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  1. Hi Apologies if this has been raised previously, I couldn't find anything on the same subject. Would it be possible for the results following a Request Search to be presented in the same format as the Request List? This would enable much easier navigation through the results together with all the other tools available on the request list. Thanks Martin
  2. Thanks @Alberto M Think i've sussed it now :-)
  3. Thanks @Alex , good to hear about the update. Also, I added this to anther thread earlier but the date selector bar appear to me a month out ! I don't suppose you can advise what table the timesheet sub categories are stored in, I can't locate them anywhere? Thanks
  4. Hi @Alex , Personally I don't use the play button at all. If I am investigating an issue for a customer on one of my incidents I generally keep a track of the time spent separately as it may require testing in a support environment or remote dial in access. I would then add a comment update or an email update and type the time spent in the timer box. I think others may use the play button, I can do a quick straw poll if you like? Martin
  5. I have also noticed that the date selector bar appears to be a month out!
  6. @James Ainsworth Hi James, I came across this this morning, I have made a few updates on incidents and added time but my timesheet is only displaying one entry from today. I know I definitely recorded an update with 3 minutes time against it as well as the 10 minutes that is being displayed. I also checked in database direct in case it was just a display issue but it is the same. This has also been reported by other members of my team. SELECT * FROM h_timesheet_values where h_member = 'martin.bowman' and DATE(h_time) = '2020-06-01'
  7. @James Ainsworth Shame, I found the Home Workspace icon really useful to keep these separate given the number of other notifications I have in the Bell icon
  8. @James Ainsworth Hi James, would you have an update on this issue at all please (As per @Martyn Houghton above) I believe we also enquired about grouping/filtering FAQ'a also. Thanks
  9. Hi, This was initially raised in 2016, but having hunted around the wiki I am unable to locate details regarding the supported file types for inserting media into Workspaces. I have tried .wmv and .mp4 videos but get the error stating unsupported filetype. Can you confirm a definitive list of what file types can be posted please. Thanks Martin
  10. @Victor Checked with a few users and still not working i'm afraid. They have logged out and in and cleared Browser cache
  11. @VictorHi Victor, This is still not working for our users. It is this setting that is not populating the window after clicking the email icon. It is working for myself and a few others.
  12. Hi Just to add, this used to work, in that if entering text into the email / comment window and moving away elsewhere, when returning to that point the text was still there. Thanks Martin
  13. @Steven Boardman In addition to this, would it be possible to add the Request Preview pop up window functionality to Boards Manager so this is displayed when you hover over the Request reference, as it does on Request List for example? Thaks
  14. @Victor Hi, Further to this, we would also like the option to change the default. Whilst it is context sensitive upon initial log in is more likely to want to search for a Request rather than a Co-Worker. Similarly, when viewing a workspace item I am more likely to want to then search for a Request rather than another workspace item - and so on. If we could have the option of setting an initial default, in our case we would set 'Requests', but also for it to either then 'persist' so it would remain as 'Requests' no matter where you are, or 'context' so it then changes once you move from the initial screen. Thanks
  15. Hi there, Just following up on this and wondering if there is any further news of whether an Organisational view of subscribed services is being developed at all? Thanks Martin
  16. Hi, I have a report which I added Scheduling to, set to Run Once on Wed 7th Feb, although I subsequently set this to Disabled back in Feb. Thing is the report is actually running once a week (usually a Wednesday) every 5 minutes. I now have 63 pages of report history, and 18k+ rows. Is there a known problem with report scheduling please? Thanks Martin ======================= SELECT count(*) FROM h_sys_reports_history where h_fk_reportid = '93'
  17. Hi @TrevorKillick @Victor Further to this is there nay update please, the dates are still not being displayed in the .csv output. Thanks Martin
  18. Hi @Bob Dickinson I have tried this, does it still require users to be assigned to the Dashboard View role?
  19. Hi @TrevorKillick. I realise this is still in hand but just to advise that reports now show as completed ok, but still do not contain any data in time fields. Just for info. Thanks
  20. Hi, Since ESP 2856 yesterday, Service Manager reports are displaying as 'Failed' status and no dates are returned in date columns withing the .csv output. The Preview works ok. Can you advise please? Thanks
  21. Thanks @Gerry @James Ainsworth for the reply. As an example of one dashboard, I have 4 Count List Widgets which are displayed as a 2x2 block (see below) . The widgets are auto refreshed regularly so give running totals. At the moment only I can see the 'live' values, unless I give access via the Dashboard Viewer role to each user. This though means they have to select through a number of options, i.e. Menu > Admin > Service Manager > Advanced Analytics > Dashboards and then select the dashboard to view, very logwinded. If there was a Dashboard menu option from within Service Manager and they are then able to select a dashboard to view from there this would be much easier. Hope this helps. Thanks. Martin
  22. Hi @Gerry, Is there any further update on this at all. I have a number of Dashboards that would be useful for my team members to view at will without having to have access to the Admin menu. Thanks. Martin
  23. @Mohamed I have checked the translations filtered on "ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.requests.custom" and the translated labels are correct as we set them, however the labels still display incorrectly on the design form and also on the details form within a request. I have tried resetting the translated label and then re-keying and saving but this made no difference. Can you advise please.
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