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Unable to See On-Hold Posts/Reasons

Michael Sharp

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Was there ever an answer to this - I have a similar problem where the on-hold updates are being saved as Owner only comments.

The problem is I can't see how all the visibility settings are set to team and I can't change any updates to owner visibility.

thanks Helen 

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@HGrigsby Under the Service Manager Settings you might want to check what the following is set to:


If it is set to Owner you will see this issue.  Unfortunately even if this is set correctly I don't believe it is possible to prevent the analyst from changing this to 'Owner' so that only they can see the update.

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Hi All

Not sure if this is related but we have just noticed we are no longer able to select Customer or Team when placing a request on hold - if we hover over the change Customer / Team visibility it is just showing a red circle with a line through it. This was working aok yesterday for sure - image below shows where we are seeing the red circle:



Many thanks


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Hi Deen, 

Thanks for the above - none of our settings have changed as per the below screen shot, it is purely the function to change the view from Customer to Team that has stopped working when the on hold window appears. Below shows on general on-hold setup confirming default is Customer, however we were able to change this in the popup but now it no longer works - tried this in IE and Edge, both the same issue.

We can chase the visibility of this once it is set within the Timeline, just not sure why cant change in the pop up on hold window anymore.

Many thanks


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