Hi @Jeremy Thanks for the post. We've just tried this out and it appears that it is the double quotes in the task name around "AppsAnywhere" which are causing the link formatting to break on the timeline post. We'll raise a problem to address this issue, however in the meantime you could alter the double quotes to single quotes in the task name which should correct the timeline formatting. Kind Regards, Dave.
  13. David Hall

    Sub Status Removed

    Hi @BobbyB Thanks for the post. No, with sub-statuses you are not able to unset the status, only select an alternative sub-status. Kind Regards, Dave.
  14. David Hall

    Email Connections Drop Down - Missing Interested/Impacted

    @Martyn Houghton Yes I totally agree it should be alphabetical, will raise a problem to have that addressed. Cheers, Dave.
  15. Hi @Joshua T M Unfortunately the flowcode we were discussing was related to historic imported updates which are a separate entity, not the request timeline updates as you highlighted in the last post. For the timeline we store an activity id against each request and then use that id with the activity -> activityStreamQuery api to return content. Just to step back a bit, if you can give me an idea of what you are trying to achieve we can see if there is a simpler way to do it? Regards, Dave.
  16. David Hall

    Temporary date-bound SLAs

    Hi @IntegraGreg The scenario you outline would work if "Date Logged" was an available option, but currently we do not have that available for SLA rules. We already have a change request raised for adding further fields to enhance the flexibility of the rules based on the post below, so I will include your suggestion within the requirements for this change and add you as an interested contact so that you are notified when this is progressed. Kind Regards, Dave.
  17. @Joshua T M Yeah sorry about that, I've just updated the flowcode to include the relevant options going forward: * resultType - 'count' or 'allData' * returnPrivate - 'true' or 'false' * updateOrder - 'ASC' or 'DESC' If there are any others that are unclear just let me know Cheers, Dave
  18. Hi @Joshua T M Apologies, I missed the notifications Not entirely sure why, but this is essentially a boolean implemented as string, so you need to pass "true" or "false". Will again update that description accordingly. Kind Regards, Dave
  19. David Hall

    Service Manager email notifications has incorrect link

    Hi @Ann-MarieJones The content of the notification emails are all stored in templates which you can edit as you require. If you take a look at the section titled "Email Notification Templates" on this page https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Notification_Settings you will see a list of the template names for the various types of notifications. From within the admin portal, if you navigate to Home > System > Email > Tempates you will see the templates listed and you can update the link and any content as needed. Hope that helps, Kind Regards, Dave.
  20. David Hall

    SLA Rules

    Hi @chriscorcoran No there haven't been any recent changes. The tab will only show if you have more than one service level configured. Kind Regards, Dave.
  21. David Hall

    Email Connections Drop Down - Missing Interested/Impacted

    @Martyn Houghton thanks for the update, glad that you have the options showing again. Looking at the code it will probably show the options in the order they are found in the list of connections, but I will have to confirm that. Cheers, Dave.
  22. David Hall

    Email Connections Drop Down - Missing Interested/Impacted

    Hi @Martyn Houghton Just a quick update. I managed to replicate 2 cases where the connection list options may not be displayed at all and I have added fixes for these. A new update has just gone out but unfortunately these fixes could not be added in time so these will be in the following update. I've retested on the latest code and could not find any further issues after an initial caching issue. Perhaps you could confirm if the latest update of service manager happens to make any difference to this issue, if not then I'm happy to have a look on your instance either now or after the next update with the 2 fixes has been applied as you prefer. Kind Regards, Dave.
  23. David Hall

    Drop down views

    Hi @Blowerl Thanks for the post. Apologies for the inconvenience. We've addressed the issue and the fix is now in testing ahead of the next Service Manager update which will resolve this issue. Kind Regards, Dave.
  24. David Hall

    Email Connections Drop Down - Missing Interested/Impacted

    Morning @Martyn Houghton Thanks for the offer but I've managed to replicate the issue locally so hopefully I can debug it from here. Strangely if I see it fail and not show any connection options, opening the browser console and then trying again and it appears to work, so just trying to identify what is causing the problem as the code appears to do what it should. Will keep you updated. Kind Regards, Dave
  25. David Hall

    Email Connections Drop Down - Missing Interested/Impacted

    Hi @Martyn Houghton Thanks for the update, I'm continuing to try to replicate and diagnose, will feed back as soon I make any progress. Kind Regards, Dave