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  1. Hi @Victor the majority of users have received your screenshot message and signed in successfully. Some users receive an 'Oops' message stating invalid user credentials. It turns out a clear of cookies and internet files and a quick restart appears to resolve the issue.
  2. Hi @Victor Is it that time of year again? We appear to be receiving calls from analysts and customers about single sign-on. Many Thanks
  3. Hi Hornbill bods, Has anyone else noticed that the time is out by 1 hour when you export a View into Excel? I have selected Call Number / Summary / Owner and Raised On columns and the date is correct, however the time is 1 hour behind.
  4. Good Afternoon, Our Service Manager mailbox doesn't appear to be receiving emails. I can see the last one was received at 17:25 on 12/08/20. Not sure if it's something to do with yesterdays update so wanted to check here first. Thanks all
  5. Good Afternoon all, I have had a look at the Wiki instructions on how to add folders to a Service Manager mailbox https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Folders however I'm stuck at the first stage as I don't appear to have the new folder icon is this maybe a permissions thing? Many Thanks
  6. Just another quick query, is this notification also made available to Connections?
  7. Thank you @James Ainsworth for your indepth and helpful response. I will make a note of it for future email templates.
  8. Hi Hornbill folks, We are about to enable the CustomerTimelineUpdateNotification and make it available on our Services. I have noticed there are 2 hyperlinks in the email notification https://live.hornbill.com/<instance>/servicemanager/selfservice2/request/{{.H_pk_reference}}/ https://service.hornbill.com/<instance>/servicemanager/request/view/{{.H_pk_reference}}/ Which I'm assuming are 1 for analysts and 1 for basic users and this is how it was sent, before I added our instance to the hyperlink. Now each user gets both hyperlinks and I'm wondering if
  9. Thank you @Deen my apologies, I know it's how long is a piece of string and appreciate your assistance.
  10. Hi @Victor do you happen to have a timescale for the roll out of the updates
  11. Thank you @Victor I had subscribed, but then changed my name and forgot! I have now re-subscribed
  12. Thank you @David Hall I'll leave you guys investigate and keep refreshing the page for updates.
  13. Just a query, as my Change Team are reluctant to install any updates at this point. Does the update fix the subscription issue?
  14. Hi @Jeremy Yes, that would work! thank you.
  15. Hi @ArmandoDM thanks for your response. We have this setup already, but we have a..........................................................eager Problem Manager who likes to know everything as it happens, so I was wondering if we could enable a notification for impacted or unavailable Services.
  16. My apologies for the daft question, but is there a way to switch on a Notification to identify when a Service Status has been amended say from Available to Impacted? Many Thanks
  17. Brilliant, thank you @Victor hope you are keeping safe
  18. Hi all, Happy Friday. Is there a way to export the list of organisation types/groups from Service Manager to say a .csv or .xls file? A user has asked for access to a number of teams, but doesn't know what they want access to and I'm trying to demonstrate all possibilities. There is a post here that seems similar, but doesn't really answer my question. Many Thanks
  19. Good Morning, We are finding the Publish icon really useful in getting users to click the Me Too button when they have common issues. Is it possible to have the publish icon on Incidents too, no just on Problem and Known Errors? Many Thanks
  20. Good Afternoon, Hope everyone is well and keeping safe. I have had a quick look through the various queries involving Service Manager and Google Chrome but can't find anything similar. A member of staff has attempted to update his call via the self service portal by adding an attachment (not a large file) via Chrome and received the error however, it worked perfectly find in IE. I tried the same thing on my machine and it worked, so not a major issue but wondered if there are discrepancies with versions of Chrome v Hornbill or if this is simply a cache issue. I am u
  21. Good Afternoon, Hope everyone is safe and healthy. I have been looking at the fields within the User Account and wanted to know if it is possible to add to the Availability list Is it possible to edit the list? I have had a quick look at the WiKi pages, however the section for Availability doesn't have any other options - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/My_Profile Many Thanks
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