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  1. We have worked this out now so this can be closed.
  2. Afternoon, We seem to be having a bit of an issue with the my requests widgets where the 'active' requests are only showing 2 pages worth of requests when there are some users who have far more than that. The 'closed' tab seems to be working fine though and we can't seem to see anything obvious in the settings where we may have set it with a limit. Is there anywhere I can check this to ensure our setting are correct? Thanks.
  3. I'm hoping someone can help with this. We had a new user start with the company on the 22nd of October. I believe that the overnight LDAP import would mean that the user would exist in Hornbill (our usual Hornbill administrator is on AL at the moment so I could be wrong). They don't yet exist so I manually ran the import but the user still doesn't appear and it shows that there are 2 errors (see below). Is there something I am doing wrong or something i should be doing? Thanks
  4. Good morning, Is there is a way to link the time spent on a project task with timesheet manager? At the moment we are having to add this time in twice if we also want it logged as a project cost. Slightly separate to this but still linked to Project manager, is there a way to set a limit in project manager against an individual so if they should only spend x amount of time on a project, the PM gets notified when they are approaching that time. Thanks
  5. Hi Deen, thank you for your reply. I did have a quick look through the settings and also couldn''t see anything. Thank you though
  6. Hi, is there a way to increase the number of questions shown in a request so that they dont go on to multiple pages?
  7. Morning, I'm having an issue with timesheet manager where the date it is defaulting to when i try to log time is tomorrow/the next day. If i change it back to today I can log time but it appears in the right hand bar as tomorrow but when i open timesheet manager it shows as today This is quite confusing but it is logging the time correctly. The main problem is when trying to add time for yesterdays activities. In the right hand bar, when I change the date to the 1st it is showing all time logged for the 31st, but nothing when i open timesheet manager.
  8. Hi @AlexTumber, Thank you for the update. I may be doing something wrong but my time sheet doesn't seem to be calculating as you suggested.
  9. Good morning, We have a service that is visible on both the employee service portal and customer portal. The majority of FAQs on that service link to our internal document management system and therefore external contacts will not have access to these. Have you had this before? Is there a way we can set FAQs within a service to only be visible on one portal, or a way we can turn off FAQs for the customer portal? any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Katie
  10. Good morning, I'm receiving the same 'upserting' error message when trying to add custom buttons. Has anyone found out what is happening here?
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