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  1. Morning, We are having the same issue here which is causing a lot of problems for our teams using Service Manager. Will await further information.
  2. Good morning, Is there an update on the upgrade, when it is happening or whether it has resolved the date issue. Thanks, Katie
  3. Good morning, We are also experiencing the same issue. Is there a workaround we could apply to the requests in the meantime as they are live and the error is causing quite a few issues. Thanks, Katie
  4. @Daniel Dekel, Apologies for not getting back to you earlier. It looks like this is now working. I just need to check with some of our end users. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks Daniel, I've had another issue this morning with a table which has just disappeared.
  6. Since moving to the new employee portal, we had a number of people request we make links clearer as they are no longer underlined for some reason. To get around this, we made them bold and underlined which made them more visible. However, over the last few days it seems something has happened and any link or any word which is underlined disappears (please see below screen shots) Service Manager view Portal View - as you can see the word 'car' has now been removed for some reason. Does anyone know why this is happening? Also, is there anyway to make links stand out more? Unless they are made bold (and underlined) it isn't very clear that it is a link.
  7. Hi Daniel, Is there an update on this? We have just found out that if we put an image there rather than the table (which is the only way to keep the formatting) quite a few people can't view it which is a big problem, particularly with this FAQ as it is one of the most viewed one.
  8. Thank you @Daniel Dekel, looks like that works.
  9. Before we switched over to the new portal we were able to use a link to take us directly to a particular FAQ just by copying the URL when that FAQ was open. For some reason we can't do that anymore. The FAQ ID shows in the URL but when you follow it it just takes you to all the FAQs and the user still has to search for the correct one. Is there another way for me to add a link to an individual FAQ.
  10. We have worked this out now so this can be closed.
  11. Afternoon, We seem to be having a bit of an issue with the my requests widgets where the 'active' requests are only showing 2 pages worth of requests when there are some users who have far more than that. The 'closed' tab seems to be working fine though and we can't seem to see anything obvious in the settings where we may have set it with a limit. Is there anywhere I can check this to ensure our setting are correct? Thanks.
  12. I'm hoping someone can help with this. We had a new user start with the company on the 22nd of October. I believe that the overnight LDAP import would mean that the user would exist in Hornbill (our usual Hornbill administrator is on AL at the moment so I could be wrong). They don't yet exist so I manually ran the import but the user still doesn't appear and it shows that there are 2 errors (see below). Is there something I am doing wrong or something i should be doing? Thanks
  13. Good morning, Is there is a way to link the time spent on a project task with timesheet manager? At the moment we are having to add this time in twice if we also want it logged as a project cost. Slightly separate to this but still linked to Project manager, is there a way to set a limit in project manager against an individual so if they should only spend x amount of time on a project, the PM gets notified when they are approaching that time. Thanks
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