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Issue with Timesheet


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I'm having an issue with timesheet manager where the date it is defaulting to when i try to log time is tomorrow/the next day. If i change it back to today I can log time but it appears in the right hand bar as tomorrow


but when i open timesheet manager it shows as today 


This is quite confusing but it is logging the time correctly. The main problem is when trying to add time for yesterdays activities. 

In the right hand bar, when I change the date to the 1st it is showing all time logged for the 31st, but nothing when i open timesheet manager. 

when i then try to add time for yesterday, it adds it to today, but then nothing shows up when i open time sheet manager. 

image.png.7101f5478d38a6a935350d7041a366ff.png image.png.72dd5d286a0f81282c6ea45e720dccac.png

I hope this makes sense. 

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